Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Archetypal Ghost Sandwich

Quite possibly the worst band ever
Seriously, bad bad bad

in case you didn't know. but you know.
you've always known.
'Red State, Blue State' Voted Top Phrase

MP3 Blog Search Function
works pretty well too. i dare say. say say say. what you want.

oh man, this is funny. Those crazy French people.
Eye of the Tiger
does anyone remember that the lead singer of Survivor when this song was recorded was replaced by another dude soon after, at which such time Survivor became much much bigger for awhile, predominantly known for their super sappy and super shitty power ballads about stupid lovey dovey crap.
not that i'm bitter.
the first lead singer was ugly. i'm convinced that's what happened to him.
the second guy was a ladykiller 80s style.
completely empty headed and worthless. but still. they made a lot of money for awhile. and isn't that what Amerika is all about?

dammit, you need to know more. i need to know more.
thank you All Music Guide!

    "The group's big break came in 1982 when Sylvester Stallone commissioned them to write the theme to Rocky III; the result, "Eye of the Tiger," was an instant hit with its bombastic opening riff and anthemic chorus. It spent six weeks at number one on the Billboard charts and pushed the accompanying album of the same name over the one million sales mark. Vocalist Dave Bickler quit in 1983 due to medical reasons and was replaced by former Cobra singer Jimi Jamison. The shakeup gave the band a kickstart, and they had two Top Ten hits in 1985 with "High On You" and "The Search Is Over." The band's theme from Rocky IV, "Burning Heart," provided their second biggest hit in 1986, but their fortunes slid downhill from there."

The beatles are becoming very popular with budding remix/mash-up artists on the web.
Revolved ccc mash up album
The entire Beatles 1966 album 'Revolver', mashed by ccc available for download, coming February 2005.

Chuckles and giggles with the gaggle of fans.
that's what they said.
i sometimes wish i had a gray palor. just because.
no. not really.
i must have more crunk juice now. that's all i drink these days. maybe tomorrow i'll try to Robo it with some lovely Robitussin.
Delicious again, Morgan.

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