Monday, April 26, 2004

It's time to come clean

you know, after hiding it for so long, i think it's time to let the cat out of the bag and reveal my true identity.

i think it's time for the world to know the real me.
you see, it's tough, because i'm so conflicted on so many different levels.
you understand.
but it's something that has to happen, if i'm going to stay true to myself and my integrity.
because dammit, that's all we got in this crazy mixed up world.

here goes.

i'm black francis.
that's right, the guy from the pixies.
frank black.
whatever you want to call me.
jerkface, noisemaker, sponge, corrupter of youth.
that's me.
black francis.
man, i feel a lot better now that i have that off my chest.

i can live again.
be part of the family.

it's all part of allah's plan, remember.


Sunday, April 25, 2004

hot jam

hot jam sounds kind of gross. i doubt i'd like hot jam. jam should be room temperature, leaning toward cool/cold. not too cold. jam needs to breathe, to feel alive and wanted. to be eaten and enoyed in your mouth, saturated with enzymes in your saliva.
god bless us everyone.

mega quick reviews

horse noodles horse noodles - weird snarky experimental electronic music. contains random picture of horse on cover to be trippy and funny. doesn't work.

tha fruitbat tha fruitbat - drum n bass. not really into drum n bass anymore. definitely on the techy side. not really into techy stuff, unless it's minimal techno. this isn't minimal techno.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Friday, April 23, 2004


How could Bush even ATTEMPT to present himself as caring about the environment??
he's the most anti-environment, pro-big business president we've ever had. never mind that the EPA was established under a Republican Administration (Nixon). Bush just cares about making his cronies and political contributers happy.

God, Bush is such a fucking asshole. he really sucks hard.
here's the lame story of mr. asshole

Bush is a prick

hmmm, this is even MORE interesting but for so many different reasons.

Cops nab gay couple after widely viewed treetop tryst

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Make Love
crescent moon
charlie brown
kitty poop


i just realized i'm really into the word 'damn!' right now.
with the exclamation point.
i just read a bunch of shit i just wrote.
i'm being hyper self-obsessed right now.
Big surprise.
Fuck Pears.
Short sentences are awesome.
Irene, Goodnight.

good times
Fear Your Government

Damn, this is scary. The Feds shut down warez sites.
gotta catch those pirates!

But that's not all.

The Pentagon is fuming about the release of photos of military coffins. remember, we're not supposed to see the bad side of war.
Here's the site where you can check it out.
The Memory Hole
(Be patient - it took a while to load up).

ha, funny, i just saw an ad for an upcoming CBS TV movie, Helter Skelter, the story of Charles Manson and his followers in the late 60s and early 70s, and it reminded me of a funny story. or at least, an imprinted memory.
i was maybe 6 or 7 years old, and we had just moved to comstock park from the exciting city of Dorr, Mich.
we were watching TV downstairs in the basement and on comes this super scary photo of the crazed Charlie Manson, with the swastika burned into his forehead and everything, covering the entire TV screen. it was advertising the TV movie, Helter Skelter (that phrase was written in sharon tate's blood on Roman Polanski's bathroom wall - see, scary!).
i was immediately frightened, then even more so when my mom ordered me to leave the room right away, because obviously it was something that frightened her enough that she didn't want me to be exposed to it.
and for some reason, i just remember that moment. my mom yelling at me to look away from the television and go upstairs.
good ol' charlie manson.
he's fucking crazy.
but still alive.

go forth and conquer.

Damn, pal, you sure are delicious!
Read this and recoil in disgust, i.e. Enjoy.
well, this is good news for california voters

It looks likely that Diebold is going to get the boot from California. Damn straight!
Click Here

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

weirder than christmas
ok, wow, this is big.
here we go.

i actually like my job.
i do.
i won't divulge the actual name of said employer. but it is a well-known company loved by millions around the world.
regardless, i don't remember the last time i was this happy to travel great distance.
it's very strange.
but it's true.
my coworkers are cool.
the work is mentally challenging but not too straining. i don't feel overworked. i have a nice computer.
i'm sort of left alone.
it's good.
weird, huh?

