Friday, May 20, 2005

The flavor says ... butter

written wednesday night after seeing The Books perform at Cafe Dunord)

tonight i discovered that i'm confidently vulnerable.

it's a difficult position to be in.

i don't recommend it.

but then again, you are them. which is different than the we, which is us.

it's very confusing, to be sure.

i get confused every time i cross paths with a box of raisins.
what the hell are these things, really?
why would i want them?
why do people insist on putting them in cookies.
cookies need their distance.
don't you see?
man, it's so weird.
few things are worse than enjoying a hearty, delicious cookie and get smacked in the middle of the tongue with the sharp, yet slyly dull bitter taste of a too-chewy raisin.
i almost wonder if there's some sort of hidden collusion between the raisin industry and the cookie industry.
seriously, on paper, raisins shouldn't even be able to be on the same fucking level as chocolate chips, no matter if we're talking milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, or bitter chocolate.
raisins do not win.
they can't.

frankly, i think it's no coincidence that the recent resurgence is synch with the rise of the singing animated California raisins of the 1980s.
remember those guys?
Singing and dancing to those baby boomer Motown favorites from the '60s.
they were all popular in the '80s, trying to make us all happy and shit for warmongering reagan and his platoon of crazed thugs.
now, we got a new set of much worse thugs in the white house and congress.
scarier, meaner, more hypocritical, and total liars.
and the damn raisins are sliding back into culture, ready to take over.
see, they're decoys to make us happy and such, harken back to a better time, when people were dumber, more susceptible to propaganda, less savvy, less aware.

man, those raisins, evil shit man.
i'm telling you.

not that this has anything to do with anything...

but, you know, somebody has to start the conspiracy theory somewhere.

might as well be me.

while i'm sitting here, being confidently vulnerable.

(i'm such a blowhard ranter sometimes. here i bitch about the fact that the republicans are still owning the political message (which is true), but then i call it the 'nuclear option.' well, turns out that GOP strategists say the 'nuclear option,' referring to the idea of killing the filibuster last resort option in the senate, is bad messaging. which is true. so turns out the always right liberal elite left like myself was being all reactionary and full of shit. yeah, it happens. shut up).
written Monday night, after a rant with my favorite rantee while making the brutal commute home from San Ho - Ronster, shout outs, yo!>
bill frist and the republicans are still controlling the goddamn message. when newsmedia refer to the 'so-called nuclear option' when referring to filibusters, it's from a goddamn republican. republicans are still controlling the fucking message and until people wake the fuck up and realize that it's all a steaming high pile of shit, they will continue to dominate.
and they know the best way to acheive longevity is to control the judicial system.
hello, lifetime appointments.
way more long-lasting power ensured.
more close-minded bullshit ruled not by logic but by fucking weak-ass religion.

or then you have the 'white house' demanding for more from newsweek. go fuck your dead grandfathers.
are you fucking kidding?
let's see weapons of mass destruction pigfucks.
fucking republicans, you are all going to hell, you merciless shameless neandrethals.

ugh, and the media is so quick to jump on each other.
cuz they're all competitors, cuz it's all about money, cuz they really don't care whether it's actually the truth or not, cuz they're all pussies.

especially broadcast, but i'm not so gung-ho on my print brethren these days either.
on the other hand, print destroys broadcast, who are a bunch of weak-ass wannabe journalists that look pretty.
too bad we value pettyness,i mean, prettyness, above intelligence.



ah, gotta love smart minds at work.

