Monday, January 31, 2005

Coachella Lineup Announced


Being held Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1.
Hopefully, this year it won't be 100 degrees.
it is in the middle of the desert, though.

Some people i'm stoked to see on the list:
Cocteau Twins
Snow Patrol
Bloc Party
Secret Machines
Four Tet
Jean Grae
Mercury Rev
Chemical Brothers (for curiosity)

Nine Inch Nails
New Order
Gang of Four
Arcade Fire
Miss Kittin
Matthew Dear
Zion i
British Sea Power

Tickets for Coachella will go on sale Saturday (Feb. 5) via Ticketmaster.

Friday, January 28, 2005


i am djing right now.
it's true.
live and in the flesh.
much like flesh-eating mammals like yourselves.

your sister called me yesterday. looking for love in all the wrong places. though with me it was purely a coincidence. a wrong number. a wrong day.
a wrong element.

everything you know is wrong.

or are you no longer wed?
i'm playing the new thievery corporation right now.
it's better than you think.
it's better than i think. or thought.

thing is, this keyboard doesn't work for me. it's too sticky.
not sticky as in gross sticky. though there's that part too.
more like, the buttons stick. suck ass succotash wednesday

7:05 p.m. - Tom Ammiano just walked in.
for people outside San Francisco, he's on the Board of Supervisors of the City and has run for mayor, god, at least once though i think more than that.

i'm going to keep updating this tonight so, sorry if you get a RSS feed as you'll get a bunch of updates every time i publish.
but you can deal.
after all, i'm proud of you.
uh oh gotta go!
the song is almost over!

he's holding court with a small entourage, of course.
tom ammiano i'm talking about.
his pursory voice definitely rises above the din.
the murmur if you will.
murmur me baby.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Agnostic Time for Bonzo

First off, you may have noticed that there are ads on the page.
Yep, scroll down motherfuckers.
i'll wait. i'm not really waiting anyway. i'm writing this in your past but for me it's my present. even though what i just wrote is also my past. but it's not published past so it's different. don't you understand anything?

don't worry, it's not like i'm trying to turn this site into a self-help center for the indigent. not that i know what the hell the indigent necessarily are. ok i do.

but still.

and not to worry, because i can tell at least 4 of you are worrying.
there's no way in hell i'm going to change any content or curb what i'm saying.
fuck that shit. i mean, fuck and fucking fuck fuck.
see? fuck michael powell.

hate me.

no, no, i read something about this new thing google offers called Adsense and frankly, it made sense.
to see if anything comes of it. sort of in that epiphany kind of way.

i mean, the thought of making any money on this site seems so completely remote, so if i can for doing nothing different, what the hell.
sure i realize it could be perceived as 'selling out' but hell, it's just a trial thing to see what will happen. probably nothing will happen. people will break down my door and beg for mercy, maybe. or fucking shoot arrows into my skull. but damn. they'd have to be pretty sharp arrows. i have a big noggin and it's tough as nails. i've broken it open a couple of times and it's only made my head stronger. so fuck you. i make the fucking rules mother fucker.
yeah. plus i feel more like a real puto.

though, i must say, i do plan on expanding this site more. getting a lot more features on here, better search functions and the like.

all coming, but this is one test to see what happens.

as for my recent absence from my soapbox of destruction, let me just say this: i was in LA last weekend and this week has been pretty much pure hell, so...these things happen.

with that, here is the latest random shit i've found. it's really the best thing you've ever come upon in the free world of madagascar (soon to be a major feature film, animated even, shhhh, you heard it from your pal joey).


and also..
krush groove.

maybe you can move to america and be a rich person and live long and eat people. that's what we people in america do.
we eat.
and we are people.
it's all intertwined.

Dave Matthews Band Bus Driver Charged for dumping gynormous piles of scrumptious human feces on wide-mouthed boat passengers (i.e. tourists)
you may recall that last summer, while the DMB bus was driving over a bridge in chicago, the driver dropped its contents from the bus lavatory, landing atop a group of tourists in a boat. talk about a shitstorm. damn, that would be so gross.
but funny because it didn't happen to me.
fuck, that would suck. i mean, shit. everywhere. shit shit shit. raining shit. that would be something to see, though not to experience. man.

White Christmas averted.
French police seize cocaine Santa

now really, can you please?
Stop that bathroom nonsense!

Fox News gets some of its own medicine, for a change
update: apparently the site was getting too much traffic. check it at ifilm viral videos
now it feels like we having nothing to lose. so fuck george w. bush. and go after the prick.

