Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pop Rock Ya

finally, the answer we've been looking for.

time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' ... into the future
(if that link don't work, try this one

dammit, i want a full-color display iPod for less
apple, you bastards.

see, i told you teflon was bad shit.

never drink and drive a zamboni
hell, i just love to say zamboni.

aw, eve, you're like, really mad, huh?

Eve Seething After Sex Tape Leak
R&B star Eve is fuming after a homemade sex tape she filmed when she was 21 was leaked onto the Internet.
The 30-second video shows the singer and then boyfriend, Bad Boy Entertainment producer Stevie J using a sex toy and is dated November 20, 1999.
Eve has taken immediate legal action to have the footage pulled from the Web, and her spokesperson has issued a statement attacking its leak.
It claims the tape was made "years ago with her boyfriend of over two years. The fact that a private moment is being made public is a violation, and we would hope that people would respect her privacy as they would their own".
A friend tells the New York Daily News, "She's devastated by this. She's hired a private investigator. She can't figure out how this got out. (Stevie J) says he has nothing to do with it and is also horrified because he has kids."


Rumors I'd Like to Spread About Amelia Earhart

i have her skeleton
she stinks
she was a bitch.
she hurt dolphins.
amelia was a man.
she hated men in pants.
she had wooden teeth.
she smoked cigars
she only hated smoked chicken.


Where is Kriss Kross when we really need them?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

51 seconds

It only took 51 seconds for "President" Bush to mention (i.e. exploit) 9/11 in his speech -- "This war reached our shores on September 11, 2001."
Oh, wait, make that twice, second time at 1:55.

This is his speech in an attempt to "win over" the American public, who overwhelmingly disapprove of his war. Only 37 percent of Americans believe Bush has a clear plan for the war.
And 53 percent disapprove of his performance, the highest disapproval rating of his presidency.
Ah, Bush, you are so weak and try so hard to compensate by acting like you're a tough guy. But your weakness is so transparent. It's times like these that make it difficult for me to grasp that Bush is going to be in office till January 2009. Christ.

Here is the full transcript of the speech, and a couple highlights i've picked out from the first 5 minutes (i'll add more later, i'm having trouble getting the video to play right now).

"Our mission in Iraq is clear. We are hunting down the terrorists."
-really? cool. rock on with that. Remember when Bush said the war on terror was unwinnable? people forget but he did say that, until his handlers frantically tried to retract it.
Or that we never really got a clear explanation as to how Iraq had ANYTHING to do with 9/11. But hey, those are little things, right?

"We are removing a source of violence and instability - and laying the foundation of peace for our children and our grandchildren."
-really? cool. too bad the environment will be fucked for our precious children and grandchildren, something Bush doesn't give two shits about. so i can't really see all this peace and tranquility coming to fruition.
besides, he's living in a fantasy world if he truly believes this is all going to lead to peace. good luck, charmer.

Honestly, people should read this essay by Michael Ignatieff in Sunday's New York Times, to get a better sense of the historical context of what Bush is doing. or what he's trying to do.
Who are Americans to Think That Freedom is Theirs to Spread?

speaking of Bush, here's a great shot of his lovely daughter, Jenna, enjoying a quiet nite out.
like father, like daughter.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Keep It Organic and Don't Panic

Ian Brown reunites with Mani for makeshift Stone Roses
Brown's quote is awesome, though what the hell is he talking about?

The Kult of Kraftwerk
The Robots - 1977 video
This is hilarious.
And yes, i'm a member of the KOK. damn straight.
New Kid Loco track

PWEI cover Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers"

Remix a Nine Inch Nails track with GarageBand
Apple music loops growing in popularity

Tracks of the Day:

Fiver "Lost Enterprise" from "Let It All Fall Down" (2004)
TV On The Radio "Don't Love You" from "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" (2004)
Slumber Party "Air" from "3" (2003)

Wired Together For Your Protection
file sharing services can be sued
not like this is a big surprise from the Supremes.
Grokster Loss Sucks for Tech
Private eyes are watching you
Just what the hell are stem cells anyway? Read and learn
Stem cells isn't about dismembering babies, you see
Say Yay for RSS, Ya'll!
Wired magazine is always at its best on Mondays.
Tom Cruise Corner
Every stinking day, more nauseating than the previous day.

tom cruise KNOWS psychiatry, and you don't
never mind the fact the guy is a high school dropout.
what the hell is up with tom cruise anyway?

