Wednesday, December 07, 2005

For Shame

Your tax dollars at work:
A Very Beazley Christmas
Very Beazley Christmas (4-minute Vers)

Funny, we have no money to spend on troop armor and such, but we find money for this idiocy.
It's good to see our leaders so committed to getting the job done.

The story's origin:
White House Holiday Video with Bite
funny how Dan Froomkin thinks this whole lighthearted affair is just SO MUCH FUN!

Monday, December 05, 2005

All Twiddle, No Twaddle

There has been a lot of babymaking of late.
at least, in my world there is.
What's up?
Babies as far as the eye can see.

i guess what they say is true:

People really do like to fuck.
I mean, procreate.



i've really been into this band Innaway lately.
specifically, this song "Stolen Days," which, for some reason, in my head i sing it "Golden Days."
nevertheless, they are playing Monday at the Fillmore, opening for Echo & the Bunnymen.
i've always been a bit ambivalent about echo. i mean, i like some songs, like 'the killing moon' and 'lips like sugar.'
but i dunno if i'd be up for a whole show.
on the other hand, why not.
could be good.
i weigh my options.
monday is several feet away.


How i have i managed to gone on for this long and yet still haven't been to Antarctica?


smarmy is a good word.


When is someone going to take out Mark Chapman?
Not that i'm espousing violence (necessarily)... but i'm just sitting here thinking that i'm pissed that he killed John Lennon.
He was, by far, the best Beatle.
The most talented.
The weirdest.
The most sardonic.
And he said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.
Instead we're stuck with Yoko.


The other day when it was raining a shit-ton i was so into Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song."
It just so fits the delicious gloominess of dark clouds and rain.


make love all day long.
make love singing songs.


we've done four already and now we're steady, and then they went ...
1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4


my pal Simon figured out last night i'd need at least three hard drives with a terabyte (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes) each of space to digitize my cd collection.
this isn't counting my vinyl.
and as you well know, my vinyl weighs a ton.
or so they say.


one reason to dig living in the Mission:
The Atlas Cafe
It's never not busy there.
i've never seen it empty.
Even when it's closed.
Ghosts hang out there at night.
hot place.


just to confirm:
haysi fantayzee and total ceolo are two different bands.
it's true.
recently i confused them.
haysi sang "shiny shiny"
total sang "i eat cannibals"
however, they are listed as similar artists on allmusic


more beatles stuff:
when i was a kid and first discovered the beatles, i was really into their earlier stuff, with Rubber Soul and Revolver being turning points in the more adventurous Beatle years.
i recall getting the White Album and totally not getting it at all at age 10.
now, of course, i probably go back to that album more than any other Beatles album on a consistent basis.
maybe it's cuz it's really solo tracks by each of 'em.
'blackbird' is damn good, despite me being more of a lennon fan.
'glass onion,' 'happiness is a warm gun,' 'why don't we do it in the road?' - they rock.


goddamn, i love the movie GoodFellas.
what is it about mobsters that i love?
that they're completely flouting the law?
that they don't give a fuck?
that they kill indiscriminitely?
well, maybe not that last one.
at least in theory...

"Funny how? Am I a clown?
Do I amuse you?"
- Joe Pesci

speaking of GoodFellas ...
Whatever happened to Ray Liotta?
he was in that other good movie, with melanie griffith.
Something Wild
i so love Jimmy Two Times in GoodFellas.
he's cool.

and Paul Sorvino is the shit in GF as Paulie Cicero.
He's a believable mob boss.

Even the soundtrack kicks my ass, bitch.
"Rags To Riches" by Tony Bennett, "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Cream, "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters, et all...

Though apparently , several songs from the film didn't make it to the soundtrack album

"Will you leave your father out of this?
He hasn't been able to digest a decent meal in six weeks!"
that's a great line, spoken by Lorainne Bracco's mother in the film.

So many peeps in GoodFellas are also in The Sopranos.
Lorraine Bracco
Tony Darrow
Frank Vincent (he's the guy in GF who gets beaten to a bloody mess and then tossed in the trunk still barely alive by Joe Pesci, Liotta and De Niro)
Chuck Low
Frank DiLeo
Tony Sirico, who plays Paulie

and of course, Michael Imperioli as the dude, Spider, that gets shot in the foot by Joe Pesci, then later killed by him.

good times.


i've been told i'm a "loud human being."
which, is true.
but what can you do.
shit is fucked up sometimes.


roller skate yo

if you make it more than 18 seconds, you are extra cool


we missed it
please hammer don't hurt 'em.
i coulda been a contender.

In case you forgot, The Shining was actually a romantic comedy
Maybe you just thought it was scary because other people told you that.


I Made These
carl craig review
gilles review


Fat asses need bigger needles

People who die die

Christmas blog with fruitcake and a wink

Fa La La La La La La
Fruitcake not included.

it's over for cds

Yay, bush is in trouble
poll numbers are cool.

Fairies wear boots

Everybody wants to be a DJ
too bad most people suck at it.

Pac-Man Fever
for real

Tweaked by Aphex Twin back in the day.
You remember Pac-Man, don't you?


I like 'em round, thick and juicy
That's what the prophet Sir Mix-A-Lot said anyway.
about butts.


Man, i Loved Space Invaders
Kinda boring now.
but you can still play.
it's pretty similar to Global Thermonuclear War. Essentially.


Wax Off
Pat Morita is dead.
The world wonders where to go next, now that Arnold's Drive-In is closed for good (not to be confused with THIS Arnold's Drive-In.

I bet you didn't know the real name of character he played in Happy Days.

It was Matsuo 'Arnold' Takahashi, mister.

And my, they so rarely played up typical Asian stereotypes, right?


Before/After shots of your favorite movie idols
you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll not really care.
but at least you'll be able to look at how they age.
unlike you or i, since we don't have to worry about aging.
We're cyborgs and we rule.
There is a small problem:
"Thou shalt not have any false idols before me."
You might be violating one of the 10 Commandments.
But who has time to read those nowadays?
Plus it's only the 2nd commandment. At least you're not violating the 1st Commandment.
Then you'd have to answer to the pissed off God.
And nobody wants that.
Except maybe Charlie Daniels.
But he's stupid.


Radiohead remixed
You too can enjoy things.
This is something to enjoy.

Boards of Canada vs. Slick Rick
This type of shit happens every day.

Blair is a bitch
i mean, Lisa Whelchel...
she's also a nutcase. or nutmeg. either/or.

Love lasts just one year
sorry to break this news to you.
Don't cry. Dry. Your Eye.

This is the car i need
BIG, ballsy and BIG.

She really wants to see that panda
cute people need to step up for the bonus rounds.

Watch out! Living room, dead ahead
I think i'd get sick of the exhaust fumes though.

