Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fear works

Hence, why Bush is still in the race. He invokes fear at every opportunity.
Fear of Death Wins Minds and Votes

Doing their part to fight the war on terror

this is beyond ridiculous. a woman arrested for eating a fucking candy bar in the subway.
Woman arrested, cuffed for eating candy bar in subway station

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

12-Year-Old Kid rocks the DNC

Ilana Wexler, from my home here in Oakland, Calif., delivered quite an amazing speech last night in Boston. I couldn't believe she was only 12. Check out this story, which also talks about her website,

Barack Obama
The new Star of the Democratic Party

Illinois State Senator Barack Obama and soon-to-be Illinois Senator in the U.S. Congress delivered a heart-tugging, impassioned and inspiring speech Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention.
Obama is a born speaker, and I can't wait to see what he can do once he's elected (his former Republican opponent, Jim Ryan, had to withdraw after it was revealed that he often took his ex-wife, Star Trek Deep Space Nine star Jeri Ryan to sex clubs, even though she opposed it, and wanted her to have sex with other men). As of now, the GOP has no candidate opposing Obama in Illinois. They actually tried to recruit Mike Ditka for the seat but he declined.

Anyway, Obama's speech was one of the best speeches I've heard in a long time. It actually had me nearly teary-eyed. No joke. He was that good.
Here's transcript also available.

Also, good ol' Bill Clinton delivered a hell of a speech the previous evening at the DNC, and it was equally inspiring, with unusual zeal for the former president. I actually miss the guy. I kinda wish he could run again. He'd crush Bush, no contest.

and on a completely different topic, i found this story about a new 3D-type digital audio format very exciting.
MP3 Pioneer Debuts Spatial Sound

But i must say, i'm encouraged by the DNC thus far. Good speakers, better than i expected. I really wish i was there now that i'm seeing it. I want to be there in four years, in some capacity.

Bush Falls Off His Bike - Again

And then we have a highly overlooked story about poor little Georgie, who just can't seem to stay on his bike, falling off it again for the second time since May.
Ironic in that i had to find it on an Indian newspaper.
Dubya takes a tumble
finally, it appears that Bush's delusions of grandeur are right on target. he says God told him to smite his opponents like Al Queda and Iraq, so he did.
Read all about Bush's 'God loves War' bullshite

Sunday, July 25, 2004

What's the Matter With Kansas?

A lot apparently. but that's not important right now.
actually, this book by Thomas Frank sounds interesting, basically a progressive's attempt to understand why conservatives think the way they do, a frank (ha) and honest examination of the "enemy," as it were, in politics.
I heard an interview with Frank on NPR the other day and found it quite interesting.
Click here for more info

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Jibber Jabber

Arnold proves he's a little less than professional with "Girlie Men" comment - jackassery in full swing

Drug Aircraft to be shot down in Brazil, i.e. who cares if a few innocents die, as long as we stop drugs!

Flicking mosquitoes better than swatting - easier said than done, fool, those bitches hurt

Military families and a big portion of the spirit world applaud 9/11

Latest Presidential Polls -- too bad they're not all that relevant considering we should be looking at the races in individual states...Electoral College, nimrods

John Edwards' brother pleads innocent to DUI charge -- from 10 years ago! He's no longer fit to run, dammit!

U.S. probes possible 9/11 link to Iran -- i.e. despite the fact that nearly all the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Can you say diversionary tactics?

Apple introduces upgraded iPod -- that fucking blows because i just bought a 40gb iPod two months ago and now they drop a $100?

Crazed Surgeon amputates patient's penis, chops it up -- oh my god

Reefer Madness could be for real Feds say -- i.e. yet another way to justify the billions of dollars wasted on trying to 'win' the war on marijuana. Quite a war.

Fuck waiting in line at the amusement park -- money talks!

