Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Need A Home!

Today at Ritual Roasters, i met Even.

As in, "Even Steven."

Mnemonic devices are cool.
Not to be confused with Johnny Mnemonic, which is hella different.
Or so i'm told.

See, this girl Even, she's blond, kinda tall and cool. She works here.
I like her because a week or two ago, i was here and she was loudly complaining about the fact that there was no conversation to be heard between real actual humans here because everyone had their face stuck in a laptop.

On cue, a phone starts ringing and Even says "Christ, i can even hear someone's cellphone ringing. How lame is that?"

Thing is, Even, people do talk out loud at ye olde coffee shop. It's just ... there's free wi-fi here and it's fun to do things in a public environment while working on your shit.
Much to see and do.


So Even was wearing this sign on her chest today:

"I need a home!"

i never knew Even's name before, as in Even Steven, but her sign worked on me. I know someone looking for a roommate but it's in oakland.
i told her about it. Even likes the city too much, she says. Agreed. I feel you Even.
Even wants to live like 2 minutes from work.
And since work is on Valencia near 22nd, well, living in oakland probably wouldn't work for Even.

But i DID get her name, so i feel like something was accomplished.
Even, as in Even Steven.
I like Even.

Well, damn, i was about to move to another location that was more near a plug because my computer is almost out of juice but there's this girl that just sat down behind me that i'm somewhat curious about.
apparently her name is 'sara' based on that was the name the counter peeps just called and she got her beverage.

but sara just left so now she is gone.

earlier on the way here i saw a man who should have been wearing a cape, even though he wasn't.
yet, he was sporting a very gnarly thick-ass braided tail.
for real.
it wasn't just a thin little tail. no sir.
i hated him. i am glad he moved on.

there's a pug-nosed 30something hipster standing outside right now dressed in all black who reminds me of the lead dude from LCD Soundsystem, James Murphey? I am blanking his name. but this guy, i'm not so sure about this guy. he's a jerkface. for no reason.

oh and god, there's the girl wearing the truly godawful heels.
with skintight jeans that don't fit her right.
she is walking funny.
that song by FannyPack comes to mind. You'll have to figure out what song i'm talking about.

my computer is dying now.

i buried Paul.


Emily said...

Who is Paul?

All of these posts are hilarious ...

Mike_R said...

Paul Hogan aka Crocodile Dundee