i know.
fuzzy uppy.

before i go on, here's a thought:
your grandma had sex.
a lot.

chew on that, big ass.

here's something interesting. it seems as if poets die young. writers of all sorts die young. dammit.
all these years i've wasted. real trouble.

don't feel five alive today or tomorrow.
it's better that way.
lambs are cool animals.
sheep are even cooler.
wool can be frustrating though.
it's all part of don ho's plan.
don't you think?
i think.
i feel.
i know.
i love.
i am.

short words can be cool sometimes.
i've been bushwhacked.
ass ass.
good night and pooh bless.

ok forget what i just said.
i decided an addendum was needed.
first, i'm listening to the new Detroit Grand Pubahs out of pure obligation. i feel i have an obligation, dammit, to tell the world my thoughts about this record.
and my initial impression?
uh...well, since they were a one trick pony to begin with, i'll give them a bit of cred for making another record. that said, it's as juvenile as ever.
the album is called galactic ass creatures from uranus. yes, that's the album title.

sad, i know.
but what can you do.
it's pretty bad.
gnarly even.
if i may adopt the californiaspeak.
i dunno.
sylvia plath is still dead

you know i was never so much into the morose stuff.
i mean, i'm as morbid as they come. i am fascinated by death and think about it often, though i'm also quite frightened by it.
it's quite a paradox isn't it.

but first...

don't you think the decemberists are similar to neutral milk hotel?
they are.

they really are.
i was having this conversation with a fine fellow worker monday and finally, i found someone who agreed with me, that there are similarities.
they both have that jaunty storytelling european timeless sea-happy vibe.
i'm only reminded of this because 'holland, 1945' is playing right now. and it's reminding me of that conversation.

so i'm in the throes of the nightfall following the 4.20 holiday. really, it's like a holiday here in the bay area.
i'm talking mary jane, mama.
i always loved all the nicknames we were told about drugs, all the myths.
i definitely remember the 'just say no' campaign back in the 80s, propagated by nancy reagan. she even went on the show 'diff'rent strokes' to promote the the campaign.
ah what a time.
seems like the whole country is attempting to relive the 80s in every way, despite reality.
despite all the woes of the world.

but of course, i'm not going to get too dreary.
no ma'am.
i'm just too much of a realist.
i read so much, i'm a goddamn sponge.
i soak up all the badness.
and really, there's so much badness.

but you can't let it get to you too much.
you have to let it slide off of you.
because at the end of the day, it's still and always all about you, numero uno. and i can't believe i just used 'numero uno.'
hey now, i live in a spanish-speaking neighborhood. i have the right and shit.
damn straight bitch.

ah, oakland, city of champions.
more like almost-champions.
oakland is the sort of underdog city that you always want to root for, but they're such dicks about it, it's difficult to be completely genuine.
oakland reminds me a lot of detroit in so many ways.
i mean, it's much more racially diverse than detroit, but the crime rate, the lack of jobs, the poverty, the corruption in government, the bullshit, the aggro vibe, it's all there.

on the other hand, i've grown to dig oakland for some reasons. it is different. tougher. harder. i still get the weird looks from people. "oh wow, you live in oakland" as if they're saying 'dangerous.'
which, in some parts, it is.
just like anyone with a small amount of street smarts, you just don't go to those bad parts where you're not welcome.
it's unfortunate that gang violence still exists but it does. needless killings for stupid shit.
it's always the same thing.
just retarded.

more than ever, we are a violent-friendly society. violence is ok. nudity is not.

we are a country that still can't deal with confronting the reality of sex.
all, big surprises, right?

so yeah.
and yeah some more.
and still more yeah.
yeah yeah yeah...infinity.


once you call infinity, it's over.
you know?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

14285 tracks, 40.8 days, 61.97 GB
That's what i've got on my itunes hard drive right now. it would take nearly 41 days to listen to each track on my hard drive just once.
now that is an interesting fact, is it not?
fuck yeah, it is.
damn straight bitch.
you know, i'm so hip-hop.
can't you tell?

