Wednesday, December 07, 2005

For Shame

Your tax dollars at work:
A Very Beazley Christmas
Very Beazley Christmas (4-minute Vers)

Funny, we have no money to spend on troop armor and such, but we find money for this idiocy.
It's good to see our leaders so committed to getting the job done.

The story's origin:
White House Holiday Video with Bite
funny how Dan Froomkin thinks this whole lighthearted affair is just SO MUCH FUN!

Monday, December 05, 2005

All Twiddle, No Twaddle

There has been a lot of babymaking of late.
at least, in my world there is.
What's up?
Babies as far as the eye can see.

i guess what they say is true:

People really do like to fuck.
I mean, procreate.



i've really been into this band Innaway lately.
specifically, this song "Stolen Days," which, for some reason, in my head i sing it "Golden Days."
nevertheless, they are playing Monday at the Fillmore, opening for Echo & the Bunnymen.
i've always been a bit ambivalent about echo. i mean, i like some songs, like 'the killing moon' and 'lips like sugar.'
but i dunno if i'd be up for a whole show.
on the other hand, why not.
could be good.
i weigh my options.
monday is several feet away.


How i have i managed to gone on for this long and yet still haven't been to Antarctica?


smarmy is a good word.


When is someone going to take out Mark Chapman?
Not that i'm espousing violence (necessarily)... but i'm just sitting here thinking that i'm pissed that he killed John Lennon.
He was, by far, the best Beatle.
The most talented.
The weirdest.
The most sardonic.
And he said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.
Instead we're stuck with Yoko.


The other day when it was raining a shit-ton i was so into Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song."
It just so fits the delicious gloominess of dark clouds and rain.


make love all day long.
make love singing songs.


we've done four already and now we're steady, and then they went ...
1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4


my pal Simon figured out last night i'd need at least three hard drives with a terabyte (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes) each of space to digitize my cd collection.
this isn't counting my vinyl.
and as you well know, my vinyl weighs a ton.
or so they say.


one reason to dig living in the Mission:
The Atlas Cafe
It's never not busy there.
i've never seen it empty.
Even when it's closed.
Ghosts hang out there at night.
hot place.


just to confirm:
haysi fantayzee and total ceolo are two different bands.
it's true.
recently i confused them.
haysi sang "shiny shiny"
total sang "i eat cannibals"
however, they are listed as similar artists on allmusic


more beatles stuff:
when i was a kid and first discovered the beatles, i was really into their earlier stuff, with Rubber Soul and Revolver being turning points in the more adventurous Beatle years.
i recall getting the White Album and totally not getting it at all at age 10.
now, of course, i probably go back to that album more than any other Beatles album on a consistent basis.
maybe it's cuz it's really solo tracks by each of 'em.
'blackbird' is damn good, despite me being more of a lennon fan.
'glass onion,' 'happiness is a warm gun,' 'why don't we do it in the road?' - they rock.


goddamn, i love the movie GoodFellas.
what is it about mobsters that i love?
that they're completely flouting the law?
that they don't give a fuck?
that they kill indiscriminitely?
well, maybe not that last one.
at least in theory...

"Funny how? Am I a clown?
Do I amuse you?"
- Joe Pesci

speaking of GoodFellas ...
Whatever happened to Ray Liotta?
he was in that other good movie, with melanie griffith.
Something Wild
i so love Jimmy Two Times in GoodFellas.
he's cool.

and Paul Sorvino is the shit in GF as Paulie Cicero.
He's a believable mob boss.

Even the soundtrack kicks my ass, bitch.
"Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett, "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Cream, "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters, et all...

Though apparently , several songs from the film didn't make it to the soundtrack album

"Will you leave your father out of this?
He hasn't been able to digest a decent meal in six weeks!"
that's a great line, spoken by Lorainne Bracco's mother in the film.

So many peeps in GoodFellas are also in The Sopranos.
Lorraine Bracco
Tony Darrow
Frank Vincent (he's the guy in GF who gets beaten to a bloody mess and then tossed in the trunk still barely alive by Joe Pesci, Liotta and De Niro)
Chuck Low
Frank DiLeo
Tony Sirico, who plays Paulie

and of course, Michael Imperioli as the dude, Spider, that gets shot in the foot by Joe Pesci, then later killed by him.

good times.


i've been told i'm a "loud human being."
which, is true.
but what can you do.
shit is fucked up sometimes.


roller skate yo

if you make it more than 18 seconds, you are extra cool


we missed it
please hammer don't hurt 'em.
i coulda been a contender.