You know you want it:
Make a customized RSS Screensaver in Tiger, be more geeky than you were yesterday

God Bless America/Porn/Internet/Porn

Just in case you weren't geeked out yet, here is a way to submit your podcasts to the world wide interwebnet

I don't know, i think i'm more of a Gene Keady or Billy Ray Cyrus guy, myself.
The 50 Worst Hairstyles of All Time

Yes, I think I'm obsessed with M.I.A. right now
M.I.A. live at Coachella '05
but how about that matching sparkly outfit, yo? what?

also, i was just thinking of that song,
"sharing the night together, whoa whoooooa....Sharing the niiiight togetherrrr, oh yeah"
Dr. Hook ruled man.
ok, well, he ruled for about a minute, but still.
that minute, damn.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why Wi-Fi Rocks

I'm currently sitting in my car at 14th & Sanchez Streets in a steady rain that's oh-so-common here in this little burg we call El San Francisco.
and lo, behold and jerry lee fuckin' lewis, do we got something here.
i'm kicking it on the wi-fi network.
someone's wi-fi network.
goes by the name of palindrome.
just like to rococo rot, you see.

chillin' with some boom bip on the stereo speakers,
we got us here a real live hoedown.
not really.
but something nifty, that's for sure.

we need wireless networks everywhere we go, dammit!
so we can all be plugged in to the matrix.
which is nifty, for sure.

although, on the grand scheme of things, being plugged in all day and all of the night, all of the live-long time, can have its downsides.
They're coming to take us away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha

and bloody hell, this guy ripped Congress a new asshole, to be sure!
Fuckin A right.

ok, i'm thinking now's a good time to get out of the car, get into the rain, settle into the sidewalk and rock like some sort of hurricane.
There's some dude walking around the block right now, just walking around. looks like i may have to bring my computer with me, dammit.

plug in, bellybuttons out.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

(You Can Still) Rock In America

It's true.
People can still rock in America.
Oh yeah.
All right.

see, if you scream at the right volume and say the right things, you really CAN still rock in America.
Otherwise, you're fucked.

Don't you wonder why people let themselves get so fucked?

it's weird.

i tell you.

bulging waistlines for the adament people of america.

our homes are our refuge.
we can do whatever we want in them. well, depends on where yo live, i suppose.
not so much in the so-called blue states.
ok, forget it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


the other day was the day the buttons came down.
in one day four buttons fell off my clothes.
one off my gray jacket.
two off my cabana boy shirt.
and one rivet from my favorite pair of jeans.

methinks the world is coming to end.

i mean this has to be a sign right?
just like the man said, signs, signs, everythere there are signs
fucking up the scenery,
changing my mind,
do this, don't do that,
can't you read the signs.

this is a sign.

or maybe it's just pure coincidence.
all you people in the back, stop your laughing.

but how can all these buttons fall off and NOT mean something?
i mean, come on.

you people, my goodness.


for all you people who like muzak, you're in for a special treat.

i have completed a new mix, a hoedown for the modern generatalia.
it is good.
the artwork should be completed today.
soon you will be able to have it for your very own personal self. to cherish for many moons to come. and many moons yet to come.
as jesus once said, 'it is finished.'
jesus was almost right, because it's not quite finished...but close enough for lemonade celebration time.

elephants are the true leaders.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Supreme A**holes
When are Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell going to die? i'm so sick of hearing about their hatred they keep spewing. now pat is saying 'activist judges' (those who don't support the christian coalition's mean tactics) are worse than the terrorists who flew into our buildings.
Unbelievable Assholes, they are.

kid suspended for talking on cellphone to mom in iraq at school
can you be more assholeish?

I'd rather hang on to your severed finger instead of giving it back
That's beyond being a regular asshole.

you gotta love assholes who lampoon assholes.

Apparently the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, wasn't thinking when it chose its new logo. Or maybe they were thinking ... about holes in some ass.

Marijuana possession equals Death By Firing Squad?
bunch of assholes.

Dog saves baby

See, some dogs aren't assholes. Good dog!

German electro-pop for life
Kraftwerk rules. Also, i was at this show. You can hear me screaming, wishing i could hang with those lovable German assholes. And i mean that in the nicest way.

Mr. T says to Love Your Mother
Sure, i'm a few days late on the Mothers Day thing, but this is about as un-assholeish you can be without a prescription.

America We Stand As One
Yes, i know this has made the rounds on the web but it's jaw-dropping how unbelievably awful this song is. And gee, can you use the image of the flag more gratuitously than this?
What a creepy asshole.