New Beth Orton track
All the young girls love Beth.
Some boys too.

Q-Unit, yo!
Queen vs. 50 Cent
it's ON, bitch!

Extremely bad kitty!
Quite a journey for a cat.
i especially like the photo. Cats are awesome.

Remember Marty McFly's older sister in Back To The Future? She was the one disappearing in the photograph.
How about the raspy-voiced bigger girl in Bosom Buddies and a trillion other TV shows?
well, she is dead.
it's too bad.
I liked her. Darn.

blah blah blah
That's right, you heard me.

I so need this
I used to have a drinking problem.
And then i got this.
No more problems drinking.
Drinking 24 hours a day is so much easier.

What a surprise - pete doherty, aka idiot 'baby,' in shambles
When is this dumb-ass going to overdose?

Coffee increases short-term memory
I got this going for me, which is nice.

i'm Pro Face Transplants
like i said, i'm a cyborg.
i'm pro-cloning.
We're on our way, yo.
And no, this isn't the same as that movie Face/Off

Xmas songs for America
Who took the Merry out of Xmas anyway?
Racist neocons with knives, that's who.

Christian poirier rocks the party right
Why don't you believe me?

Xmas time again, happiness, death and friends
wait, how did death get in there?

belle & sebastian wish you a very mopey xmas
X marks the spot, yo.

Xmas mix for the people
Hence, most dogs HATE this mix.

White Stripes live
Goddamn, these guys are good.
Plus Meg is pretty hot for a mute drummer/candystriper.

Doctor, i had Sexsomnia, see?
Sweet, a new ailment/excuse! Yes.
Not that i condone the behavior of the sexsomnia-afflicted person in this story.
I mean, that part sucks.

Inbetween sounds you must enjoy
Remember, it's not WHAT you say, but what you DON'T say inbetween what you ARE saying.
Got that?
Say it, don't spray it.

Wow, i love this art
did i mention i'm pro-art?
Too bad they're all sold or Not For Sale.
That is total bullshit.
I thought art was for the people.

Why do wealthy mules and donkeys get all the breaks?
Not fair.

Bauhaus doing "Spirit in the Sky"
that's where i'm gonna go ... when i die...
When I die and they lay me to rest ...

Gonna go to the place that's the best ...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dedicated to the City of San Francisco

I'd just like to extend my biggest heartfelt FUCK YOU to the City/County of San Francisco's 's Department of Elections today for not allowing me to vote for the first time EVER in the history of my voting life.
I haven't missed a single election since i voted for Mike Dukakis in 1988.
And now, this streak has been broken.
By bullshit.

They talk about the high incidence of voter apathy in this state, how people blow off voting -- especially in an off year, a special election year thanks to our prick Governor -- and here i am, somebody that really wants to vote!
I WANT my voice heard, even if in the grand scheme of things, one single vote may not mean a whole hell of a lot.
But it's my fucking right, nonetheless.
and i'm denied?

See, i only moved to the City of San Francisco this summer, after living for four years in Oakland.
I never had a problem voting in Alameda County.

I made all the correct address changes. With the City. With the DMV. With the Post Office (twice).

I printed out the correct Elections registration form from the SFGov website.
i filled it out.
i mailed it with PLENTY of lead time to ensure my registration form would arrive on time, before the deadline, which is 12 days before the election.

I never received any sort of confirmation in the mail, which was my first clue that something was awry.

So today, i call my local Elections rep to inquire of my polling place whereabouts, since the message received on the SFGov website was: "Due to unforeseeable circumstances, your polling place may be relocated prior to the election. Please check the website again or call 554-4375 to verify your polling place on Election Day."
And they have no record of me.
No record of my registration.
Trying to tell me i didn't do it in time (which i did), or that "doing it online doesn't always work" (i didn't DO it online, i printed out the fucking form from YOUR website) or whatever else.
The person on the phone knew next to nothing.

So i go to my polling place anyway.
No dice.
No record of me.

See, what the hell is that about?
If we're so fucking free, why can't i register to vote day of the elections, especially if i have more than one form of ID AND a bill with my name on it addressed to my current address?
Why is registering to vote so difficult?

It's complete and utter bullshit.

FUCK YOU SF Dept. of Elections.

I'd love to vote.
But you fucked up.
And now i can't.

Thanks for this exercise in futility.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fright Night Videos For Temporal Purposes Only

I'm in a rock mood today.
I mean, shit, i pulled out The Wall by Pink Floyd and listened to the entire thing front to back (interrupted briefly with an AC/DC break - yes, it was "Thunderstruck"), and i haven't listened to that entire album in several years, i'd estimate.
that's what i love about music.
no matter what your mood, there's some music to match the mood.

So in a highly impromptu manner, i'm creating a little rock mix to keep me going through the hard long slog of the day/week.
i got a kitty resting her paw on my right forearm as i type she's licking me.
i got the apartment to myself.
it's Friday night.
I got a good pal coming over.
i got the whole night/weekend in front of me.

Here's what i'm spewing out emotion-wise via my favorite emoter - music - right this second.
if a few peeps pipe up about wanting some audio to match this textual i'm about to unroll, hit me somehow and say 'dammit tim, make me a mix.'
and it shall be done.
or my name isn't ted.

actually, i am the eggman.
or ... wait.
am i the walrus?
goo goo goo g'choob.

sexual chocolate mix for the people

friday, nov. 4, 2005
started between the hours of 9-10 p.m. PST

1. "Here Comes Everybody" - Autolux (from Future Perfect)
2. "Losing My Edge" - LCD Soundsystem (from LCD Soundsystem, CD2)
3. "Natural Grace" - Ride (from Carnival Of Light)
4. "Too Many Mornings" - Mojave 3 (from Spoon and Rafter)
5. "Bluebird Of Happiness" - Mojave 3 (from Spoon and Rafter)
6. "Acrid Avid Jam Shred" - Aphex Twin (from I Care Because You Do)
7. "Baby (Uptown Safari Jazz Mix by Yam Who?)" - Bebel Gilberto (from Bebel Gilberto Remixed)
8. "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" - Yes (from 90125
9. "Two Worlds Collide" - Inspiral Carpets (from Revenge Of The Goldfish)
10. "Season" - Kiln (from Sunbox)
11. "Alternative Biology" - Egg (from Don't Postpone Joy)
12. "Burning Up" - Alpinestars (from White Noise)
13. "Mine Is In Yours" - Mouse On Mars (from Radical Connector)
14. "Wipe That Sound" - Mouse On Mars (from Radical Connector)
15. "I Hate Milk" - Air Miami (from me. me. me)
16. "World Cup Fever" - Air Miami (from me. me. me)

As you can see, i didn't necessarily follow the total rock path.
Though i did try.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At Home I'm A Tourist

At long last, i have a night at home, a night without plans.
oh sure, i'm resisting the urge to go see negativland at the Great American.
but they're playing tomorrow night too.
so i got that in my back pocket.

to be home before 8 p.m. is a nice treat.

i realized that hardly anyone i know has concrete halloween plans.
god knows, i certainly shouldn't go to the Castro Monday night.
it's just too many idiots. you can barely even walk around.
sure, there are great costumes, but...i can see them online the next day.

or i can teleport there for a couple of minutes at a time and then teleport my ass on outta there, rescramble all my lovely molecules, and get on back home for some extended chill extravaganzas.

or i can dance on the ceiling. fuck gravity.
it's bullshit.

on the other hand, maybe i could go for a second.

word from detroit:
my nephew Brayden is already walking, talking and getting into verbal arguments with the nurses.
just a couple days old and already he's rocking the party right.
my brother did a good job having that kid.
apparently heidi, his wife, was there too for moral support.
nice work, bro.
you put the wind beneath my wings.