Don't forget to support the troops and their extreme bloodlust for murder

my new car - sometimes, dead is better. now, a new life breathes in a new car. too bad i'm still dreaming about my old one, like i did last night. that my car had been reoutfitted and had ended up going to the moon. why the hell am i dreaming about my dead car? i love my new car. it's smaller, fast, stronger and loves to solve diplomatic issues with third world countries.

intelligence czar - i'm for it, i'm for big government, the bigger the fucking better. someone needs to head all these errant agencies running amuck out there. damn. what's wrong with some responsibility? lay me down and call me bucket. she's eating more franks.

my name is teresa heinz kerry. and i vote for pandemic cumquats.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Yet another crime committed by the Bush Administration

US Denies Contribution to UN's Population Fund for Third Straight Year
Thanks GOP, for once again inflicting your radical "Christian" agenda on millions of innocents by blocking much-needed funds to third world countries, blaming China's "coercive family-planning programs" as the reason.
But we have billions upon billions readily available to go invade a country and kill thousands of innocent people in our quest to "free" them.

This Land
While i think that this cartoon bashes Kerry more than he deserves to be bashed (come on, Kerry may be dull, but he isn't in the same stratosphere of evil that George W Bush resides in), it's still kind of funny.

Crank out the sweatsocks, Jimmy, it's going to be a scorcher!

Don't forget to include all relatives in your theory of relativity statement you're making tomorrow.

Thanks for having sex.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Prime Minister Chamberlain declares war on terror

it's about time too, damn. what's up neville? you being a damn chicken again?
lame, so lame.

so fucking weird.
remember when i was telling you that story?

ok, so, yeah, i got a little sidetracked, but it was all for the greater good, you see.
i mean, i do know you can see because you're reading this right now.
which is cool.
that you are reading.
because reading is a lost science.
or so the newspapers say.
just like the new york times said that god was dead.
walking in the sand?
just like don juan demarco.
i remember those days back on the ranch.
good times, really.
good time.
"sail on" by the commodores is playing right now.
it's hard, in times like these, not to think of isabel sanford, god rest her merry gentleman.
and her body too.
band of the hand was a stupid movie too.
fuck ancient greece. they were stupid.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

And the hot new word is:

bigger than ever! can't escape it.

No Time for Resting folks

Just when i thought things couldn't get any wierder for me right now...well, they do.
get weirder, that is.

of course.
it'll have to be soon.
dammit jim, i'm a carpenter, not carpentry.

lamb's 'cottonwool' is playing right now, though it's A Guy Called Gerald remix. Which makes it incredibly different and better. in some ways.

for some reason, i just had a memory flash of being in Detroit over Memorial Day weekend this year, at this dude's apartment in downtown Detroit. the place was just fairly mellow, but fine. interesting.
i left my bag there and had to go back to get it.
thank god it was still there.
people would have had to pay.

hmmm, did i just hear gunshots?
who cares? at least the NRA gets to jack off for another evening of riotous gunplay.
second amendment savages.
pissant bitches.

ah, the roommate awakens to the fetid stench of foul odors galore.
may the gods of pusho rock my goddamn fireating blow-job bobbing heads-a-robbin puto butterjumpers.
so sayeth the shepherd.
so sayeth the flock.
god bless porky's revenge.

allah akbar.
or so they say, back in italy.
or was it spain?
or madagascar?
it all happened so suddenly back in italy, didn't it?
it was all a big nightmare, until the carpenters came.

and that bitch karen carpenter didn't know shit anyway, being dead and anorexic and all. mary kate ain't got nothin' on that bitch.
tell me, mr. mason, is your moustache thin enough?
'ghost story' rocked my world too, despite the negative reviews. i say, let 'em crash.
chuck my pumpkin into your lake,

lake minnetonka.

door slamming.
ooh, somebody's a wittle pissed off, huh?
pussy ass bitches ain't got not slang for the meter maids.
kitchen breaths for all you pigeon suckers.

that bassline has subsided.
and lo, the opposite volumte has turned louder, deadlier, nastier, confrontational. i can't wait to hear what i'm accused of.
glory be, my life is a-changing.
i'm soon out of this godforsaken wormhole and the moral vaccuum that exists on these premises.
fuck china too.
just for safety's sake.
and remember, safety third.

bitch ass bitches got my shit on my cracker ass cumquat bitch.
take me home country roads.
take me home to the place where i belong
west virgiina
mountain mama
take me home, bitch,
country roads.

