Sunday, March 31, 2002

There's so much to talk about with the Miami situation, i don't even know where to begin.
just know that i wrote nearly 13 pages and i'm still adding stuff.

like me remembering the sea of flyers everywhere on the ground.

and everything else that goes with it.

Friday night was quite an evening of debauchery - i spent the entire day catching up no emails and getting shit done. See, Thursday was the only day i had to work after getting home Wednesday afternoon, writing 10 pages of notes, then conking out in front of the computer for an hour, then making my way to my bed for a nice 14 1/2 hour nap. yes, that was excellent your excellency.
punish my backburning software.
anyway, so thursday tina and i went out to go see mr. rolls spin some tuneage at Arrow, some godforsaken hole in the wall bar just up the street from club 6 (it looked like a cave from Land Of The Lost or Star Trek), with rolls spinning some platters.
i told tina about my miami trip, all the while still nursing a hoarse voice and related injuries.
noneventful, that night, other than me skipping kruder and dorfmeister (which proved to be the correct call since i saw them in miami earlier in the week and i heard they were tired out...big surprise...aren't all of us miami vets tired?).
Friday, hooked up with rolls and his chick, along with a couple from arizona, and we took a cab to the fairmount hotel for some R&R at the ol' Tonga Room. We picked up Dave (from not breathing) and his chick on the way and headed up the steep ass hills to Tonga.
I ordered myself some hearty beverages, including a Mai Tai that i THOUGHT was going to be in a coconut, but alas it was not (unlike Dave's pineapple drink), so then i moved on to the faux pina colada (with skyy vodka instead) and some other drink.
meanwhile, occasional storms ensued overhead inside, which was very comforting.
that was the cue for the kitschy, loungey band to kick out the jams, which included my favorite "Can't Get you Out of My Head" by Kylie Minogue. Yummy.
did i mention that the band was on a little riverboat? oh yeah, very enjoyable.

so then we're outside taking a puff or four and this other couple rolls out and promptly lights up a spliff.
of course, i was curious after just admonishing my fellow pals with their relative squeamishness when it comes to lighting up some illegal substances in public.
i begin talking to the law-breaking pair and fucking a, it turns out the guy works at Apple and is the head of the iPod division. in fact, he came up with the idea in the first place.
even better, we had a detroit connection. he's from somewhere in the detroit area.
he was quite the talker, the iPod guy, but funny too. meanwhile, i had left all my friends inside behind. alas, it was too bad.
the dude's girlfriend was the one who told me, not the guy himself as he was simply too modest.
you know.
on the other hand, i wouldn't have walked around telling people that shit either. i mean, how do you bring up something like that? "hi, my name is tim. not only do i dress cool, but i came up with the iPod. love me instantly."
fuck me i'm famous.

yeah yeah.

last night a girl told me my glasses looked really good on me.
last night i djed and did well.
i learned that cheb i sabbah is a cranky little fucker.
and i'm better than them all.

people in SF are noticeable nicer, after being in miami fantasyland for a week.
kind of funny.
good response from set, for the most part.
it was nice, kind of a jazzy fluid kinda vibe. too bad there were a few problems, like the skipping cd or the adam accidentally stepping on the cord action.
yes, all part of the game, you see. whee.
yammering digestible cumquat for relatives of vast inexperience.
that's what you need to be a fighting machine of pure glory and intrigue.
you are what you need to be.

met some cool people. lots of people came out. which was good.
always good. lot of people talking talking talking. yep and that's quite a thing.
i'm stuffed up.
i need batteries.

yes, even tina got her groove on. ellen ferrato was awesome. she played that "lazy " song i heard in miami.
she's a pistol, yep.
a pistol.
harder har har.

i should be blacklisted from the game of life.
ok, i must go put on my makeup. toodles.
bacon bit boy

Monday, March 18, 2002

my mouse sucks now.
it is windy today.
it is cold today.
my hair is mussed.
i'm into ambient music. fuck the trends.
i really really like kinko the kid loving klown.
i really really like triple shot lattes from Peet's Coffee and Tea.
Zero degrees never has the bagels (sesame seed) i want.
some people can be pretty cranky sometimes.
i can be pretty cranky sometimes.
i can stink sometimes.
i think i outdid myself with yesterday's mix. backwards whale songs - how can you go wrong?
i've quickly realized Candace and Doug play for keeps. They rule. Fast into the fold, they are.
i'm doing poorly on the NCAA tip. why do i even bother?
My pal Mikey was drunk last night.
I did not drink for St. Patrick's Day.
I did acquire a bunch of new computer shit.
We are getting a new fridge today. for free.
I like the word 'mordant' today.
I spent $5.12 at Rite Aid last night for Pringle's, a 10-pack of Twix, a 10-pack of Snickers, and an Aquafina (it was that or Dasani - what a choice, eh?).
I realize my layout on my blog isn't the best, but i haven't devoted the necessary time to change it.
I need to get ready for Miami. Presently, I am not ready.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

crinkly blabbo

Ah, nothing like being greeted by a couple logs courtesy our street-dwelling friends on the way to work to put things in perspective.