In case you forgot, The Shining was actually a romantic comedy
Maybe you just thought it was scary because other people told you that.


I Made These
carl craig review
gilles review


Fat asses need bigger needles

People who die die

Christmas blog with fruitcake and a wink

Fa La La La La La La
Fruitcake not included.

it's over for cds

Yay, bush is in trouble
poll numbers are cool.

Fairies wear boots

Everybody wants to be a DJ
too bad most people suck at it.

Pac-Man Fever
for real

Tweaked by Aphex Twin back in the day.
You remember Pac-Man, don't you?


I like 'em round, thick and juicy
That's what the prophet Sir Mix-A-Lot said anyway.
about butts.


Man, i Loved Space Invaders
Kinda boring now.
but you can still play.
it's pretty similar to Global Thermonuclear War. Essentially.


Wax Off
Pat Morita is dead.
The world wonders where to go next, now that Arnold's Drive-In is closed for good (not to be confused with THIS Arnold's Drive-In.

I bet you didn't know the real name of character he played in Happy Days.

It was Matsuo 'Arnold' Takahashi, mister.

And my, they so rarely played up typical Asian stereotypes, right?


Before/After shots of your favorite movie idols
you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll not really care.
but at least you'll be able to look at how they age.
unlike you or i, since we don't have to worry about aging.
We're cyborgs and we rule.
There is a small problem:
"Thou shalt not have any false idols before me."
You might be violating one of the 10 Commandments.
But who has time to read those nowadays?
Plus it's only the 2nd commandment. At least you're not violating the 1st Commandment.
Then you'd have to answer to the pissed off God.
And nobody wants that.
Except maybe Charlie Daniels.
But he's stupid.


Radiohead remixed
You too can enjoy things.
This is something to enjoy.

Boards of Canada vs. Slick Rick
This type of shit happens every day.

Blair is a bitch
i mean, Lisa Whelchel...
she's also a nutcase. or nutmeg. either/or.

Love lasts just one year
sorry to break this news to you.
Don't cry. Dry. Your Eye.

This is the car i need
BIG, ballsy and BIG.

She really wants to see that panda
cute people need to step up for the bonus rounds.

Watch out! Living room, dead ahead
I think i'd get sick of the exhaust fumes though.

New Beth Orton track
All the young girls love Beth.
Some boys too.

Q-Unit, yo!
Queen vs. 50 Cent
it's ON, bitch!

Extremely bad kitty!
Quite a journey for a cat.
i especially like the photo. Cats are awesome.

Remember Marty McFly's older sister in Back To The Future? She was the one disappearing in the photograph.
How about the raspy-voiced bigger girl in Bosom Buddies and a trillion other TV shows?
well, she is dead.
it's too bad.
I liked her. Darn.

blah blah blah
That's right, you heard me.

I so need this
I used to have a drinking problem.
And then i got this.
No more problems drinking.
Drinking 24 hours a day is so much easier.

What a surprise - pete doherty, aka idiot 'baby,' in shambles
When is this dumb-ass going to overdose?

Coffee increases short-term memory
I got this going for me, which is nice.

i'm Pro Face Transplants
like i said, i'm a cyborg.
i'm pro-cloning.
We're on our way, yo.
And no, this isn't the same as that movie Face/Off

Xmas songs for America
Who took the Merry out of Xmas anyway?
Racist neocons with knives, that's who.

Christian poirier rocks the party right
Why don't you believe me?

Xmas time again, happiness, death and friends
wait, how did death get in there?

belle & sebastian wish you a very mopey xmas
X marks the spot, yo.

Xmas mix for the people
Hence, most dogs HATE this mix.

White Stripes live
Goddamn, these guys are good.
Plus Meg is pretty hot for a mute drummer/candystriper.

Doctor, i had Sexsomnia, see?
Sweet, a new ailment/excuse! Yes.
Not that i condone the behavior of the sexsomnia-afflicted person in this story.
I mean, that part sucks.

Inbetween sounds you must enjoy
Remember, it's not WHAT you say, but what you DON'T say inbetween what you ARE saying.
Got that?
Say it, don't spray it.

Wow, i love this art
did i mention i'm pro-art?
Too bad they're all sold or Not For Sale.
That is total bullshit.
I thought art was for the people.

Why do wealthy mules and donkeys get all the breaks?
Not fair.

Bauhaus doing "Spirit in the Sky"
that's where i'm gonna go ... when i die...
When I die and they lay me to rest ...

Gonna go to the place that's the best ...