i just mean nothing i say except for the specific words that i'm serious about.
it's your job as a reader to decipher and deconstruct this means of communication... or communication breakdown, if you will.
and i do be john wilkes booth.
fuck that moustache loving aaron burr.

tell the children i've slaughtered their favorite burro.
they'll understand.

pagan optometry forever,
pigskin tim

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Wake up

the other day a friend accused me of being a conspiracist when i said that the terrorist threat by tom ridge the other day, which supposedly said that bin laden was going to attempt to 'disrupt' the outcome of the election (what the fuck does that mean?) like in spain (i.e. the non-Bush allies swept into power following the the train blast in madrid, supposedly because of the act).
of course, there is no change in the innocuous terror alert system and nothing else to report.
diversionary tactics i said.
standard procedure from the bush admin.
and i'm being paranoid?

fuck that.
no way.
wake the fuck up.

i'm sick of complacency by this country's citizens.
speak your minds.
don't stand for this hateful, woefully inept american policy we now live under.
i still want to live in a free country.

Bush Military Service Files 'accidentally' destroyed

How Convenient of the government to 'lose' these files

Free Speech is a Subjective Thing according to "President" Bush

Ex-chief of U.S. Park Police denounces hiring
Such bullshit.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

the greatest story ever told

Ugly Norwegian Hippies have sex on stage, Pope implodes

Music that makes the whole world sing
I Want to Be Your Space Invader

Look out! Here comes terror to spoil the election!
Tom Ridge announces 'credible' Al Queda plot to thwart elections
the GOP sure does like them diversion tactics!

the only elections that will be thwarted will be Bush's reelection and his inept 'leadership.' i'm sure that the GOP will need to blame something when Bush loses.

my god, when will the madness of king george end?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fuck The GOP

Just Because.

i hate the expression, "Lick The Bush," despite its obvious pleasurable imagery. i saw it on a truck today.

the woman on Fox TV just said "I'm one of those strange people like the fog and it's rolling in..." to introduce mr. weatherman...and i have to say, i am also like the strange-haired blonde anchor woman -- i too, like the fog.
i like the idea of how it envelops us here in the bay area, reinforcing the concept that we do in fact live in a bubble.
and it feels nice.
this is home.

even though home has been fucking hard on me lately, which includes blowing a head gasket, fixing head gasket for great sum of money, smashing said happy-headgasket vehicle just weeks later ( a week ago today - i ran into the back end of a SUV after they suddenly slammed on their brakes ); oh and then there was the ticket for fucking fare evasion on the cal train when i was without said vehicle when it was being fixed. i needed to get into the city and could not get the ticket machines to work. of course, it happens to be the one time i've ever rode the train and didn't know nazism still existed. but alas, the weasly little fucker who wrote me up simply wouldn't let me off with a warning and/or the option to jump off and purchase a ticket.

it's clear, the car wanted to die. there is no other explanation (unless you happen to be sane).

somehow, i forge ahead.

so what can you do.

not die.

the accident did shake me up a bit, probably more than i first realized, now that it's a week out.
i've been in this kind of weird shock.
hard to say.
i slammed hard on my brakes.

damn spider.
it slung down right in front of me a few minutes ago.
it was definitely a bit scary/funny.
warehouses tend to attract spiders, it seems.

i still see the isuzu rodeo in front of me coming up to me too fast, that 'holy fucking shit, i'm probably not going to avoid this'
a shitload of emotions packed into the tiniest of seconds. very strange.
the first few minutes were kind of freaky. seems a bit dreamlike, i would say.
but i got right out of the car. at least, as far as i can remember.
i hit pretty hard, i have to admit.
i can sort of see it in my head right now as i write this.
a very sickening feeling deep in your gut too.
the airbags didn't explode either

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Free download of DangerMouse remix of Zero 7's "Somersault"

Featuring rapper (MF) Doom.

why the fuck not?
it's our nation's birthday, for christ's sake!

live a little.

American dammit,

Saturday, July 03, 2004

'Fh 9/11' important

This is a great story from the Modesto Bee about the issues raised by this film and the large impact on 20somethings.
Click Here

Oh Good, another way to restrict our rights and the way we listen to music

Go fuck yourself, RIAA!