Ho Ho Ho, the voice of the Jolly Green Giant dies

More on the legendary Green Giant who happens to be green and especially jolly

Still more on GG


It's about time people woke the fuck up, yo
For Reals

Mood is sour on Bush, Congress

like they don't have anything else to be worrying about ...

This sucks - Almost 70 Percent Of U.S. Casualties In Iraq Under Age 30

Oh, this is lovely ...
Young Singers Spread Racist Hate: Duo Considered the Olsen Twins of the White Nationalist Movement

I Made These
Adult. grows up, punks out
Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase
Audion - Suckfish

thanks to the always lovely boing-boing for the following:

lost camera film found

master of illusions

if Fox News had been around throughout history ...
... we wouldn't be here talking right now...

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Nephew In The House

A brief interruption into real-life stuff here today with the grand announcement of the birth of my newest nephew, Brayden Edward!
It is my brother's very first child, and as you can see below, he's pretty stoked!

whoo hoo!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sanguine Shuttlecock Sandwich

So i've been away for a bit.

My birthday came and went. Well, actually it's my birthday week, so i can keep on celebrating till i'm ready for the week to be over.

There was a fleeting thought of telling you that i was kidnapped at knifepoint by Bloodthirsty Monks with an unhealthy obsession with Eric Sevareid hellbent on destroying all forms of news-gathering currently at our disposal.

it was a tough and turbulant time my friends.

a time of reflection.

of revolt.

and intrigue.

not that anything really happened.

actually, i've been busy as fuck -- or B.A.F., for you acronym-loving genderbenders -- reeling in the years, reeling in the knees, reeling in the thneeds, reeling in the trees.

it brings me back to my halycon days of yesteryear holed up in the quaint little family farm we called home on Rodeo Drive.

Ah, my, times certainly have changed since those hardscrabble days on the lam, dole and pickpocket circuit.

at least i have my gelatin mold to remember you by.

Fuck you and your famine bullshit.
How do you know what the famine was about?

You see those floods happening?
I gotta alert Noah and get the ark ready. That 2-by-2 shit is bullshit.

My birthday was an exciting day of pain.

Lo, i have spoken.

Hobo Gangs For Liberty
Bourbon soup rocks!
See pic up top of Sugar-Booger, the bestest spoon comber the world has ever known.

Body found in glacier believed to be WWII airman
You gotta watch the video. so intriguing.

what is up with Australia lately? i talked to and about australia more in the last two days than i have in a long time.
bring me the head of King Kangaroo!

puddlejump licker a.k.a Satan
he's such a dick, there's no way i could put his pic on my page.

Hackus Interruptus GREAT story, yo.

look up, up in the sky
it's a giant loofa!

HOW-TO: Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Using Free Software

This is what they mean about preserving the sanctity of marriage

Get your kick-ass leather pants!

harriet may be toast after all
Maybe you should read Harriet's Blog

secrets of duct tape revealed
tom ridge doesn't want you to know about this shit.
neither does Michael Cherthoff.

Sorry, Brownie's Gotta Eat some Din-Din first
Then we can start saving your sorry asses.
Or not.

say bye-bye to Cheney?
doubtful about Dick.

I'm a new father!!....oh wait, maybe not

They were right, this is a damn good bassline
a damn good song too.

Talking Heads demo
nifty, neato and such

This Tiga remix of LCD Soundsystem's "Tribulations" fucking rocks

whoa, BRMC have like, changed
good track.

Gang Of Four versus Yeah Yeah Yeahs
weirdly ok.

But i love clanging pots and science room skeletons

make music with your excel spreadsheet!

John Peel is dead but you are not, so you should listen to this

George W. Bush sings about White Lines

When George W. Bush attempts to speak, people sort of listen

God Lives Underwater singer dead

Joan Armatrading was a bitch
or maybe i'm lying.

Listen up children.
Whoo Hooo Whoooo

i know you want this truck

(thanks be to Boing-Boing for this)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Absurdity is All

Random crap that has been compiled in this here place for the last couple days or so and i just haven't gotten around to publishing the damn thing.

George Bush doesn't care about black people
Kanye kickstarted a revolution. or something. anger, intensity... and activate!

New Boards of Canada track
BOC worshippers like myself, be's a bit of a step in a different direction.
ok, maybe a warning is a bit harsh.
it's odd though. different even chuckie.

cool four tet remix of Bloc Party track
i really like the Bloc Party, actually.

prediction: Morningwood is gonna be a big band
once their stupid record company releases their album, not till january! stoopid.

Good damn news about breakfast cereal
despite the fact i'm not a female.

Coppola returns to 'The Outsiders'
i really loved the S.E. Hinton book when i was a lad. I recall liking the movie but thought the book was much better. isn't it always like that anyway?

is this kind of fuN?

how weird is this? Animatronic DJ brings on the funk and stuff.

Headphone Use May Worsen Hearing Loss
well, this is just more bad news for me.

Beyond Comforting the Afflicted

2001: A Space Odyssey, explained
sort of, anyway

Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop

thighs wide shut
this site is pretty damn funny

photos to forget

guru of ganja takes on the feds
i love that name, guru of ganja.

earthquake preparedness kit
duct tape isn't a bad thing to have but you need more than that.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

This IS Bullshit

So i leave for a week and i come back to find that the whole world has changed and is in complete upheaval.
While we heard about the disaster on the Gulf Coast out on the playa, the true depth of the situation didn't really hit me until coming back home and seeing the multitude of images flashing on the television screen.
The toll on humanity is really beyond the grasp of anything i've ever seen before in my life and while i have a much better understanding of what has happened now that i've returned to civilization, it's clear this is a monumental tragedy of epic proportions.
My emotions were already in a state of upheaval upon returning to my 'real life,' but seeing it all eventually caused me to break down in tears in sympathy for the costs on humanity this has wrought.
of course, i'm thankful that, thus far, nobody i know was killed or lost their home, (though i do have a friend who lived in New Orleans that i haven't heard from since this whole thing started, but we haven't spoken in several years, so i'm not necessarily surprised by the lack of communication -- still, i wonder...), but this could just as easily could have been here or in Florida, where my grandmother resides or...wherever.
I'm also very fucking angry about the lack of immediate response by my government and i'm heartened that people are speaking out and saying the things that need to be said - this administration completely blew it.
At least idiot FEMA director Michael Brown has been yanked but this administration needs to take responsibility for its disastrous handling of the situation.