Tom is SO Clear, he's OT-VII (requires temporary site pass, it's easy and worth it to read this article)
damn straight yo.
or you can try bugmenot and you'll never have to worry about logging in to any subscription site anymore.

Serial Killers are scary people
make sure to check out both videos, as they provide quite a chilling almost emotionless breakdown by the killer of how he matter-of-factly stalked and eventually killed his his "prey."

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Wake up to the smell of bacon!
This is like my dream come true.
Santa Bacon is most pleased.

Extra awesomely cute kittens

if BART goes on strike, things will get crazy!
especially on the 4th of July weekend.

Find out what happened to all the characters from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, only one of the best cinematic experiences of all time.
The best part of all these updates is the Wonka Reunion 1999.
the dude who played Augustus Gloop looks exactly the same. weird.

Store Wars Not to be confused with the similarily titled George Lucas film. ok?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Detroit, You're So Electro

SlappyHead the Clown a.k.a. Georgie Boy.

live kraftwerk, autechre, and more!

more kraftwerk for your dollar

dogster rules the world
see, i told you dogster rules the world

get a lot of migraines? botox that shit

You fucking die karl rove, you are pure evil.
no really, die you pigfucker prick
karl rove, traitor

and speaking of the undead, can't wait for Land of the Dead
even weirder, it's getting great reviews!

new Four Tet track


Hot 2005 tracks, yo

Go Pistons!!! Game 7 bitches!

Piston Power is Palpable
Win one for the Mitcher!

Your Dad Left His Shaving Kit Here

so i'm behind schedule and stuff.
as usual. my life is behind schedule.
i'm actually supposed to be 56 right now.

here's some crap i've been adding to this here thing over the last week.
forgive if a bit of it is a few days old.
you can sue me, you know.

you are not a mammal.
However, Ninjas are mammals.

i was walking through oakland last weekend and noticed a guy was intently reading this book.
So is Mr. Bill right?
that's the real question, now isn't it? I'm unsure. Then again, what the hell do i know?

Frist me once and you will see the error of your ways.
Mr. Frist, you are a pandering fool. And a wimp, apparently, after kowtowing to Daddy Bushie's wanting you to get a vote on John Bolton. good luck, kiss-ass.

let's spend more time talking about this.
seriously, how much you can flog a dead horse?
or a dead issue?
over a longdead woman?

the controversial 10 Downing Street Documents
Bushie, you're a bad boy. Unfortunately, not a surprise.
you should be impeached, bitch.

Picture me in a daguerreotype
America in its photo innocence.
kind of spooky, yet not.

have a 'pepke' and a smile
Pepsi + Coke = Pepke
delicious again peter.

flip flops suck
why would you want to wear flip-flops? they hurt between your toes, they don't do shit, they look dumb and your foot stench is out there for all to sniff.
fuck your flip-flop action, bitch.

Scarlett spurned Tom's Scientology
god, scarlett is hot.

Tom Destroys Oprah
Like, For Real.

Tom Cruise squirted

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell has torn a chunk out of a TV show producer's hand.
The pooch was accompanying Paris' mother, Kathy Hilton, on NBC morning show "Today," which is filmed in New York, when things suddenly turned "violent" backstage.
Kathy took the dog with her while promoting her new show, "I Want to Be a Hilton," after being enlisted with the job of minding Tinkerbell while Paris visited Los Angeles on business.
A show insider tells Page Six, "Kathy knows everyone just wants to hear about or be with Paris, so since Paris couldn't be there, she thought Tink was almost as good."
"But before she was interviewed by Katie Couric, Kathy was sitting in the green room when the producer came in and said, 'Oh, Tinkerbell!' She put her hand in Tink's Louis Vuitton carrying case and it bit her hand.
"Tinkerbell wasn't kidding -- she really bit in good. The producer had to shake the dog off. It was a nasty bite."

