Friday, June 10, 2005

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

I guess I'm not going to run for office then ...
i wouldn't stand much of a chance anyway. i have those various skeletons in my closet.
not to mention my desk drawer.

My new favorite candy bars
This is the same dude behind Pete's Wicked Ale, which i never really liked. He seems to do a better job with chocolate.
My two favorites are Caramel Knowledge and Maltus Maximus.

Not to be confused with Fred - I Made This

Let's go back to McDonaldLand
damn, Ronald McDonald was a freak.
Grimace too.

Funds for PBS may be sharply reduced
Fucking Republicans, you are such assholes. Now you want to get rid of PBS?
Beyond despicable.

Never mind the war or the economy, what we really need to know is if Howard Dean really meant to say those mean, mean things about Republicans
once again, the media embarrasses itself to no end.

Meanwhile, Bush's approval ratings drop to new lows
Gotta love it. F*ck W.

Find the answer soon, dammit!
we ain't got all day to wait!

Interview with George Lucas in 1977

Ice Cream Truck Music For Your Ice Cream Love
Get on the truck and ride that cold shit!

Rex In Effect, yo
some good tracks on this shit.
i heartily recommend Ive Mendes "If You Leave Me Now" and the Ewan Pearson remix of that Alter Ego track.
I hung out with Ewan in Montreal a couple years ago and he's a fine fellow.

I'm Losing My Edge...REVEALED
"I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know."

White Stripes vs. Terry Gross
Man, that Terry, she's spunky.
not that i've actually listened to this yet.
But she is pretty spunky, i hear.
Here, have a new White Stripes track

This is where i'll be in about 6 hours from now
or so they say.
unless the rapture happens. then i'm screwed.

addicted to the iPod
go forth and listen my son. and listen. and listen. the outside world doesn't matter anymore.

Great American lunch-time fun!
Yep, we did a quick stop since it's like 10 minutes from my work.

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