Friday, May 20, 2005

The flavor says ... butter

written wednesday night after seeing The Books perform at Cafe Dunord)

tonight i discovered that i'm confidently vulnerable.

it's a difficult position to be in.

i don't recommend it.

but then again, you are them. which is different than the we, which is us.

it's very confusing, to be sure.

i get confused every time i cross paths with a box of raisins.
what the hell are these things, really?
why would i want them?
why do people insist on putting them in cookies.
cookies need their distance.
don't you see?
man, it's so weird.
few things are worse than enjoying a hearty, delicious cookie and get smacked in the middle of the tongue with the sharp, yet slyly dull bitter taste of a too-chewy raisin.
i almost wonder if there's some sort of hidden collusion between the raisin industry and the cookie industry.
seriously, on paper, raisins shouldn't even be able to be on the same fucking level as chocolate chips, no matter if we're talking milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, or bitter chocolate.
raisins do not win.
they can't.

frankly, i think it's no coincidence that the recent resurgence is synch with the rise of the singing animated California raisins of the 1980s.
remember those guys?
Singing and dancing to those baby boomer Motown favorites from the '60s.
they were all popular in the '80s, trying to make us all happy and shit for warmongering reagan and his platoon of crazed thugs.
now, we got a new set of much worse thugs in the white house and congress.
scarier, meaner, more hypocritical, and total liars.
and the damn raisins are sliding back into culture, ready to take over.
see, they're decoys to make us happy and such, harken back to a better time, when people were dumber, more susceptible to propaganda, less savvy, less aware.

man, those raisins, evil shit man.
i'm telling you.

not that this has anything to do with anything...

but, you know, somebody has to start the conspiracy theory somewhere.

might as well be me.

while i'm sitting here, being confidently vulnerable.

(i'm such a blowhard ranter sometimes. here i bitch about the fact that the republicans are still owning the political message (which is true), but then i call it the 'nuclear option.' well, turns out that GOP strategists say the 'nuclear option,' referring to the idea of killing the filibuster last resort option in the senate, is bad messaging. which is true. so turns out the always right liberal elite left like myself was being all reactionary and full of shit. yeah, it happens. shut up).
written Monday night, after a rant with my favorite rantee while making the brutal commute home from San Ho - Ronster, shout outs, yo!>
bill frist and the republicans are still controlling the goddamn message. when newsmedia refer to the 'so-called nuclear option' when referring to filibusters, it's from a goddamn republican. republicans are still controlling the fucking message and until people wake the fuck up and realize that it's all a steaming high pile of shit, they will continue to dominate.
and they know the best way to acheive longevity is to control the judicial system.
hello, lifetime appointments.
way more long-lasting power ensured.
more close-minded bullshit ruled not by logic but by fucking weak-ass religion.

or then you have the 'white house' demanding for more from newsweek. go fuck your dead grandfathers.
are you fucking kidding?
let's see weapons of mass destruction pigfucks.
fucking republicans, you are all going to hell, you merciless shameless neandrethals.

ugh, and the media is so quick to jump on each other.
cuz they're all competitors, cuz it's all about money, cuz they really don't care whether it's actually the truth or not, cuz they're all pussies.

especially broadcast, but i'm not so gung-ho on my print brethren these days either.
on the other hand, print destroys broadcast, who are a bunch of weak-ass wannabe journalists that look pretty.
too bad we value pettyness,i mean, prettyness, above intelligence.



ah, gotta love smart minds at work.

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Yes, I think I'm obsessed with M.I.A. right now
M.I.A. live at Coachella '05
but how about that matching sparkly outfit, yo? what?

also, i was just thinking of that song,
"sharing the night together, whoa whoooooa....Sharing the niiiight togetherrrr, oh yeah"
Dr. Hook ruled man.
ok, well, he ruled for about a minute, but still.
that minute, damn.


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