Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Need A Home!

Today at Ritual Roasters, i met Even.

As in, "Even Steven."

Mnemonic devices are cool.
Not to be confused with Johnny Mnemonic, which is hella different.
Or so i'm told.

See, this girl Even, she's blond, kinda tall and cool. She works here.
I like her because a week or two ago, i was here and she was loudly complaining about the fact that there was no conversation to be heard between real actual humans here because everyone had their face stuck in a laptop.

On cue, a phone starts ringing and Even says "Christ, i can even hear someone's cellphone ringing. How lame is that?"

Thing is, Even, people do talk out loud at ye olde coffee shop. It's just ... there's free wi-fi here and it's fun to do things in a public environment while working on your shit.
Much to see and do.


So Even was wearing this sign on her chest today:

"I need a home!"

i never knew Even's name before, as in Even Steven, but her sign worked on me. I know someone looking for a roommate but it's in oakland.
i told her about it. Even likes the city too much, she says. Agreed. I feel you Even.
Even wants to live like 2 minutes from work.
And since work is on Valencia near 22nd, well, living in oakland probably wouldn't work for Even.

But i DID get her name, so i feel like something was accomplished.
Even, as in Even Steven.
I like Even.

Well, damn, i was about to move to another location that was more near a plug because my computer is almost out of juice but there's this girl that just sat down behind me that i'm somewhat curious about.
apparently her name is 'sara' based on that was the name the counter peeps just called and she got her beverage.

but sara just left so now she is gone.

earlier on the way here i saw a man who should have been wearing a cape, even though he wasn't.
yet, he was sporting a very gnarly thick-ass braided tail.
for real.
it wasn't just a thin little tail. no sir.
i hated him. i am glad he moved on.

there's a pug-nosed 30something hipster standing outside right now dressed in all black who reminds me of the lead dude from LCD Soundsystem, James Murphey? I am blanking his name. but this guy, i'm not so sure about this guy. he's a jerkface. for no reason.

oh and god, there's the girl wearing the truly godawful heels.
with skintight jeans that don't fit her right.
she is walking funny.
that song by FannyPack comes to mind. You'll have to figure out what song i'm talking about.

my computer is dying now.

i buried Paul.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shattlecone Tuesday

the time: now

the place: ritual coffee roasters, once again.

the thing i'm looking at: a girl directly across from me sitting in the couch starting intently at the woman to my immediate right who just finished breastfeeding her baby. the breastfeeding woman is now talking to her sprightly friend, who just now looked upward while thinking of the next question to ask her friend.
i'm not listening to the conversation of the breastfeeding woman with her friend. i'm wearing headphones though unfortunately they're not the noise-canceling type.
i was more intrigued by the straight-up intent staring the woman across from me was doing. she's wearing a big diamond ring on her left ring finger, i.e. she's married.
her laptop stickers say "Skydive:"
i've now changed my observation.
the married skydiving staring girl with glasses and dark hair pulled back seems to be looking back up at the breastfeeding girl so much now that i'm of the mind she wants a baby. she was studying every move of the breastfeeding woman's redressing repertoire.
she is staring again.
the breastfeeding woman is now chatting up another woman nearby.
and our staring friend does a lot of occasional glances.

ooh, she just said 'fuck' to herself and typed something furiously.

she just looked to see if her focus of intent was still around but the pregnant woman has exited.

there's been this girl that's gone in and out of the bathroom 3 times in the last half hour.

they're playing led zeppelin II right now. i love that song "Ramble On." "Bring It On Home" just finished, appropriately the last song on the album.

my friend emily has been cracking me up on the IM.
god if only i could tell what she said.
she cracks my shit up.

not literally.
but figuratively.
well, actually she was cracking me up.
and she said inappropriate things
which i enjoy.

oooooh, nice, now they're playing The Knife! "Silent Shout"!

the girl next to me just asked if there was anyone sitting here.
i said no, despite the detritus all around us.