Leo takes a bottle to the head
i wonder what this does for his future film career? face fucker.


Guns don't kill people, guns fuck people UP hardcore!
Or so Jesus says. Jesus was a gun-toting Messiah, right? kicking ass, taking names, making some good wine, walking on water, all that shit was lame compared to his spate of guns he had on the sermon on the mount.

the best T-shirts in the history of mankind
i especially like the 2nd amendment and dysentery ones.
dysentery rocks. unless you're dead.

Popsicle destruction!
Damn, i need more photos of this. Popsicle muck running amuck in NYC.

hot videogame sex hack action
not for those who are virgins, or those who have never heard of sex before.

these lions are damn good lions

NASSA, Blackstronauts and You
Ken Burns wishes he made this.

sweet, my big head is good for something

Get behind me now, anyway
Somebody doesn't like Mr. White.
oh well. it's still a great record.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Post Near-Tsunami Psychosis

Tsunami alert!
oh wait...
last night around 9 p.m., i was comfortably watching VH-1's wonderful program, 100 Greatest Kid Stars, when the screen went blank and they announced a damn TSUNAMI WARNING for the West Coast, including San Francisco.
it was supposedly going to hit within 25 minutes. some crazy shit for a couple minutes, definitely.
but it didn't happen, so, we're all alright, thank you.
though it did make us think 'damn, we're gonna get hit with a hardcore earthquake soon." so yeah.

i learned lots of new words throughout the 'crisis,' including subduction and seismicity. so i got that going for me.
which is nice.

even better, now i can hang with geologists and kick major granite ass!

i was hoping they had a pic of people running for their lives in complete chaos but no such luck

worldwide tsunami love

asexual love
people used to say morrissey was asexual.
of course, the people telling me this were asexual women obsessed with morrissey.

pink floyd reunites
the world awaits pigs on a wing.

God bless Boards of Canada
an old track called "buckie high" for the people.
i am totally obsessed with BOC.

News Note: The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal of a copyright case brought against the Beastie Boys by jazz artist James W. Newton, who claims the group failed to pay him adequately for the use of a sample from one of his musical compositions in its 1992 song "Pass the Mic."

Tainted Love
Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.

bjork and her boy matthew barney make beautiful music together.
You knew this was coming
she's sleeping with him, after all. plus matthew barney is such a glorious freak.

When the president talks to god
Harsh! nice one.
i wish i could have seen the reaction of the audience when ol' bright eyes was playing this song.

Young Republicans make me gag
what's up with that girl singing in the back? And do they all shop at the same cheap-ass department store or what?

Porn Star loves to gag on republicans
porn stars need sexual favors and politics too.
i think this is the same woman Howard Stern was talking about the other day as the woman who stuck her head in the toilet while he flushed it. No, really.

Arnold booed
what a buffoon Arnold is. let's spend more money the state doesn't have on idiotic special elections because you can't get shit through the state assembly. cuz you're weak.
Maybe you won't be back, bitch.

Dressing down is it, yo
even though i do like to get dressed up. reality is we don't dress up like we used to back in the day.

Actor Lane Smith dies
you may not know the name but you'll definitely know the face.
you've seen him in a million things.

Actor Dana Elcar dies
you've seen him in a million things too.

Terri Schiavo's husband, doctors were right
she was even more fucked up than they thought.
she was even blind!
yeah, great way to live, with your brain profoundly atrophied. great.
so all those loony protesters were wrong. big surprise.

still more shit to be worried about - nonstick pans will destroy your brain
maybe not but it might atrophy still ... worry about more shit!

angry tired kitties (note, this site has been down a bit but it's really awesome when it's working)

Gooood dogs ... or BAAAAD dogs??
you decide.

it's goin' DOWN right here, right now

Friday, June 10, 2005

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

I guess I'm not going to run for office then ...
i wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway. i have those various skeletons in my closet.
not to mention my desk drawer.