Yesterday was the six-month anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NYC and Washington (which everybody seems to have forgotten about - hello, the pentagon was hit too), so everywhere there are newspapers showcasing the beams of light and quoting what i was told was rose mcgowan - something about all the dead being heroes.

after seeing the devastation that happened on sept. 11 on tv the other night, the only thing i can say is FUCK. those people just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

my god, i would have rather died immediately then to have undergone the horrifying things many of those people stuck up near the top of the buildings had to withstand.

probably the worst was hearing the unbelievably loud sound of bodies hitting the roof of the world trade center annex building, while the firefighters were inside attempting to figure out what the hell to do..which was little, other than attempt to save a few people.

anyway...i do not think this terrible act still justifies an act of war anymore, but we continue on with the killing.
speaking of that, on the front page of the chronicle yesterday was a photo of some soldier's handiwork in afghanistan, a piece of rock in which the soldier had chronicled every "kill" by drawing a stick figure with an unhappy face. there were dozens on there.
i found it to be quite offensive, to be honest.

today i walked all the way down montgomery from the bart. which is about a mile, maybe less. i always walk to bart after work every day anyway but haven't done it in the morning in some time, due to my foot, toe specifically.

the reason? nothing more than wanting a Peets coffee and not being able to get one here in north beach.
don't get me wrong, there are lots of great places to go pick up some steaming hot espresso.
but...there's something about Peets coffee that i really dig.
maybe it's in my head.

i'm still trying to wrap my head around that wu-tang show last week wednesday. damn, that was out of control. very aggresive crowd (there were TONS of cops there, we were searched twice going in, which NEVER happens to almost any other show i attend). i liked it and by the end, i was rocking out, taken over by the wu. they started out with individual peeps, the lesser-known fucks, of course, and worked their way up until all the mutha fuckers came out there. i'm telling you, what a life - getting paid big money to basically go out on stage and party like a maniac.

some of the guys were hyping the "grey goose," supposedly this excellent top notch vodka. in fact, bobby digital was even sporting a giant wall hanging on his body. it was hilarious. he was pretty funny - pretty offensive too, but funny just the same. at one point, he touted the combo of grey goose and Red bulls by telling us "you drink a few red bulls and some grey goose and you can fuck all night."

awright, awright.
probably the biggest response was from method man, who has this...charisma about him. hard to explain. he's got a great voice. i would have to say...i'm convinced of the Wu's talents...of course, i discover them when they're about to break up.
but hey, what can you do?

as i got off bart this morning, there was some dude standing atop a newspaper box spouting off about US policies and such...i wasn't sure exactly what he was talking about, other than hearing him talk about the faux surplus our government supposedly had (of course, that was quickly wiped out with the "war on terrorism" and bush's tax rebates, that were pretty much unnecessary, but probably won him many more converts. after all, who doesn't like free money?). his minions were handing out little pamplehts, which i didn't pick up.

so, as usual, the weather person is never really truly right about the weather. i realize it's hard to predict with the ocean, the bay and related craziness. but yesterday, they were talking like it was going to be warm and sunny and it was partly cloudy and cold as hell --- and you know, i wore a lighter jacket, thinking it was going to be warm and sunny.

so today i overcompensate and sport corduroys and a stylish corduroy jacket i just picked up. great for winter and warding off cold ass temps. and i'm sweating my ass off by the time i get to work. sure i WALKED the whole way, but still.
i can never get it right. now let's just hope it doesn't rain since i didn't bring my umbrella. because i didn't, you know it will.

yesterday i had a Tsingtao during lunch. nice to calm down and have a beverage over lunch. i figure damn..i deserve it. here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special.

i figured out yesterday that i could take the 9AX bus to work instead of just the 15, which was a fine thing for me. now i don't have to wait so long to take a goddamn bus from bart to north beach. now if i could only figure out which bus to take back to bart at night (every street that goes this way is one way, it seems). hopefully soon.