Fuck you, "President" Bush, you uncaring slime. FUCK YOU.

Go Fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go Fuck Yourself.
ADDITION: What happened to the guy who told Cheney to go fuck himself - Click Here
Scott McClellan is a Whore

Laura Bush calls Katrina Hurricane Corrina TWICE
(Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the above links - a great site to keep up-to-date on all the lies and spin being spewed by the Bush Assministration)

go fuck yourself barbara bush

Other shit has been happening, you know.

Hunter Thompson's near-suicide note
i call it his near-suicide note because it was written 4 days before he offed himself.
but it does ring with a bit of finality, to be sure.
maybe he did do the right thing, as fucked as that sounds.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm Out Baby

Exit, stage left.
Temple of Gravity, 2003

Delicious Again, Peter.

Mind your manners while I'm away or you may have to answer to her:

I'll be back in a week.
Or so.

Don't forget to floss.

Bonus!: This is my 600th post of PaperSpray.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

VMAs examined live, because you demanded it

i need to contribute to society.
i need to be part of mainstream pop culture.
i need to be part of now, fuckers.

green day opened the show.
i can't help it. i like that song, boulevard of broken dreams.
good pop hooks, it happens.
who would have thought green day would have ever gotten so huge?
fucked up.
i've always been an indifferent fan.
i liked 'longview'.

ashlee simpson is such a joke. she's so desperate for approval, it's pathetic.
i don't care if she's successful, desperation reeks from her.
now she's a blond.
just like her big sister.
she's way more fucked up.
jessica is just hot and kinda dumb.

r. kelly is such a creepy wierdo.
what is up with this 'in the closet' crap?

Diddy just made a bit of fun of himself for changing his name so many damn times.
i think it was a smart move, actually.
good work, diddy's handlers. nice one.
thumbs up.

the killers just performed swathed in decadence on a clear stage above a pool.
so miami.
i've been to miami and for some reason, i can give miami some slack, because it's so brazenly superficial, it's hilarious.

jeremy piven just brought up the fact that lil' kim is about to go to jail, with lil' kim right next to her.
fuuuuucked up.
i sort of like jeremy piven, now hip because of 'entourage.'
jeremy is suggesting conjugal visits.
lil kim is a plastic surgery creation.
everything on her is fake.
hell, jeremy piven used to be very bald.
his piece/surgery looks real though.
remember, he was the guy who was playing George Costanza in the Seinfeld pilot they did for nbc in season 3.
hilarity ensues.

money money money money money.
that's what this awards show is all about.
ludacris just won best rap video.

i kinda like the setup where the winners have to walk amidst fans a long way.
shows they are worshipped.
reality is fucking hilarity.
or i should say, "reality."

"it's about damn time," says ludacris. and then thanks his Management Company first.
popular music is a corporate creation now.
not that i should have said "now."

god bless my sandwich

6:41 p.m.
Snoop is on the stage right now with Diddy, trying to show his hugeness by pulling out his talked about 'surprise' performance, basically him conducting an orchestra with what i think is the Notorious B.I.G.'s lyrical goodness over the soundsystem.
Poor Puff Daddy. Always trying to seek approval.

now johnny knoxville is on screen with rapper Common.
or as he just said, 'my man johnny knox,' some random freestyle mix.
a bit weird.
weird reaction.
they showed 50 cent. listening.
Poor Common. Always trying to seek approval.

but yeah, that Diddy thing was odd. the whole B.I.G thing and his, um, guilt(?) about it?
i ain't saying anything.
i'm just tossing it out.

funny, a rock band just won viewers choice.
in a sea of hip-hopped-ness, the fallout boys won?
question: is hip-hop on the wane?
is it over?
i'm a writer.
throwing out random questions that actually mean nothing to society as a whole.
but dammit, i feel responsible for asking these so very important questions.
because, if i don't, how will you go on?
how can you continue to live?
this is all so very fucking important.
i tell you that.
so very fucking important.
chew on that, sneaker eating bitches.

8 p.m.
green day is viewer's choice.
it's official.
i'm a journalist.
i fucking study this shit.
america is rock again.
that's it.

your grandma hates me

i' ve been watching this show with the sound off of late.
see, i needed my own soundtrack.
here tis current soundtrack, yo: Atttention-Getting Ploy to See What I'm Listening to in Real Time.
you understand.
you being the 2nd person.
that i'm writing in.
dammit, don't you care about america?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hard Times

Things have been extremely difficult in my world of late.
please stand by as i try to stay afloat.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Fire, Walk With Poo

I've been very busy this week with too much crap and not enough no. 2 pencils.
People like you hate me. It's just in your nature.
With that stupid intro, i give you the illustrious links that have flooded my being throughout this tortured week of doom.
Remember, it's better to receive than to give.
A penny earned is not a penny saved.
A stitch in time saves mine.
And Don Cornelius loves your gravy train.

The Poop Walker
This could be the greatest story of all mankind. I was trying to imagine the poop walker happily playing in the poop farm.
This only goes to prove that most humans are kind, understandable creatures with a lot going for them.

My mirror image rules.

With all this talk of wars, fighting people, and the normal human tendency for competitiveness, why haven't we addressed the real problems strangling our society?
Which is better?
Port-o-Let vs. Port-o-Sans
This guy has already done some analysis. Thank you for your candor, mister.

Cake ice cream cones are way better than sugar cones.
that's what i say.

Just in time for America, Hello Kitty headlamps

Free Wi-Fi? Get Ready for GoogleNet
i like free things.

Redneck movie for the children
As long as your children were birthed by your sister or cousin.
I wonder if these people voted for Bush?
Actually, i wonder if these people know who Bush is. Or what voting is.

Die, You Miserable Bitch
I'm not saying it, this guy is. Pretty big meanie, i would say.

Police seek diaper-clad man who pesters women
I wonder what diaper man is doing right now.

Someone Tell the President the War Is Over
This is an amazing column. I love Frank Rich.

Urine Scientists invent pee-powered battery
well, it's about damn time. Man. I've been storing all this pee up for a while now.