You've got to be kidding about this.
Apparently Spongebob Squarepants is considered pro-gay and is therefore, evil in the eyes of the right wingnuts. What is wrong with these people?
Group sees gay hook in cartoon: SpongeBob alarms conservative activists
James Dobson is a vile human being. Hell is waiting for you, my enemy.

well, touche!
Looks like my hometown is feeling some backlash from all this stuff being shoved down our throats.
Rolling Stone refuses to run ad for Bible

Remember, she's the Lenny Bruce of Wellness!
Stop The Insanity!
Stop the Insanity again! And quit poking your finger at me!

Oh, Susan, please go away

Want to order a pizza?
Better be wary. The future holds tremendous
no really, stop looking at all my personal info too!

---Music time
Interview with Kevin Shields, formerly of My Bloody Valentine
god, that was a great band. i'm so upset i never saw them live.
i could sure use a big pizza right now.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I Put My Chocolate In Your Peanut Butter

a day late and two dollars short. story of my subconscious life, i tell you.
not really.
randomness makes the world go round, i swear.
i keep falling asleep at night before i have a chance to finish the stuff i want to finish.
very frustrating.
damn human limitations! damn you!
see, if cloning were perfected, i could solve SOME of these problems.
but of course, i have thought about the concept that my clone would have the exact same characteristics as i would, meaning the same character flaws (if you can call them 'flaws', i call them 'unique') too.
we'll have to work on that.
with that, here's my post that should have gone up last night, but alas, i fell asleep by 11:10 p.m.
so i didn't even get a chance to open my laptop.

iPod Shuffle Sparks Stampede
macWorld, here i come! i plan to get into plenty of situations involving fisticuffs today.

Are We Not Men?
we most certainly are not men. we are zygotes-plus.

Scarlett Johansson was super hot Tuesday night on jay leno. Much more lively than i've ever seen her. Maybe she was coked up. she also was wearing a jacket with just a bra underneath, and it was very wide open.
though my favorite was when she leaned forward to sign her name to the motorcycle in the studio that's going to be auctioned off for tsunami victims. the cameraman moved in close for the gratuitous cleavage shot. Scarlett certainly didn't seem to mind.
hard to believe that girl is 20 YEARS OLD!

moving along now....whew.

This is a great story about sound sent to me by a pal that's taking a secret trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. Yep, you guessed it, florida. it's a great time in the sunshine state, i tell you.
but never mind all that. this story comes from my former employer (back in the 1990s, when men were women and women were ghosts).
Nothing golden about silencing of some sounds

i think i'm going to protest this concert.
White TrAshlee Simpson
she just sucks. no talent. and she stinks. so i hear.

time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future...or the past.
Gay Time Line

i don't know what to think of these, other than it's abhorrent (a good word, btw) if they're not fake.
Keep on Partying while surrounded by death and destruction

this is pretty scary for Gmail users.
Gmail glitch yields access to messages

Hostess Twinkies were never that good. the hype was always bigger than the chew.
actually, you don't so much chew Twinkies as suck 'em down your throat. or i should say, your esophagus. your trachea would be mighty pissed if it had to deal with a fucking twinkie.
Hostess Love
Hostess Love Part Deux

Pretty Pictures make the whole day better.
Look At Me

Make Love, Not Pencil Chewing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Archetypal Ghost Sandwich

Quite possibly the worst band ever
Seriously, bad bad bad

in case you didn't know. but you know.
you've always known.
'Red State, Blue State' Voted Top Phrase

MP3 Blog Search Function
works pretty well too. i dare say. say say say. what you want.

oh man, this is funny. Those crazy French people.
Eye of the Tiger
does anyone remember that the lead singer of Survivor when this song was recorded was replaced by another dude soon after, at which such time Survivor became much much bigger for awhile, predominantly known for their super sappy and super shitty power ballads about stupid lovey dovey crap.
not that i'm bitter.
the first lead singer was ugly. i'm convinced that's what happened to him.
the second guy was a ladykiller 80s style.
completely empty headed and worthless. but still. they made a lot of money for awhile. and isn't that what Amerika is all about?

dammit, you need to know more. i need to know more.
thank you All Music Guide!

    "The group's big break came in 1982 when Sylvester Stallone commissioned them to write the theme to Rocky III; the result, "Eye of the Tiger," was an instant hit with its bombastic opening riff and anthemic chorus. It spent six weeks at number one on the Billboard charts and pushed the accompanying album of the same name over the one million sales mark. Vocalist Dave Bickler quit in 1983 due to medical reasons and was replaced by former Cobra singer Jimi Jamison. The shakeup gave the band a kickstart, and they had two Top Ten hits in 1985 with "High On You" and "The Search Is Over." The band's theme from Rocky IV, "Burning Heart," provided their second biggest hit in 1986, but their fortunes slid downhill from there."