some loud girl just laughed really loud.
the people next to me are talking about having done the master cleanse.
and it's the one that everyone is doing.

i interviewed a girl a few months ago who was wanting to potentially be my flatmate who was going through the same thing.
this same girl brought me a six pack of beer as bribery, though it turned out that she found another place to live anyway.
i liked her.

but i like emma better. because emma ended up being the one.

i like that the girl across from me is laughing just as much as i have been when people send me funny shit even though i have headphones on and nobody else knows what i'm laughing at.

our feet keep hitting each other's every now and then.

actually, earlier i pulled a total stupid tim moment when i mentioned to her, after she had asked me if i could watch her laptop for a minute and then i promptly asked the same of her about 5 minutes later, i thought it was relevant to then tell her about that i had heard stories that people had had their laptops stolen right from under their noses at some places downtown and how messed up that was.
she stares at me and goes 'that just makes me more paranoid.'

then, the next time she gets up to use the bathroom, she takes her laptop with her in the bathroom.

yet, she didn't give me the crook-eye or the stink-eye when we knocked feet not long after that.
plus she is using a Mac.

she can't be all bad.

Devil of Rotations is a kick-ass song.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Orange | 35 | 51 | 42 | 24 | 60/10

where: ritual roasters
when: now

what: me drinking delicious coffee not working

hearing: music has the right to children

looking at: the hot lesbian girl to my near right that i so wish liked boys. damn. and damn. i ogled her for good month or two before seeing her with her cute butch girlpal. but then i was crestfallen.

now hearing: olson

wearing: fuck bush tee, from the alley, chicago

just came from: the ocean

sort of eating: poppy seed bagel

current state: hazy and soon-to-be more wired

also attempting: to eavesdrop on hot lesbian girl i'm still way hot for and her cute mission chick friend who i don't think is a lesbian but she may have had at least an encounter or two with a girl, possibly in a 3-way.

angry i'm thinking about: oprah, though this guy near me just said her name. i hate him now. or did for a few seconds there.

hearing: this guy to my left behind me just whispered "stupid, stupid" in a very self-dismissing way to himself.

wondering about: this very small blond girl with very straight hair and expensive eyewear

hearing part II: the self-dismissing guy saying "stupid" yet again. he's mad at him.

now playing: one very important thought

now playing, about 13 minutes after the thing i wrote just above this line: CSS

annoyed about: the fact that this kick-ass electro-rock band from brasilia just played at the mezzanine in San Francisco Saturday night and i fucking missed it.

on the other hand: i was in Chicago Saturday night and had an amazing fucking night, so i'm not all that pissed actually.

person who just walked in: the owner of Ritual Roasters, i think her name is Eileen but that is based purely on eavesdropping one time when i was in here before, so i could be wrong. she's carrying a Whole Foods bag.

unsure about: if i'm going to finish eating my bagel, which is now cold and i'm realizing that i don't eat an entire bagel as much as i used to.

kinda happy about: being told by my friend, brian dillard, in chicago that i looked "skinny," which is funny cuz i was recently thinking i was a bit bloated of late. maybe it's all the beer.

carefully considering: how i'm going to incorporate the word 'crestfallen' in conversation sometime today.

wondering: how the sopranos ends. but i won't let myself watch the episode before finishing watching the episodes before it.

generating: concrete pipes made of high fructose corn syrup

contemplating: why i just wrote that nonsensical sentence above.

remembering: that i have sand in my fucking shoes from walking on ocean beach a couple hours ago for no good reason other than realizing i was near the ocean and sometimes you simply must go to the ocean and stare for a bit.

plotting: my escape from self-doubt

scheming: how i'm going to go to europe while already knowing i'm fucking going.

realizing: that "scheming" probably wasn't the most appropriate word to use as the theme of the previous sentence.

understanding: that i'm seriously overthinking right now.

and that's your bucket of worms for the day.