Thursday, June 23, 2005

Your Dad Left His Shaving Kit Here

so i'm behind schedule and stuff.
as usual. my life is behind schedule.
i'm actually supposed to be 56 right now.

here's some crap i've been adding to this here thing over the last week.
forgive if a bit of it is a few days old.
you can sue me, you know.

you are not a mammal.
However, Ninjas are mammals.

i was walking through oakland last weekend and noticed a guy was intently reading this book.
So is Mr. Bill right?
that's the real question, now isn't it? I'm unsure. Then again, what the hell do i know?

Frist me once and you will see the error of your ways.
Mr. Frist, you are a pandering fool. And a wimp, apparently, after kowtowing to Daddy Bushie's wanting you to get a vote on John Bolton. good luck, kiss-ass.

let's spend more time talking about this.
seriously, how much you can flog a dead horse?
or a dead issue?
over a longdead woman?

the controversial 10 Downing Street Documents
Bushie, you're a bad boy. Unfortunately, not a surprise.
you should be impeached, bitch.

Picture me in a daguerreotype
America in its photo innocence.
kind of spooky, yet not.

have a 'pepke' and a smile
Pepsi + Coke = Pepke
delicious again peter.

flip flops suck
why would you want to wear flip-flops? they hurt between your toes, they don't do shit, they look dumb and your foot stench is out there for all to sniff.
fuck your flip-flop action, bitch.

Scarlett spurned Tom's Scientology
god, scarlett is hot.

Tom Destroys Oprah
Like, For Real.

Tom Cruise squirted

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's pet Chihuahua Tinkerbell has torn a chunk out of a TV show producer's hand.
The pooch was accompanying Paris' mother, Kathy Hilton, on NBC morning show "Today," which is filmed in New York, when things suddenly turned "violent" backstage.
Kathy took the dog with her while promoting her new show, "I Want to Be a Hilton," after being enlisted with the job of minding Tinkerbell while Paris visited Los Angeles on business.
A show insider tells Page Six, "Kathy knows everyone just wants to hear about or be with Paris, so since Paris couldn't be there, she thought Tink was almost as good."
"But before she was interviewed by Katie Couric, Kathy was sitting in the green room when the producer came in and said, 'Oh, Tinkerbell!' She put her hand in Tink's Louis Vuitton carrying case and it bit her hand.
"Tinkerbell wasn't kidding -- she really bit in good. The producer had to shake the dog off. It was a nasty bite."

Leo takes a bottle to the head
i wonder what this does for his future film career? face fucker.


Guns don't kill people, guns fuck people UP hardcore!
Or so Jesus says. Jesus was a gun-toting Messiah, right? kicking ass, taking names, making some good wine, walking on water, all that shit was lame compared to his spate of guns he had on the sermon on the mount.

the best T-shirts in the history of mankind
i especially like the 2nd amendment and dysentery ones.
dysentery rocks. unless you're dead.

Popsicle destruction!
Damn, i need more photos of this. Popsicle muck running amuck in NYC.

hot videogame sex hack action
not for those who are virgins, or those who have never heard of sex before.

these lions are damn good lions

NASSA, Blackstronauts and You
Ken Burns wishes he made this.

sweet, my big head is good for something

Get behind me now, anyway
Somebody doesn't like Mr. White.
oh well. it's still a great record.

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