The beatles are becoming very popular with budding remix/mash-up artists on the web.
Revolved ccc mash up album
The entire Beatles 1966 album 'Revolver', mashed by ccc available for download, coming February 2005.

Chuckles and giggles with the gaggle of fans.
that's what they said.
i sometimes wish i had a gray palor. just because.
no. not really.
i must have more crunk juice now. that's all i drink these days. maybe tomorrow i'll try to Robo it with some lovely Robitussin.
Delicious again, Morgan.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Plug Your Eyes and Cover Your Nose

More random shite from my mind of make-believe.
Or maybe it's real?

I'm going to this next weekend in Los Angeles.
Body Worlds: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies
one of my favorite pics is of the body holding all of his own skin. Awesome.

oh this is nice, the White House paid a commentator to say nice things about their stupid, shitty plans.
White House paid commentator to promote law

Fat City
And the Fattest City Is...Houston! Philadelphia is a close second, with Detroit rolling in at 3rd for Fattest City in the U.S. Rounding out the top fat Five are Memphis and Chicago. Big surprise. Ha.
Meanwhile, the most Fittest U.S. cities are: Seattle, Honolulu, Colorado Springs, San Francisco, and Denver.

Do SUVs Make You Stupid?
Signs say yes.

Traffic Love in the Yay Area
I-580 home to 3 of Bay Area's worst traffic bottlenecks
Congested as ever. For the record, i travel on I-880 to and from work every day. I feel like that should be higher on this list than it is.

this is too funny.
though i'm appalled that Kid Rock likes Bush.

Right-wing Christian groups are furious that rap-rocker Kid Rock is set to perform at a youth concert to celebrate President George W. Bush's inauguration.
The die-hard Republican hitmaker is set to join clean-cut teen stars Hilary Duff and Jojo at the "America Rocks Today: A Call to Service" concert in Washington D.C., organized by Bush's twin daughters Barbara and Jenna.
Christian groups are furious that Bush would allow Kid Rock to be associated with him, due to his profanity-laden lyrics, and his infamous line in 2001 song "You Never Met a [bleep] Quite Like Me," sang, "I met the President when I was half-stoned."
In an earlier song in 1990, when the President's father George was in charge of the country alongside the elder Barbara as First Lady, Kid Rock sang, "Pimp of the Nation, I could be it/ As a matter of fact, I forsee it/ But only pimpin' 'hos with the big tush/ While you be left pimpin' Barbara Bush."
Donald Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association, fumes, "What in the world are these people thinking?
"This is the biggest slap in the face to the Christian conservatives. Where I come from, you talk about my mama like that, those are fightin' words. Shooting words.
"There's no greater defender of family values than President Bush."

that last quote is particularly funny ... "as long as you ain't gay, divorced or doing other sinful things."

Exhaustive, monotonous but strangely fascinating site.
Jenny, Are You There?
If you don't recall Tommy Tutone's early '80s hit, "867-5309," much of this joke will probably be lost on you.

Vote for me in the bloggies. Less than a day remains. Vote anyway. Deadline is 10 p.m. EST (7 p.m. in my time zone)
Bloggies: Fifth Annual Weblog Awards

File this under the "Awwww" category.
Kitties are better for everyone.
Women like men who like cats

Remember ABC Afterschool Specials? They were popular in the 1970s and '80s.
I loved 'em back in the day. Now available on DVD, in cases that look like Trapper Keepers! Rock!

Year-end top music of 2004 lists scrutinized, analyzed and dissected.

2:50 p.m.
Montreal's Unicorns break up?

A great guide to ripping and encoding music

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hippo Happiness

with all the horrible shit going on in the world right now, god knows, we can all use a small bit o heartwarming news when we can get it.
this made me feel good.
Tortoise Adopts Stray Hippo at Sanctuary

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bludgeon Your Household Products Tomorrow

nothing much to say. i like cheese, though the kind i had today wasn't very good.
still, i persist in cheese consumption.
here are a bunch of stuff i found today that i found ha ha ha funny. or neat. or just plain cool yo.

