Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why Wi-Fi Rocks

I'm currently sitting in my car at 14th & Sanchez Streets in a steady rain that's oh-so-common here in this little burg we call El San Francisco.
and lo, behold and jerry lee fuckin' lewis, do we got something here.
i'm kicking it on the wi-fi network.
someone's wi-fi network.
goes by the name of palindrome.
just like to rococo rot, you see.

chillin' with some boom bip on the stereo speakers,
we got us here a real live hoedown.
not really.
but something nifty, that's for sure.

we need wireless networks everywhere we go, dammit!
so we can all be plugged in to the matrix.
which is nifty, for sure.

although, on the grand scheme of things, being plugged in all day and all of the night, all of the live-long time, can have its downsides.
They're coming to take us away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha

and bloody hell, this guy ripped Congress a new asshole, to be sure!
Fuckin A right.

ok, i'm thinking now's a good time to get out of the car, get into the rain, settle into the sidewalk and rock like some sort of hurricane.
There's some dude walking around the block right now, just walking around. looks like i may have to bring my computer with me, dammit.

plug in, bellybuttons out.

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