My new favorite candy bars
This is the same dude behind Pete's Wicked Ale, which i never really liked. He seems to do a better job with chocolate.
My two favorites are Caramel Knowledge and Maltus Maximus.

Not to be confused with Fred - I Made This

Let's go back to McDonaldLand
damn, Ronald McDonald was a freak.
Grimace too.

Funds for PBS may be sharply reduced
Fucking Republicans, you are such assholes. Now you want to get rid of PBS?
Beyond despicable.

Never mind the war or the economy, what we really need to know is if Howard Dean really meant to say those mean, mean things about Republicans
once again, the media embarrasses itself to no end.

Meanwhile, Bush's approval ratings drop to new lows
Gotta love it. F*ck W.

Find the answer soon, dammit!
we ain't got all day to wait!

Interview with George Lucas in 1977

Ice Cream Truck Music For Your Ice Cream Love
Get on the truck and ride that cold shit!

Rex In Effect, yo
some good tracks on this shit.
i heartily recommend Ive Mendes "If You Leave Me Now" and the Ewan Pearson remix of that Alter Ego track.
I hung out with Ewan in Montreal a couple years ago and he's a fine fellow.

I'm Losing My Edge...REVEALED
"I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know."

White Stripes vs. Terry Gross
Man, that Terry, she's spunky.
not that i've actually listened to this yet.
But she is pretty spunky, i hear.
Here, have a new White Stripes track

This is where i'll be in about 6 hours from now
or so they say.
unless the rapture happens. then i'm screwed.

addicted to the iPod
go forth and listen my son. and listen. and listen. the outside world doesn't matter anymore.

Great American lunch-time fun!
Yep, we did a quick stop since it's like 10 minutes from my work.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kitty Mania Strikes at the Heart of Liechtenstein

the real test here is if you can keep the sound up for more than 2 minutes.

It's raining men ... and/or women

Happy Birthday Ronald!
You freaky ass clown you.

Robots Rock
Everybody's always talking about the children are our future when in actuality, robots are our future. We should be guiding robots and kick the children to the curb.

Speaking of children...
Stay in the trunk kids!

Live Kraftverk
Goddamn, i love these stoic Germans.

it's good to see loving christianity in action - more like God hates people who hate 'fags.' Whatever happened to God Is Love? Of course, it depends on which God you're down with, right?

Daddy W wants Patriot Act renewed - Go F*ck Yourself Daddy
Such a whiner, W is.

Hands Free still doesn't mean Safety Free

Mental health will drive you mad

Triple double trouble, Detroit style

Satan Loves the White Stripes ... and vice versa

Fuse-In - I Made This

Cough Drop blues on an airplane
David Sedaris is so damn funny, i can picture the cough drop shooting from his mouth.

It was Doctor and the Medics who covered 'Spirit In The Sky'!
i was having a conversation with one of my friends the other day, who insisted that f*cking Zodiac Mindwarp did a cover of the Norman Greenbaum classic.
i knew it was one of those late 80s psychedelica revival shit bands.
the mystery has been solved. we can all go on now and live.

New Goldfrapp album coming!
sonically, her albums are always such a treat. i need to finally see her live, dammit!

Father, forgive me for my peccavi
please father please.

A Nickel Bag of Funk
Digable Planets resurfaces, playing two dates in SF!
however, i admit, i'm afraid they might suck.
that Cherrywine solo album sucked soooo hard.

Anti-Gay Phone Company!
check out the phone calls, which are easy to miss, labeled "(I, II, III)"on comedian Eugene Mirman's site.
Definitely worth a listen. This is so weird/funny. Only in America.
even better, he's playing tonight here in San Francisco.