Monday, April 19, 2004

New review of Stacey Pullen

enjoy for yoself. Click Here

this was a detroit-friendly weekend, as mr. Carl Craig made a stop in San Francisco Friday night. It was one of the hardest sets i've ever seen Craig spin. damn straight!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

At long last, the return of Fab Five Friday...on a Tuesday
You'll have to pardon my absence. I've been busy, you see.

Extremely busy. It's true. I started a new job and it's been one hell of a big change in my life, you know? Big commitment and all that.

But you know, i haven't forgotten you. The FFF has been aching to come out. It was time to take a bit of responsibility and jump at this opportunity, or I was in danger of being thrown to the lions.

And while i truly enjoy lions and their company, I didn't want to be devoured quite so soon. You see, higher powers were at work here to ensure i would be able to live on for another day. It's a wonderous occasion, no?

puto, then. fucking puto. let's get down to it poppers

  1. Zombies

  2. Zombies are the shit. How can you not love the undead? Sure, they're ruthless freaks bent on eating your delicious flesh and gooey brains, but as long as they don't eat me and you, they're damn fine entertainment. Zombies are incredibly focused on what they want - gray matter, and lots of it. They don't get distracted worrying about silly things such as sex, emotions and fear of death. I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide immediately. Don't delay. And then there's most famous zombie of them all, Zombie Jesus. Who could forget the timeless story of Zombie Jesus dying, only to rise from the dead three days later and proclaim his zombieness for all mankind to fear and worship? It's a glorious story.

  3. Boards Of Canada resurgence

  4. I don't know what it is but I'm back on the B.O.C. train. Maybe it's their warbly soothing electronic goodness, making my brain feel better when i'm trying to figure out the goddamn html code. Or maybe it's just damn fine moody music that soothes savage beasts like myself. Either way, Boards Of Canada gives me renewed hope in this topsy-turvy world we live in and dammit, that counts for something.

  5. Recent DJ gigs

  6. I've been rocking it lately, feeling the energy, feeling the love, getting into the zone. God, i sound like a Britney Spears song. But it's true, Pa, really. Playing music for people is more fun than spitting up dry biscuits when you don't have enough butter on them. Trust me, I know.

  7. Art Deco Exhibit at Legion Of Honor, San Francisco

  8. A good history of Art Deco and several interesting examples of it. The ornate art deco bed, made with steel, was a sight to behold. Plus it's a gorgeous view of the Bay up there. Just don't bother trying to hit the exhibit on a weekend. Too crowded. I only pushed six people off the cliff, which wasn't too bad.

  9. Dykehouse Midrange (Ghostly International, Released May 4)

  10. New shoegazey/IDM one-man band out of my home state Michigan prove there's life to stare-at-your shoes, supremely overdubbed walls of general guitar maelstrom-laden tunes. Oh and there's even some likeable melodies, frittering electronic beats, and nicely buried vocals. I say bring back the shoegazer shit, pronto.

  11. Colder Again (Output Recordings, Released April 6)

  12. Again came out last year in Europe but is just making it to the U.S. It's indeed a cold and dark work, intermingling dub with dreary Joy Division-like dirges, spronky synth pop, new wave and IDM. Definitely a subtle record, this is especially nice with the headphones on.

And Some Negatives
-1. Motion detector toilets
Sure, i like the fact i never have to touch a nasty-ass public restroom handle, even with my foot, but this also means there's a higher likelihood of leftover scat from the previous depositer. Joy.

-2. People that front
Telling me your nickname is "obnoxious" or "asshole" when you're obviously trying to impress me with your "off-the-wall wackiness." If you were really that wacky, you wouldn't have to tell me.

-3. April Fools Jokes
Yeah, ha ha ha, you really got me, didn't ya? Another excuse for people to be just so funny and pull wild stunts having to do with lies, deception and gullible people. Nothing's more lame than a officially sanctioned day to be silly. Kinda takes the whole spontaniety out of pulling a great practical joke. Fuck April Fools Day.