Creepy Cams Abound in NYC
Smile, we're watching you. Say cheese-covered buttcake.

Music Industry Worried About CD Burning
Yeah, me too. I'm worried i'm going to run out of CDs to burn so i can give them to all my friends. The music industry is filled with pigs.

Mac Melee!
I'm glad people are showing restraint in this topsy-turvy world we live in. Pigs.

This website rules the world
As does this one.
My inner child thanks you while my outer child continues to pout.
Be sure to listen to the various jingles on the Basic Chip website, especially A Man Could Get Killed.

New albums on the way for your dad
My dad hates the last Sigur Ros album because he thinks they've sold out.

This will help the anti-war movement.
Parents of Fallen Marine Make Plea to Bush

Celibate Celebs: Some Aren't Promiscuous
I think celibacy isn't actually real, but a ruse foisted upon us by Emperor Hirohito.

Cows fed marijuana to help them chill out.
Can't wait to try some of their milk, dude.

Drug dealer must forfeit lottery winnings
How lucky/unlucky can you be? Bummer for the coke dealer.

Google unites Blogger and Microsoft Word
This soooo rocks! I've tried it and it's quite cool.

The Corpse Bride
Oh, Tim Burton, you have shown us the way once again. I love creepy shit, especially dead brides with maggots popping out their rotted eyeballs.
Zombies so do rule 2005.

No sex please, we're repressed
Those funny Chinese sure are funny.

And this just in ...
Woman critically burned in downtown S.F. explosion
Thankfully, this wasn't a terrorist plot, just a plot against Ralph Lauren.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Cereal Killer

I could eat cereal for nearly every meal. .

And i often do.
Apparently, other people think the same way i do.
It's Saturday morning all the time- 'Cereality' founders think outside the box and bring people together
I would definitely patronize a fine establishment such as that. Though, they better have plenty of Quisp cereal for me. We can't forget the delicious taste of Quisp!

There is lots of cool cereal-related stuff online.
The Empty Bowl is "The Definitive Source For All Your Cereal News," or so they say. Actually, it is pretty informative.
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide has a good rundown of all the weird cereal characters through the years, like Tusk the Elephant, a scholarly chocolate-colored elephant who wore glasses and sang the praises of Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies.
Topher is apparently also responsible for The Boxtop, a good cereal netletter. I mean, hell, i forgot all about Cookie Jarvis, (right), the magical Cookie Crisp cereal wizard.
How To Pick A Breakfast Cereal is an informative page about which cereals are good and bad for you.
Of course, so many that i like are on the shitlist (i'm a bit surprised that my beloved Rice and Corn Chex cereal are on the BAD list - thankfully, Wheat Chex is still on the good one) but what can you do. Other than cry.
And here's a short History of Breakfast Cereals, though, the The Early Days of Breakfast Cereal is also quite good.

Pimp out your site yo
White writers really need to stop with the 'bling-bling' usage. It's so bad.

Keep track of your confusing life
if you're of those people who write down your to-do lists on Post-Its, which you promptly lose, this is a viable alternative.
just don't lose the URL!

Free electronic downloads from xlr8r magazine
some good stuff here, like Mutamassik, Some Water and Sun ... and how can you deny a band whose name is Jackson and his Computer Band.
come on now.

M.B.A. Students Bypassing Wall Street for a Summer in India
The tide is beginning to turn toward Asia already.

Laugh and cry for kicks
A whole bunch of recordings of people laughing and crying.
it is true, when you listen to enough people laughing, it can be quite difficult to restrain at least a smile/chuckle/guffaw/snicker.
laughing is contagious, and a contagion too. maybe.

Study: Web site's appearance matters
Your web site looks like crap. change it.

Google's Boycott Misses the Mark
more than a bit ironic considering Cnet obtained the information in question about Google's CEO by Googling him.
And others think Google needs to be MORE evil
the investors talking, see.

CBGB's survives
For some reason, i was never worried it was going away.
However, the NY Times' Jon Pareles wrote a rather convincing article saying that maybe CBGB's should close.
You Want Punk Rock? Close CBGB, Say Goodbye

New words for you and yours.
Potty-mouthed? New English words are just lush

Could be that dad is not real father, report shows
1 out of every 25 dads could be raising a child that's not their own, unknowingly.
that's some crazy shit!

$100 Million Moon Trip: Space Tourism's Hot Ticket?
Start saving your pennies.

Roiling Stones stick it to Bush
pretty great, though i still think the Rolling Stones should have retired a long time ago.

Census: Texas newest state where minorities are the majority
wake up, times are a-changin'.

Who's the Comedian? He Looks Like a Kid, but Andy Milonakis Is MTV's Funnyman of the Moment
i can't believe Andy Milonakis is actually 29 years old.
It really changes how to take his humor, for sure, knowing he's actually not a teen.

Monkeys are good people shirt

Verizon Wireless Fixes Web Site Vulnerabilities: Glitches Allowed Online Viewing of Other Customers' Data
that woulda sucked. especially since i have verizon.

Weekend Bay Bridge backups coming: Replacement of skyway in S.F. will lead to closures
Looks like i'll be heading over to the East Bay even less than i do now, unless i take BART. so lame. Or there's always the San Mateo bridge...

rock paper scissors - origin!
though i always hated that game. i always thought it was stupid.

Beck remixed by Royksopp
i LOVE the new Ladytron track (sound quality is iffy, though, but a good taste of the the new album)
Video by Deathray Davies is great
Thanks to Smudge of Ashen Fluff for three links above.

DJ Beaten For Playing Too Much 'Gay Music'
That George Michael will do it to you every time.

Gwen Stefani vs. Front 242, "HollabackHeadhunter"
"One - You lock the target
Two - You bait the line
Three- You slowly spread the net
And four - You catch the man"

Jerk-O-Meter Rates Phone Chatter
ooh, i can't wait for this! Sweet.

'Big Fish' Actor Matthew McGrory Dies
Kind of a sad story about Matthew McGrory, who was just 32 years old and died of natural causes. Obviously, being 7 feet 6 inches tall isn't exactly natural. Kind of a sad story, really. He was most recently in Rob Zombie's new movie, The Devil's Rejects. And here is McGrory's website.

And speaking of death, i only recently learned about the death of Thurl Ravenscroft (great name, huh?), best known for being the voice of Tony The Tiger for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes (i have a box at home, Grrrreeeeaat!) and, of course, the man who sang "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" in Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
Godspeed Thurl, Godspeed!

This will make you quite uncomfortable
Don't say i didn't warn you.

Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.
- Robert Heinlein

The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

You Are The Sun

Indeed, it is an exciting moment if you're a Boards of Canada fanatic like myself.
We have the album cover and a name, The Campfire Headphase.
The Gods be praised.
BOC's album is to be released October 18 in the U.S. -- my birthday! -- and the 17th in Europe.
The fact that it's being released on my birthday is a sign, i tell you.
The WAITING will kill me.
A friend and i were just discussing making the inaugural listen something special.
He mentioned getting some headphones and heading out to the woods somewhere.
I'm definitely thinking the same sort of kickoff. Maybe i'll head up to Marin Headlands, atop Mt. Tam, or possibly somewhere overlooking the ocean.
It has to be somewhere fairly remote where i won't be easily disturbed by other humans.
Irregardless, it will be a glorious day.

BOC Supplemental (3 p.m.):
- Someone went nuts and did a track-by-track analysis of the various samples and sounds used by BOC on Geogaddi. Click here
- Here's another fan page, with tons of information, including a tracklisting for The Campfire Headphase


Ibrahim Ferrer Dies at 78
Wow, i'm actually bummed about this. The Cuban-born Ferrer was the soft-spoken little lady-killer who was a key member of the Buena Vista Social Club.
Ferrer was amazing and he'll be sorely missed. But i'm glad he was able to taste some level of fame, even if it was late in his life.
Here's another story about Mr. Ferrer, who was felled by emphysema.

Iffy on the Podcast Scene
I'm not convinced by all podcasts just yet.
I just spent some time listening to a couple of idiots going on and on and onnnn about how they worked so hard over the weekend to put up a privacy fence in their backyard.
If i was into landscaping, it may have been somewhat interesting but i was listening to MyMac podcast! i want to hear about Macs.
ah, i should have known better though.
I felt like i was eavesdropping on a conversation a couple of suburban idiots at the local Sizzler were having while keeping their harried wives at bay.
or maybe not.
Irregardless, let this be a lesson to you.
Be extremely discriminating in your podcast choices.
I have yet to find one i'm very much enamored with. They all seem to go on too long (hell, the iTunes podcasts usually clock in under 15 minutes and by about 10 minutes in, they're driving me crazy with boring-ness).
Me, i just deleted my subscription to the MyMac podcasts and said Fuzz You jackassess!
And speaking of podcasting, why not check out the first ever podcast from space, via Stephen Robinson, a Bay Area native. Cool.
Though now apparently there's online controversy about the fact that it technically wasn't a podcast. Whatever.
Shut up geeks. It's from space. Wasn't that cool enough?

Cooter takes on the Duke boys of Hazzard County
Yet another hilarious bit by The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert.
Note what Colbert calls Cooter the first time he's asking him questions.

I am digging New York band Morningwood's track
To the Nth Degree

Miss Kittin comes back to San Francisco

Men do have trouble hearing women, scientists find
Finally, science proves what we've always known.

Texas Man Aims to Visit Every Starbucks
Could you be more lame?

i want an unusual home too
The ones i liked best were the Simpsons home and the entire apartment covered in aluminum foil.

Extra daylight savings may confuse the gadgets: Some experts predict miniature Y2K scenario
Ooh, Y2K frenzy part II! Though i do think the daylight savings changes will affect some people at first. But it doesn't happen till 2007, so it's not like we don't have some prep time.

Riding with the urban mappers
Not only will this be amazing technology to leverage when shopping for an apartment, looking for a hotel, or simply a way to scout out somewhere, it'll give people an amazing tool.
This tell-tale quote from A9's VP says it all:
"I'd love to look back at this in 40 years and get a sense of what we've accomplished here. We'll probably be able to access historical data and do time-lapsed views of this block. I like to think we are bringing a new and valuable data set online." says Barnaby Dorfman.

Stealing your neighbor's Net
are we really getting in a tizzy that people are piggybacking wireless connections?
Let's make citywide wireless connections available to all and be done with it! why not? It makes so much sense.

How to listen to new music online for free
Decent article for newbies, i suppose, but there's a ton of links, so why not?

One in six Americans visiting blogs
Those aren't bad odds. I'm sure i'm getting all those people visiting here every day.
oh yeah.

Man Kills Another in Dispute Over War -- Press Calls It a First
um, wow.
of COURSE it was a Pro-War Guy who did the killing, though both of them did draw their pistols on each other.
This is weird. And frankly, i can't believe it's the first such death.
More like the first REPORTED death.

MONSTERS IN OUR MIDST: Destroying the World For Your Own Good — August 6, 1945
Pretty powerful stuff about our use of the atomic bomb 60 years ago.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Zombie Envy

Zombies infiltrated San Francisco the last weekend of July and i unfortunately missed all the gory details. However, there are plenty of pics at the link below to help you out with an account of all the humans that were devoured that fateful day.
Zombies rule
Zombie Video, including a harrowing account at the Apple Store! Several MacHeads were eaten raw while sitting in front of their beloved computers, trying to save them from certain destruction.
However, it seems the zombies are also discriminating computer users and left most of the Macs alone, as long as they were given a free iPod Mini to match whatever outfit they seemed to be wearing (ironically, most of them wanted pink or red ones, due to excessive blood smeared on their heads and bodies).
A personal Zombie account
God bless the zombies of the world. For they are God's great creation.

Dog beats man in Alcatraz Swim
once again proving that canines are better than humans at most things, except shit that requires the use of opposable thumbs. But other than that, dogs kick major ass.

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural
The Amazing Randi wants to help you seek the real truth about the supernatural and so now you can go forth and conquer.

Ipod boosts old-timey jukebox
people have some sort of imagination, i tell you what.

Now you too can be an important adviser to the land of the tomorrow, today.

this would explain the giant sailing ship i saw a couple weeks back

1000 views for you and yours
a plethora of pics the whole family won't enjoy.

Four dead in cockfight gone awry
Generally, if you're involved in an activity that spurs someone to throw a fucking grenade in the midst, it's probably not a party you want to be a part of.

Kraftwerk Videos

Coldcut and Kid Koala Live

Your Body Is Younger Than You Think
It's true. I'm actually 10 years old. But my head says 14.

the New Mighty Mouse!
not the same as the old Mouse, though i wonder if the theme song is similar.

Yoshimi Battles The Hip Hop Robots
The Kleptones take on the Flaming Lips' Yoshimi album

Drunk Cat
Cats with guns
These cats will destroy you. I guarantee it.

Metal keyboard
For those who can't have enough cool gadgetry.

S.Korean scientists create world's first cloned dog
I want a cloned dog. Actually, a cloned cat would be nice, come to think of it.
Go cloning, go!

Yahoo hears call of audio search
Yahoo Tests New Audio Search Feature

A potential Wedding Toast
by Katie Holmes's Former Best Friend

Hardee Har Har. Or so they say back on the Ranch.

5 kittens accidentally shipped to Vermont
Thankfully, they survived. Whew.