Aerosol on Americans?
Sure, this is more than a bit paranoid but it's still a little weird, don't you think?
I mean, our government filled with assholes.

and lastly ...
Dance Party USA
click on 'Play' underneath video screen.
This could be bordering on being an asshole but he's being a cheeky asshole, so that's not so bad.

love you assholes!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

At Present

There's a vaguely OK sort-of jazz band playing in the kitchen of the apartment downstairs right now.
There's a small group of people there.
A guy just walked down the street, and left his car in the righthand corner of the intersection with the flashers on while he did whatever he did.
The Kitty is spending her first night at my place here in San Francisco.

I'm playing FannyPack's "718" right now.
It just switched over to De-Phazz's "Jim The Jinn"

It was a schizophrenic night DJing tonight at ye olde Slanted Door. Still good though.

The girl who lives below me, her name is Michelle and she's 38 and bottle blonde, like me, except i'm not 38, and we had an awkward introduction.
of course, this is the woman who pounded on the ceiling complaining when i came in one Sunday night/Monday morning at about 2 a.m.

Apparently the Police were just here to complain about loud music.
Hmm, i doubt it's my music i'm cranking right now with my windows open.
But you know, some people are trippers.
people will trip.

(the song i'm listening to right now needs to have its lyrics written down)

Blackbird singing in the dead of night.
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
All your life.
You were only waiting for this moment to arrive.

Blackbird, fly (x4)

Blackbird singing in the dead of night.
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see.
all your life.
you were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird, fly (x4)

You were only waiting for this moment to arrive.
Blackbird, fly.
Blackbird, fly.
Into the light of the dark black night...

Carry On.

Blackbird, fly. (x4)
Into the light of the dark black night...


A couple walking down the street just now just looked up at me, apparently because my two computer speakers are in my open window and i'm typing somewhat (but not really) oblivious to the fact that people can see me.


I hear vague whispers and girls talking.
I am thinking it's coming from the apartment next to me, but i feel weird when i look over into their place and get caught because they're looking back at me.

Cuz it's clear when i'm gawking my head out of my apartment that i'm looking at the people next door when they catch me.
of course, it's especially uncomfortable when you have the window of your bathroom open and you can get a clear eyesight view of another person in the building next to you when you're peeing.

TMI ALERT: speaking bathroom smelled of cabbage earlier. just like the cabbage water that Charle Bucket laments over in 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory." Bullets should be flying through brains soon.

a brain.
a fake brain.
a non-brain.
a faux brain.

OK, now i'm going to get up and look over into the next apartment now and see what happens.

get ready.

hmmm, i caught a glimpse of a curly-haired girl staring at something.
another girl was smoking what looked like a glass bong earlier.
i will alert the authorities, as soon as i'm mentally stable that is.

fuck america, let's be taiwan.
let's active.
fucking let's active.
what the hell kind of band name is that.

sexual healing.
secular mauling.

hotshot yearning.
for pod people.

and fuckchains.

fuck more americans.

fuck you pigfucker who is annoyed.
fuck you.
fuck your sister and my elephantine giraffe replica.

The Kitty is fast asleep.
or maybe it's the devil weed talking.
catnip, that's what i'm talking about.

Boards of Canada fucking rules.

That's it.

There's no follow-up.
Boards of Canada is everything.

obsessed i am about the BOC.

i saw my first ever BOC shirt at Coachella last weekend.

i was underwhelmed.

by the shirt.
not BOC.

that makes me think...i need to go back to the Audium.
That was aurally amazing.

Boards of canada makes me think of my late 70s childhood, a simple time of watching films in class that were treacly and off.

Boards of canadas makes sounds that make me feel good.