yesterday, i saw somebody shoveling up some dirt and my first thought was "damn, i haven't seen people digging dirt in awhile." i mean, yeah, there's this big construction site at the fruitvale Bart station where they're building up a new parking lot and digging up shit,, but i didn't get a firsthand account of the shit like i did yesterday while randomly walking.
anyway, they were filling up this area around a young fledgling tree. which i was down with.
i have a thing for trees. i speak for the trees.
i loved the lorax, btw.
i'm down with his scene.
see, people forget that trees are living things too. without plants and trees, we wouldn't be able to breathe all that well. you know, the whole photosynthesis thing and related flammery.
actually, i may be talking out of my ass here, but shut up.
i'm talking.
anyway...i love trees. i wonder how they survive in the city. that girl who spent two years up in a tree, julia butterfly hill (whom i saw one time in berkeley at whole foods), i can relate to her scene. trees rule.
i want to go back to sequoia national park and hang with some more trees.
sounds weird...but i truly love trees.

and that's your morning for you. now i've got work to do.
but thank the stars, for the trees.

i fucking hated that movie "blow" with johnny depp. the reason i just thought of that was i was going to use "Kee's" (as in, kilos) to fit that rhyme scheme up yonder and made me think of that.
btw, the director of that film, ted demme, is dead.
long live the king.

keep alfred e. neuman on the chopping block.
your faithless dead man,

billy dee williams

Monday, March 11, 2002

blasphemous pageturners
today's fun observation

walking on Pacific in North Beach to work - caught small little Asian woman hocking up a big loogie, then glanced around to see if anybody was going to see her spitting that shit on the ground. our eyes locked for a split second, then i looked away as if i didn't know so she could spit in peace.

yes, i am a fellow of some taste and regard.

i met this wonderful fellow last evening at doug and canned ass's - he's a british director who also founded tone deaf records, this drum'n' bass label. very nice he was...also a longtime burning man veteran...i gave him a cd-r and also impressed him with my musical knowledge. always nice to meet people such as this. never know who you might be meeting and what they might be doing in the future. :)
meeting peeps, taking names, doing time and eating rice chex.
what more could you want.
i get to do dishes and you don't.
love me tomorrow. don't you see. we can be. ..poopee and loopee for mee and youeee

grandma is alive, well and kicking the shit out of your lame ass pungent stench.
god bless frankenfurters...
need me a hearsay to make it through the day, kay.
lay lady lay
death and destruction to one person i don't know.
papal poonpopper

Sunday, March 10, 2002

safety last, ladies last, with an attitude, fellas in the tude, strike some toes there's something to it -- Donal Logue

the strange podiatry horror
it's weird - i feel like all i want to do with all my free time is to devote it to music. like stuff for me. my music. my ever-insatiable appetite for music. for some reason, i'm throwing away time toward developing my music writing career in favor of djing, editing and recording. fucked up.
yet, yesterday i spent 5 plus hours working on this editing software at seanO's pad. so much fun...just placing tracks where they need to be in previous mixes i've done and editing bits here and there.
lots o fun, yo, for the masses and your grandma too.
obi wan you are my only hope
dj dj dj..
actually, i'm spinning next friday now.
jesus, miami is coming up quick and i'm not ready. i gotta be.
fuzzle puzzle luzzle muzzle.
kevin alcoine is my bitch.
crack babies are my forte.
in my life of crime.
shame, weakness, guilt and betrayal.
all this can be yours if you join life!
ass kickers shit kickers beer stickers pot lickers and baby fixers.
all are welcome, all are welcome.
come into the light come into the light.
carol ann carol ann carol ann
track me over and make me an ear.

i must go back to doing nothing and accomplishing even less.
e chuda

glam slam ham bacon sausage spaghetti and meatbone, shep pettibone and harvey milk.

time passages by al stewart sucks.


something about tango
not tang breakfast drink either.

Saturday, March 09, 2002

Friday, 4:25 p.m.
i'm listening to the new Mark Marina cd and i feel like gouging my ears out with a dull pocketknife. i have to write a review of this and new miguel migs. it's not going to be pretty.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

last night i discovered the joys of "Cabaret." even though i didn't even make it through the whole thing, i'm singing the damn song today.
und cabaret, und cabaret, und cabareeeeeeeeeet

look at me, singing a liza minelli/joel gray song. what is the world coming to?
grandma in a basket. or at least, a head in a basket.
today i called Happy (my roommate) Chester. he asked why. i said because.
and that's all.

it is pouring this morning...well, at least in oakland it was. i get out of the bart and instinctively open up my umbrella and start walking

new coffee scene today
the joys of cafe prague and czech chicks
the joys of the 100-beer club
the joys and tribulations of penman
too much cream cheese is a bad thing. somehow i now have cream cheese everywhere.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Lick Day now in order, please move to the rear
Bronchial bath and chloroform calico catch-all now in session

On Saturday, I went to what is known as the �White Elephant� sale in Oakland, just a few blocks from my lovely home. I cannot believe I woke up so damn early, especially after downing a few cocktails and blowing out the bong smoke more than a few times at the gathering at the home of Pippi and Ouchy.

