Saturday, August 05, 2006

We're All In This Together

Shit is WILD right now!
For reals ... Life is SO good.
Good friends are everything.

I am so thankful, so humbled by all the amazing people in my life at the moment.

Catch me sometime in the next two days if you can! I'm busybusybusy playing music for the people.

Won't you join?


Somehow I have booked myself four times in two days this weekend.
i must be addicted to music or something.

1. Casino Night, Oakland Metro, 8pm-2am
Sig's fun-filled Casino Night is tonight, near Jack London Square.
Featuring Eggplant Casino, tippy Canoe & the paddlemen, fashion by haute trash, casino shit, and me, disguised as Jay T. Tempura, spinning your favorite casino gems on delicious vinyl throughout the evening. Bring all your gambling addicted pals!

2. Jovino & M's Ninja 4.0 birfday party

I'll likely arrive around 2am and go on sometime after that. Expect fucking twisted shit for the braiin-breaking hours. hi!
When: Saturday 8/5, from dark-thirty until we can't go no mo' (brunch planned for Sunday am!)
Where: Our rad place in Oakland, near Fruitvale Bart/High Street Exit off 880.
4001 San Leandro, #26 - go to the end of 40th (@ Wattling) and get someone to click you in.
Lost? Confused? Late? call 415 699-4356 for M or 415 SWINGER for Jovino

(at some point, i think i'll have to sleep, though i'm not sure exactly when)

3. Playa Play ala Tamo & ViaJay Sunday 1pm-7pm
My roommate Tamo (she played the rockin' house set last Saturday afternoon at FnF) and her compatriot ViaJay (Angels of Bass, FnF) are having their third annual Playa Play clothing sale Sunday afternoon at our pad, at The Art Barn @ 980 York St. x 22nd in SF.
Spirits and such will be served, along with stylish minimal techno from yours truly.

4. Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch Sunday 3-9pm

I'll be spinning sometime after 6pm till whenever.
CMR, nestled in the heart of scenic Bayview, has long been home to shady characters and dubious activities. This is your chance to see the latest crop of manufactured handiwork from the artists currently in residence.
Opening Day: Sunday, August 6th, 3p – 9p
Address: 1433 Van Dyke (near 3rd Street), San Francisco, CA 94124