Cocaine residue in Italian water reveals more users than official estimates
first of all, who decided that this is a worthwhile study?
second, why do this? To prove people lie about doing drugs? ooh, big surprise. weird.
Here's more...
Rivers of Coke

CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set
It's funny, James Carville made an off-handed comment about his being in the center of the Valerie Plame controversy and Novak says 'That's bullshit!' and walks off the set?
Here's video.

Katherine Harris Says Newspapers `Colorized' Photographs, Distorting Her Makeup
Katherine Harris is insane.

Bush's approval rating for handling of Iraq at new low, 38 percent

Man killed in pot raid -- warden wounded; Big marijuana haul in Los Gatos hills
tell me again how this marijuana was harming society?
and sorry, i have no sympathy for the fish and game warden who was shot.
a man is dead. and for what? marijuana eradication?
how about stopping those terrorists you weak-ass bitches?
you're doing society QUITE a service, now aren't you.
good job, pissants.

For the love of Alma: Alzheimer's may be sneaking up on Roosevelt Peay's wife, but Roosevelt's devotion remains steadfast.
This is a sad yet heartwarming story about an older gentleman still caring for his wife after all those years together. Yes, i can be a sap sometimes.

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.
- Samuel Johnson

Saturday, August 06, 2005

don't make me fuck with your head

i no longer prefer american cheese slices.
not that i ever did.

i was not much of a cheese fan as a youth.
my youth was filled with non-cheeseness.
it was a glorious time.
fucking johnny appleseed would have enjoyed my youth.
though not as much as i enjoyed my youth.
because it was mine.

and i will always remember that.
from now till kingdom come.
glory be done.
on earth as it is in heaven.

give us this fucking day our daily bread.
and delivery us from evil.
or there's going to be hell to pay.

see, satan liked arithmetic. I always enjoyed a good round with Beelzebub.
He is a likeable fucker, despite the fact he's pure evil.
see, that's the problem with Satan.
you hate to love him.
but you do.
such is the way of scientific theory in 21st century France.

or aren't we in Buffalo New York?

I'll always cherish Troy Donohue.
Lucy the cat is an intimidator.
it's weird.
despite her size.
she's unlikely.
i'll tell you that sister.
brothers, fuck you.

i just turned over 15 chicken nuggets, currently roasting to a golden brown in my lovely oven.

i don't want any pate, nor am i making any, thank you.

i saw a cockroach earlier.
i suspect it came with the bag that it was near.
it was not characteristic of the locale i'm currently writing from.
dear reader.
i don't bid you farewell.
for you are not done.
with Chinese fragrances.
at least, not yet.
fuck the Americanization of the Antarctican canon that we all know and love.

nay, really i am living for the completion of the cooking of the delicious chicken nuggets i am about to ingest.
fuck contractions and everything they stand for.
not they really can stand.
they fucking never went to grand haven, that's for sure.
though i definitely remember the hills.

it's important to be an important friend to people who enjoy sinking their toes deeply into superfuckinghot sand that burns the underside of your most precious spot on your pinkie toe.
and i do mean that literally.

fcuk your american satisfaction with ponce de leon.
he fucking sucked.
and i don't mean that.
sexually, at least.

i await your transgression so i may be crucified on the steeple.
for i am i my brother's keeper.
especially when he takes me to the zoo.
which comforts my elders especially.
don't tell me i'm not racist.
i'm not racist or filled with the spirit of the sanctuary PR person.
for she is not alive, nor are people who live in shelters made of sabertooth tiger horns.
it's just not possible.
nor right.
unless you live with the Hamburgler, which is possible considering you take exceptional back medicine every other Tuesday.

fucking a, dude, you are so sure you're available, it's pathetic.
at least i have rights.

And there were so many people that day listening to the shepherds.
i had to tell the world.
or the shepherds would have slaughtered me too.

So sayeth the shepherds...
So sayeth the flock...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Bounce With Me

Follow the bouncing balls
And for more photos ... Balls!

Foul-mouthed Parrot riles peeps
I would love to meet this parrot.

Gee, this urine tastes terrific

Love your job!
The twisting eyeball is probably my favorite part.

How the hell are squirrels trained to act?
They were, hilariously, in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Boy, 4, Found Wandering on D.C. Highway
Impressive parenting in action.

Woman shot after already dying
Beyond weird, this is.

Generally, it's not a good idea to put gasoline in your bong
Call me old fashioned but i'll stick with water, thanks.

Whistle-Blower about flaws in routers that support the Internet Faces FBI Probe
This is crazy. Though not a surprise that the government is trying to cover it up.
More on this: Router Flaw Is a Ticking Bomb

Welcome to Bush America!
Little Leaguers told to stop speaking Spanish on field

N.D. Man Wins Annual Bad-Writing Contest
Not really something i'd be proud of.

Speaking of writing, learn how to write the Snoopy way.

How to get your story published
Be like Snoopy.

Greek Tragedy, the hot new blog
or so says the NY Times.

Now hear this: Designer hearing aids coming

It's Happy Bunny!

A guide to '80s cereals
Too bad there's no pics.

It's the cheesiest! Zoom all the way in to see what the moon is really made of.

3-Headed ant sells for $123.50, despite being dead and not actually having three heads.

Museum to let naked people in free

Filthy film fun

Downloading myths debunked

How about an iPod clock radio?
i kinda like this idea. so many songs to choose from to wake up to.

How 'bout them apples, BadApple?
BadApple is a free plug-in for iTunes which allows you to sync your music library to any MP3 player (not just an iPod).

Aww, she's in love with her iPod
and other gadgetry too!

Video mash-up of Green Day & Oasis
Wow, these songs are more similar than i would have guessed.

Great tracks, especially "Again," by Wicked Beat Sun System
Chill out, please.

Indie covers

Free mp3s from aol
who woulda thought?

New Matthew Herbert track
It's funny, very tongue-in-cheek.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Favorite Bear

Recently, there was a story about a bear that decided to chill out and have a swim in someone's backyard pool.
I've ruminated about this in previous posts but now that my friend made some stickers of the bear cold chilling next to the pool, i felt like i had to once again post my happy feeling about a bear taking a dip just for the hell of a it.
That bear seems soo content and happy and to me, says SUMMER.
Oh sure, it was probably a bit scary for the family to see a big ol' bear hanging out in their pool but happily, nobody was hurt in the incident.
Plus the bear was merely tranquilized and released peacefully back into the wild, which is good.

I also wanted to note the bear as the debut of adding photos to this blog for the first time!

So from here on out...images to accompany text. Four years in the making. What a concept.

Exciting, isn't it?
I can tell you're quaking in your boots.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Your Karma Stinks

Summer time and the Ants are marching.