But it was fun, with a little F.
Pretty damn cool, though it does make you feel like you need stuff you don�t necessarily need. I got me some nice vinyl, including children�s records, kitschy-kitschy-kitschy ya-ya-ya-ya-ya rekkids, a nice stack of ripsnorting 45�s, and a good many old school experimental type things (environmental sounds, whale songs, and related flammery). It was a lot of fun going in there and getting shit. The low level murmer of people as they filed their way in, especially when they opened the doors (I�d call it a collective stifled cheer, mixed with impatience and excitement) was awesome.

There was quite a line of people out there. We got there super dooper early, earlier than I should be awake unless I�m tripping balls from an all-night freak fest.

The grumpy woman in front of us kept stepping back and bumping into me and making mean comments directed our way. Bitch. I�ll shove you in the damn inlet (we were right next to it � across it was lovely city that is Alameda). You and your damn hat and shitty attitude.

And, as we were being greeted by several peeps shoving political propaganda in our face, which included this dude Jud Scott who was running for Alameda County Judge and his starry-eyed wife � who was there to shake my hand but Mayor Jerry Brown. So what did I do? Insist he shake my hand. Well, I didn�t actually say out loud �I Insist!� but I stood there and waited for a few seconds while he switched hands and shook mine.

Jerry�s like, old school. He ran for president. His girlfriend was Linda Ronstadt. They used to call him governor Moonbeam or something�wait, he wasn�t governor of Cali, was he? Seems like he was governor somewhere.
Hmmmmm. OK, I did my research. He was governor of California from 1975 to 1982, losing to then Sen. Pete Wilson (who went on to become a really awful governor � he�s well hated).

Seeing ol smiling Jud Scott (his piercing white teeth and dazzling blue eyes are what got me) made me realize I could never do that -- try to please everyone simply to be elected. It�s bullshit. No way. I would piss way too many people off. Then again, that would be kind of fun. I do have this strangely addictive quest to know a lot about politics and government.

�I, Mayor Tim Pratt, do hereby declare all Yuppies will be forced to lick the urine-soaked streets of Mission and 16th for the next two years, until such time as they either: a) cry and give up; b) beg for answers; c) choke on their own vomit; or d) blow up their SUV/MiniVan.
�Also, marijuana is now officially legal. All police are encouraged to smoke while on duty. Prostitution is legal. The Tenderloin belongs to the people! Nudity is authorized to be acceptable everywhere within the city limits, especially eunuchs.�

Work has been kind of hellish lately. Annoying too. But shit, what can I do? It�s getting increasingly difficult to get stuff done while at work. And that sucks. Though I can�t really complain, can I? And I certainly can�t show too much attitude. Damn damn damn.

Nose hairs have a much different texture than other hairs.
Therefore, they are good.

Maybe I need to bring my lunch to work for awhile. I�m not eating very well, of late. Part of that is being out and about at work and in the city. You need food. Sucks.

As I�ve mentioned many times in my five years of existence, there are two things that make me angry, eating and sleeping � very bothersome. I want to skip them entirely.

It makes me so angry � and you wouldn�t like me when I get angry (ha � there�s a funny thing � the Incredible Hulk�s entire premise was based on the idea that whenever his alter ego got angry, he would become this green hulking, uh, HULK. Yeah.

But he�s a GOOD Hulk, see (please pay attention), so his real self � was it bruce banner or david banner? one of those � got angry for the RIGHT REASONS.

OK, now we�re getting somewhere here Junior Brown. And Charlie Brown.

So in a way, it was good that the Hulk became a living separate entity, despite the fact that Banner was forced to walk the streets of America in torment and anxiety, a drifter who moves on from town to town. He was always on the search for adventure and getting involved to help the greater good.

He�s an average citizen�s best friend.

Sure, the Hulk has issues of his own (fuck, he�s green, for Christ�s sake) and that nasty hair-do (ok, my memory is presently serving up many more images of the TV Lou Ferrigno version of the Hulk than the true, much more complex Marvel Comics character � which I never really got into despite my strong affinity for comic books for a few years, but he�s a good guy, just misunderstood by that meddling little reporter, always hot on the Hulk�s trail.

And speaking of comic books, what�s with my whole side of my personality that needs to collect shit? It sucks for me and everyone in my path. I amass large quantities of stuff, for�..i dunno, knowledge�s sake, I suppose.