New Massive Attack soundtrack album "Danny The Dog" streaming

Sing along with your favorite movie villain.
It rubs the lotion on its skin

May or may not be cool. curious though.
Remix Pioneer Tackles Motown Gems

Big news for music fans who like to fileshare
Court rejects RIAA request to identify song-swappers

Cool place to learn more about your favorite Apple products because they don't produce enough damn manuals to teach

Home-Brew IPod Ad Opens Eyes

Born to Be Alive in the Elevator

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Obsessive Compulsive Order

i am a completist when it comes to reading.
that's why i have so many things i NEED to read sitting around my house in varying piles.
the sheer amount i have in my 'to read' piles is beyond staggering and yet i insist on reading most magazines and newspapers cover to cover or nearly cover-to-cover (i can sometimes persaude myself to skip the business and sports sections, though i'd say i skip sports first, then maybe business, depending if there's an interesting article i should read).
it's just like when i get into a band, i mean, when i REALLY get into a band and get ga-ga, i become all completist and obsessive about it.
Meaning, I buy everything damn thing said band has released, or damn near everything, (this is always dependent on the amount of money i'm making at the time ... or i should say, the amount of extra money i might have to spend on music). i feel like i need to have as much of the music as possible, to capture it, collect it and make sure i'm not missing something really awesome that i would have had i not made this extra effort.

all part of the obsessive portion of my personality.
sure is interesting.
sure am being self-obsessed again.

but why do i feel this need. like if i don't read everything in a periodical, i might miss something.
story of my life, in fact. i always feel like i'm missing out on something bigger or better. even though i realize that i should just enjoy the here and now, where i am at. but damn, i always want more. or i'm wondering about what more is out there. always.
i'm always thinking, see?

also, i just said hello to a fellow in the hallway, you know, the type of hello you give when you're not necessarily friends with someone but you've passed by them enough times that they deserve at least some sort of acknowledgement above and beyond the 'stare straight ahead and do nothing' response, the 'friendly nod' (which can be used in friendly situations, especially if you're in a hurry) or other vague notions of acknowledgment.
Anyway, the guy, who's an ok guy, gives me the one-fingered pointing at me, like a gun or something, and gives me the 'click-click' sound, as if giving me a one-gun salute or something of that nature.
sure, it's a little playful, which i can dig on, but who gives the one or two-fingered gun-pointing salute anymore?
apparently this man does.

one other thing of note.
the guy in front of me in line for coffee this morning did something i often do -- feel the portion of my butt that contains a pocket in which my wallet should be currently residing.
i do that a lot, feel my pocket to make sure my wallet hasn't been removed.

isn't that the worst feeling, when you feel for where your wallet should be and instead, it's just a flat, nonresponsive area where your wallet used to be?
it's that deep, sickening feeling you get in your stomach, when you know something is awry with the universe you've designed for yourself.
something is amiss. all must be resolved before continuing on in other endeavors. the world stops until the missing is found. usually it's just been sat on a counter near me or has fallen out of my pants (i have one pair of pants in which the pockets are very undeep and when sitting in the chair at work, sometimes it will slip out, causing me much consternation, and damn, isn't consternation a good word?

it's all very troublesome, you see.
very very troublesome.

finally, i'm getting excited about the Macworld Expo next week. i must be becoming at least somewhat of a geek. but i do get somewhat excited about this. i love when you first walk into the Moscone Center and hear that underlying buzz or murmur. everybody seems focused on going places, looking for stuff, checking out new gadgets or toys, and the like.
yep, i'm a Mac geek.
then again, what else could i be? i have four Macs at home (well, one of them is my girlfriend's, but still...three is more than plenty, no?)

so there.
or is it au pair?

more more more, just like Andrea True.
Breast wishes!
Radio breast enlargement contest blasted

people are getting upset about this? have they seen shows like "The Swan" or "Who's Your Daddy?" which was on last night.
come on.

also, this seems kind of interesting, this Hamburger Eyes story. cool photos.
Capturing the rawness of San Francisco's streets in a journal with an eye for the down and dirty
not interesting enough?
then about how about this, an intriguing story about how streets in the U.S. were named.
History of Street Names and Street Naming in North America

and this is simply hilarious, a Greatest Hits edition of some of SF Chron Music Writer Aidin Vaziri's interviews from 2004
Pop Quiz: The Best of 2004

ok, i missed this around Christmastime but i still feel like i NEED to post this updated version of my old favorite of the Badgers.
Santa Badger

bookstore arranged by pantone.
No really, bookstore arranged by pantone

Monday, January 03, 2005

Random Dreck For The People

It feels like everybody here at work is coming back from christmas vacation today, like we are all in school or something, and talking about what they did over the holidays. comparing notes. dreading the fact that they're back at work. neato and shit.

Desperately Seeking Dubya


Beastie Boys Lyrics Analyzed

Send a Crap-a-Gram

What's next for Matt Gonzalez? Read up yo.
Forever the rebel with a cause, Gonzalez exits left at City Hall

Radio Babylon
not to be confused with...
Radio Free Polygon

this seems like a good source for new music too.
Better Propaganda

and last but certainly not least, here are
The Number One Songs In Heaven
Do yourself quite a favor and download "Oh Happy Day" by the Edwin Hawkins Singers. trust me, you'll thank me.

and if not, fuzz ewe!

Oh Happy Day!