Ha, a girl told me tonight i have good taste in music.
the same girl who pounded on her ceiling/my floor before.

i'm aware that the cops were called about a noisy disturbance earlier.
but i feel like people like my musical commentary.
obviously the girl downstairs does.
so, noisy disturbances, be damned.

i have a new mix.
i'm listening to it now.

it's fucking good.
how many people can say that?
yeah i'm fucking aware of me.

who else is going to be?
someone has to play cheerleader.

a cab just rolled by with a giant flickering toteboard atop his roof. advertising that wasn't working.
i'm sure he'll still get paid for that though.

now listening to boards of canada remixing Slag Boom Van Loom, "poppy seed."

A SF cop just rolled by slo000w----ly.
it's currently 2:15 a.m. and some change.

sexual chocolate.

a police officer.
they are going to put bullets into our brains.

i need for people to recognize.
it will happen now.
it is happening.

confidence is a virtue.

fuck the children. they are dead.
the children don't mean shit.

people are fucking right now.
you know they are. despite wanting to refute.

fuck you pissant complainer bitch.
this thneed is tasty.

you grandma dyes her hair and you know it and you won't admit it to your peers.

your peers suck.

donkey smegma.

broker/dealer is fucking good.

a car just drove by quite fast.

i bought a ketel 1 and club soda earlier.
drinking it.
the bars are closed. there is no more tonight. tonight is the afterparty.

don't you wish you could timetravel?
i do. i wish i could all the time.

Loretta Lynn sure is cute for a 70-something chick.
"High On A Mountain Top" is the song in the ear.

there are people walking on the street right now that are looking at me. probably because i'm cranking Loretta Lynn right now.
apparently, this mix is made for two people.

go loretta, honey
'folks up here know what they got,
I ain't comin' down, oh never i'm not'

loretta lynn rocks hardcore.
i still remember 'coal miner's daughter' and that shit was fucking tight.
you know what i'm saying.
loretta had to deal with hella shit back in the day.

stinkshit and then.

ladytron is on.
i recall running into the asian dude from ladytron in some random bathroom in a club in montreal a few years ago.
good times.
i actually played some ladytron, 'evil', at slanted door earlier this evening.
hardee har har.

i could use a snack.

the kitty is tired.
this must end at some point.
i could use more food.

wonder what's open now?


2:32 a.m.
one minute after finishing the previous post, despite the time.

i remember jon matthysse, who became jon dunbar, and somehow, different.
i recall being in his living room one time in the '80s. i went to school with him. he was very tall. i was not very tall.
somehow i kept running into him. not sure why. similar interests.
dunbar was not as good of a name.
sounded dumber.
if you have the option to choose your last name, you might as well base it predominantly on phonetics.
i mean, that's an ideal but why not.

"Cracked LCD" by Ladytron is playing. fucking hot.
cracked lcd. now there's a song title.

tonight at slanted door this guy asked me if i had any Beatles.
a rather rare request, in any circumstance.
i have Beatles remixes.
but 'they weren't his songs.'
oh well, sorry dude.

people have wierd interactions with DJs.
it's interesting being in that position and trying to get a handle on what people are trying to say and what they're actually saying.

there was this group of really loud people that were there earlier.
they were annoying. they were blocking my directional view.
to the bar.
some nights are good, some are just ok.
last night was between ok and good.

i'm getting sleepy.

ok, it is finished. as jesus said.

perpetua jngle love.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Detroit Techno - It's On

Well, despite the multitude of hand-wringing about Detroit's latest financial woes and the fact that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was named one of America's Worst Mayors by Time Magazine recently, the City has decided to go ahead with Kevin Saunderson's proposal to try and save the annual Memorial Day techno festival once again, now on its third name, Fuse-In Detroit.

The lineup looks pretty solid, actually, with Mos Def scheduled to headline one night.

I'm definitely torn about wanting to go and the reality of the amount of money i'll spend, vacation time needed to take off and such.
Plus it doesn't help that it's just four weeks away. Flights will be more expensive, to be sure.

Basically, right now, i'm leaning toward not going...but i've changed my mind before, so who knows.
Damn Detroit.

UPDATE (2:30pm):
The festival will, for the first time, charge a fee for admission.


Ruining the environment is good for America

Count down the days till Bush is no longer in office and Hillary takes over