But there has to be more reasons for it.

I mean, somehow I was able to grift something from the goddamn personality quirk, the whole collecting stuff thing. But I wish I wasn�t so eager to GET everything�I�m such a fucking consumer. I wish I weren�t so much of one, but I am. I need money simply to sustain my lifestyle. It�s so damn true.
I wish it weren�t at least so damn true as it is.

And that�s how it was, before it happened and because the world is flat, not round, like the bad book says.

Him. Oh, whatcha gonna do about him? Ooooh, yeah.
Rupert Holmes � where is that man today?

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? And if you did, tell her I�m sorry. Tell her I NEED my baby. Oooh, won�t you tell her? My love.

My DSL always seems to work better at night. I wear my telocity monotony at night. So I can so I can, keep you near my thigh high nylons.

See, if I could just get along without bothersome and annoying things like sleeping and eating, everything would be fine. Punishing duck wants and needs. Quack is right.

There�s a song called �Sometimes When We Touch,� by Dan Hill. I picked that up the other day at the White Elephant sale. Cheese city here I be. Lee. I also got Jermaine Jackson�s �Let�s Get Serious.�

Shitter, all honey, honey. You are my candy girl. And you got me runnin�.

I have a kitty named Troika in my lap. She�s such a night kitty. She�s also such a shedding kitty. I�ve got so much hair in my keyboard, it�s not even funny.

Quatro. Not Suzi.

Cinco De Mayo. Sing along. De Colores.

Kitties are too damn curious sometimes.
Just like I need to get back to the matter at hand.
Abandon all commitment to shoes and paste and everything will be so much better than it was 2-3 minutes ago.
Grandma used to be my friend.

Clucking and clicking,

Curious Carolyn

Friday, March 01, 2002

currently, my two favorite songs are:
"I want to marry a lighthouse keeper" from the "clockwork orange" soundtrack
"Man of constant sorrow" by the soggy bottom boys, from "o brother where art thou?" soundtrack.

fuck you bunko
ground control to major tom

ah, this morning is coooooldd, brrrrrrrrrr...seriously, after the week of summer like weather, it kind of sucks to have to deal with crisp cold wind. but it's still sunny, so i shouldn't complain.

last night we had a gay ol' time like the flintstones for a coworker's birthday yesterday, first at fuse then later at this restaurant called the black cat...damn yo that place was expensive. our bill was $616. so it ended up costing like $50 each. ouch.
didn't realize it was going to cost so much, but damn if we didnt' have an excellent time. so cool to find smart, funny people to hang out with. i love making new friends...good peeps i work with, which i'm happy about.

yesterday i interviewed steve from fila brazillia and what a joy that was. it's so rare i get the opportunity to interview someone that i'm a big fan of and even better when that person is cool and eager to talk. steve was quite the talker. of course, me being the longtime hardcore completist fan, i was asking him about all sorts of obscure shit (like, where did you get the sample on "power clown" with those people going "hello, how are you? nice to meet you....may i take you home? goodnight.." - it was from a Danish language instructional tape). we talked about why it took so long for "jump leads" to come out, and what they're plans are for the future - their next release is going to be an EP of this dude rapping over old songs of theirs. that's coming out this summer.
but yeah, it was great. i still have to go over my notes. he said they were bummed they had such a long layoff between the last album and this one but a lot of that had to do with getting off the Pork label, which i gathered wasn't a very easy thing for them to do. i could tell there was some bad blood between fila and pork.

this weekend is too packed with stuff to do..damn. somehow i'll make it.
i really drank a lot last night. so did tina.
how much? well, we both fell asleep on bart almost as soon as we got on and dammit, we woke up in like san leandro...yep, we went way too far. thank god there was ONE LAST TRAIN going to San francisco or we would have been totally screwed. that's the second time we've done that.
yet another reason to leave the east bay.
of course, we got three free drinks each at fuse, thanks to my lovely company who paid. then at black cat, we were drinking some NICE wine...which was also quite expensive. hence, why our bill was so expensive.
assuredly, the creeps really do come out here in north beach at night. damn. lots of random freaks, prostitutes, and related fools.
i'm in a piano mood today. currently listening to one of my mixes from 9 broderick and damn if it isnt' good. i rule!
ok, i must work. i actually have another writing assignment from my job here...
onward and upward.
rock out.
and live large.

your mannequin is lovely.
speaking of, there's a mannequin available that i could have. i want it. don't know what i'm going to do with it but i'll figure out something.
bye bye chai boy

healthy joysticks!
Danny Aiello