We've had a recent infestation of ants and i must say, those little bastards won't give up. They just keep coming and coming. They're like bothersome humans taking it too far. Even when they're crushed to death by my enormous fingers of doom, they still keep coming.
They must really hate our president, huh?
Actually, they just hate our freedom. The ants are sick of having to do all the legwork and they say NO MORE!
More ant information than you'll ever need
Also, it is noteworthy to note that i've noted that bananas really emit quite an odor. Almost as odoriferous as your karma, man.
Keeping bananas in a ziploc bag doesn't really help either, i've found.

I don't like the fact that i'm forced to eat bananas so soon after i purchase them.
It's bullshit. I should be able to freeze them if i want, and save them for later.
Why can't someone come up with a way for me to do this? I want answers. I want action.

Cats lack sweet tooth
Somehow, i don't totally buy this. At least, not for my cat. She loves fruity drinks, as well as sugary soda like Mountain Dew and Pepsi, though she has a real hankering for fruit-flavored cocktails. Damn her and her sweet tooth (that she doesn't have!).

People in the Midwest are telling me how miserable they are with the recent heatwave.
Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area, we were shivering last night because it was so darn cold. I mean, it got to about 50 degrees!!!
heh heh. I love where i live.

The Best of Breasts
Great photos by photog Jordan Matter. I love the idea that women are in everyday situations in the city and just so happen to be topless. The woman staring intently at her laptop in Starbucks is especially good.

Play music with people in real time from all over world
created by the same guy who created WinAmp.
However, i'm not impressed with the samples thus far, though a lot have been added since Sunday, so i'm sure they'll improve.

Scharffen Berger bought by Hersey
I love this place, especially since i got to take a tour of the facility in Berkeley for my birthday.
So i'm somewhat bummed that Scharffen Berger is now owned by Hersey.
Willy Wonka wouldn't approve.

speaking of delicious chocolate ...
Nothing's worse than getting a Maltmus Maximus and having no crunchy malt to sink your teeth into. What's the point if all i'm getting is some decent chocolate?
I want more dammit.
I weep, much like Jesus did in past tense.

I watched Run Lola Run a couple nights ago. i still dig that movie.
Not to be confused with Run Leia Run, however.

Fat Man Walking across America to lose weight to regain his life.
I wish i could see the Fat Man Walking. But it's too late. He's already in Arizona.
What happens when the fat man loses enough weight to no longer be considered a fat man? What will he be then? A formerly fan man walking? A stocky man walking?

Payola still exists in record industry
Big surprise.
This would definitely explain the oversaturation of fools like Celine Dion and the untalented J-Lo, at least somewhat. The general populous still likes bad music, for the most part.

Bloc Party Remixes for your family
By M83 (overhyped band of late), Four Tet and Mogwai. Listen to your ears.

Check the new DJ Shadow mix
catch it while it's still around. God knows he hasn't done a whole helluva lot in the last 10 years since Endtroducing, other than a couple albums and re-releasing a Deluxe Edition of the same album. Ho Hum.

Live Sufjan Stevens boot, Parts I & Part II
The sound quality is pretty poor, but a decent sense of what he and his band sound like live.
Question for God:
If I'm wearing headphones and listening to loud music when i fart, does it make a noise?
thanks god, in advance, for your impending answer.
So i've been listening to various David Sedaris box set of books on cd the last couple weeks on my commute to and from work, change of pace, you see.
well, he reads all of his own stories. have you ever heard his voice? very high pitched and whiny, funny gets tiresome...but that's not my point.
Have you ever read any of his books? short humorous stories usually. the one i've been listening to is Me Talk Pretty One Day, the one book i hadn't actually read, and my god, every single story is about his experiences in paris...every stinking one.
Three stories alone are about his troubles taking a french class. pretty tiresome, i think, at least to hear them all at once.
Anyway...what really got me was the fact that one story i was listening to on the Me talk collection was a live recording and it sounded really it turns out, the SAME EXACT STORY is now titled something different and included in his new book Dress your family in Corduroy and Denim. A bit lazy, i think.

People who drive on the sidewalk should be lauded for their safety.

I'm like a fire that's still burning. Don't you see?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Satisfactory Factory Outlet a Factor

I Made This
Plastikman, The Early Years

I finally saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday and i LOVED it. I especially recommend you see it on the gigantor IMAX screen if you can. It was overwhelmingly awesome.
I can't imagine what some of these fools are saying about Johnny Depp's performance reminding them of Michael Jackson. He wasn't even remotely close to MJ and frankly, reflects lazy reporting by reviewers.
I'll definitely see it again.

New Boards Of Canada album to be released on my Birthday!
October 18 is the day.
It's like fate or something. My obsession comes full circle.

M.I.A. returns to US on headlining tour
I can't wait to see her new matching outfits, though one can only hope she learns some new dance moves.

World bids adieu to Myron Floren, world's greatest accordion player.
Lawrence Welk's pal kicks it.

The Believer's Music Issue
Always a pleasant mixture of fine, unusual music writing, interviews and the like.
Also comes with a highly sought-after CD.

In SF, (nearly) nobody listens to techno
except me. and apparently, so does the SF Weekly music editor.

Remix NIN
go ahead, make Trent's day just a little bit easier for him, won't you?

Top 10 Web Fads
I always liked Nahir "I Kiss You!!!"
some of the other ones, i'm not so sure.

Old school Pixies and Breeders Video
Just like Mom used to make. Except Mom was a bigger fan of the Breeders, naturally.

More classical versions of Aphex Twin tunes
Unlike what Mom used to make, like or enjoy.

iPod DJ Mixer
And the world will forever be changed.
On the other hand, i think they need to work on it more. where's the pitch control? This seems like more novelty than anything else.

Pop on up and Play
Not necessarily viewable at work, depending on the open-mindedness of your boss and coworkers, that is.

Data-Mining our entire lives via cellphones
It's just around the corner.
And i can't wait.
That is, as long as i'm the only one that can access such information.
Which likely won't be the case.

Mo' Maps, Mo' Problems
Microsoft jumps into the mapping fray. Too bad.

Is Your Printer Spying On you?
Could be. Scary.

How about a Styrofoam Hummer?
Better than the real thing.

Been Caught Huffing

These are the people in your neighborhood

SFPD Mission Community Newsletters
SFPD Northern Community Newsletters
These newsletters are so interesting -- weekly rundowns of events, arrests and other happenings going on in the neighborhood.
Where else would you find out that there are Stupid Pet Tricks trials for a future Dave Letterman show on Union Street this past Saturday? Or story after illuminating story about cops arresting folks doing various bad things?

Need more? Check out SF Crime Maps
You have to wade through a few items before you can get stats but it's quite interesting to see what has happened of late in your 'hood. My block is relatively crime-free for the last year, save for a few random acts of vandalism. but you'll have that.

Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent.

- Sophia Loren