I could deal with Bennifer but Brangelina is going too damn far

Wikipedia is my latest obsession site but the Recent Deaths part is particularly fascinating

And don't you forget about the tragedies going on in Liechtenstein!
we've turned our backs on those poor poor castle-bound souls for far too long ...

Remember, have sex with strangers TODAY!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chocolate Milk is Best

I don't see how the GOP could refute Dean's take, saying they are pretty much a white, Christian party. Duh.

Bush Admin edits global warming docs
yeah, it's a big ruse by liberals....if that's the case, what would be the gain in lying about it? God, Republicans are f*cking stupid, short-sighted self-centered pricks.

As long as you're white, you can get into the US
Even if you're a crazed murderer. Good thing we're keeping our borders tight, huh?

40 really is the new 30
thank god, i'm still got some good years left in me then.

Vintage Ads
talk about old school...

Sigur Ros playing Oakland's Paramount Theatre October 1!
one of the most zoned out times i've ever had at a show was their Warfield gig a few years back. amazing, they are.

Helmut Newton's lost photos!
he's dead, you know.

A Clockwork Orange - title explained
I've always wondered why it was called that.

Porn Video games
oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, ooohhh yeeeeah.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Walk Some Miles In My Shoes

I've been a walking machine this weekend.
Friday night i walked from my house in the Western Addition all the way to Powell Street near Market. Which is like 2.2 miles each way.
Some might say "big fucking deal, a couple miles is nothing."
And you're right. It's not very far, really.
But when you're not used to walking such distances much, 2.2 miles is a distance. Especially when you throw rather steep hills into the equation.

Today I walked again.
Down Divisadero to Eddy, then Eddy all the way to Fillmore, left at Fillmore and up into the hoity toity Fillmore shopping district area, where i snagged me a Peets coffee (frankly the real impetus behind my foot-laden travails) and then went on the hunt for a delicious Sunday breakfast, which somehow usually includes me searching for the ultimate breakfast joint.
I'm still on the hunt and have been for many years.
But then, that's the fun of it, no?
I found a decent place on Fillmore, some French cafe, where i planned to sit outside and watch the people go by.

of course,the place being French, they took forever to wait on me. like, the dude gave me some water and then i never saw him again.
And being the incredibly impatient lout that i am, i decided to give them 10 minutes and that would be it. I would be gone.

and so i was gone.
though it took some psychological doing to get me to move from my relatively comfortable spot on Fillmore, albeit relatively chilly though i was.
but i told myself i couldn't wait any longer. i was already hungry and that seemed like a disaster in the making.
i was not about to wait for some snide French waiter any longer.

so i bolted, went around the corner and then did a southern turn on Steiner toward lower Haight, where i knew there was a decent breakfast place that awaited me.
of course, i can't recall the name of the place but it's good.

What other things did i see on my walks this weekend?

I think i spotted the guy with the really high voice and long stringy hair from The Cockettes in the Tenderloin on Friday night.
He was talking to someone on a street corner near a liquor store.
i'm pretty sure it was him and i did several doubletakes but couldn't verify.

oh and there was the guy with the bird on his shoulder on divisadero.
i'm always intrigued yet suspicious of people walking around with birds on their shoulders, you see.
i mean...i like birds and all, this being a cockatoo or a mini-parrot or something, but usually the guys i see walking around with birds on their shoulders tend to look a little, um, odd.
so yeah...i paid no recognition to the birdman.

there was the siteseeing tour bus that stopped in that familiar vista in Alamo Square (bottom pic) of the Victorian houses with downtown buildings behind it. people still take pictures of that.
funny too, to see that the people who live there are old (i saw what i thought were two residents from two of the houses).

and the wide range of neighborhoods you walk through, which seem to totally change every few blocks.
all very strange, indeed.

but walking is good, yes yes.

Atlas Reveals Global Devastation

The Case Against Coldplay

Fallout of Marijuana Verdict

Wi-Fi in The Skies