-4. Eating Peeps
I like the concept of Peeps -- the delicious Easter treat made of sugar, marshmallow, high fructose corn syrup and more sugar -- because they're damn cute and you can squish them. But they're worse than cotton candy and i think cotton candy is a waste of time, too sticky and too sugary. But Peeps will live on because they have a good name.

-5. Breakfast At Tiffany's
So i finally got around to seeing this supposed classic starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard (he of '80s TV show The A-Team alongside Mr. T) but i was sorely disappointed. I found it formless, feathery light fluff with very little to care about. While i liked Hepburn's "Holly Golightly" character, i was also annoyed at director Blake Edwards' presumption that merely by presenting Holly as this sort of free spirit, the viewer was supposed to automatically like her. Yet, there was so little character development, it was difficult to care for anyone in the film. I felt no emotional connection. True, there are some cute moments and I did enjoy the fated couple's shenanigans bouncing around the streets of 1961 New York City, but I guess I was expecting more.

Questions? Need a shoulder to weep on? An arm to snap? Email me

Friday, April 09, 2004

Ex-Enron CEO hospitalized for irregular behavior
This cat is a bit odd, no? Click here

and you thought that was bizarro.
Actors Whip Easter Bunny at Church Show

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

testing testing testing
what the hell you fighting for?
enjoy your own wardrobe malfunction

yes kids, you can never forget you're in america.

wear your very own janet jackson boob
and this is REAL news

Man plucks out own eye in Jesus' name
perfect circle of pantaloons
it's interesting to note how people react in a traffic jam, how some people freak out and go crazy with anxiety, all fidgety. and then there's the people that don't freak out, that don't worry about shit, that take a zen sort of approach.

i try to hit the zen scene but there are times when freaking out is unavoidable.
i think of this because last night i completed my circle of the most of the San Francisco Bay yesterday by leaving Sausalito and going across the Richmond Bridge back over to the east bay, foolishly thinking it was going to be the faster way to go (plus i didn't want to pay the $5 toll to go back across the golden Gate bridge, then go through the city over to the Bay Bridge).
i didn't realize that the damn bridge is under construction, so that sucked. i was bawling the whole way, especially when i went past San Quentin prison, because i felt such a empathy for those poor souls languishing in there.
not really. actually, i didn't feel anything for the people in san quentin, though i did think i'd like to take mikey by there when he's here, but that would likely only happen if we happen to go up to Marin for something, which is possible considering there are some kickass views from up there, just across the GG.

but who cares, really.

the fact of the matter is that i drove from oaktown to san jose for daily work activities.
then i drove to san francisco via 280 (the faster way to go, even if it is longer) and dropped off some pals, then drove up Van Ness to get up to Lombard and cross the GG over to Sausalito for an appointment last night.
i left San Jose at 5:30 p.m. and arrived at my destination in Sausalito for my 7 p.m. appt. at 6:56 p.m., so really i'm marveling at my own driving prowess and the fact that i really really wanted to say prowess.
it's very exciting, isn't it?

life is getting increasingly cerebral, you know?
it's crazy.
but more and more is all about living in your own skull and communicating with others within that realm of your skull that projects, like i'm doing now.
also, you would consider email part of that equation.
and i do most of my communication via email.
so, there's that.

which is exciting.

I'm a spring tulip, covered with grated cheese.
isn't it a wonderful journey?

help thee, for thou hast forsaken me.
get behind the struggle.
right now.

don't forget, Zombie Day is coming up fast!
enjoy Zombie Day with all your favorite zombies this Sunday and join in celebrating the world's most famous zombie, zombie jesus.
zombie jesus ruled, despite being a zombie and all.

live large, in charge, on a barge, with marge, and eat some margerine.

fuzz ewe
oh yeah, don't forget your pantaloons.
they're glorious.
love me for my money, not my pants.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

killing people means you're insane, unless you're the U.S. government

so you may have seen that the woman in Texas who killed her three sons with a large rock because "God" told her to do so was acquitted by reason of insanity.
Read here

ok, that was a horrible crime and let's hope she gets the help she obviously needs.
but, i have to wonder, how is this much different from a president who, through his own selfishness to avenge his father's inability to capture saddam and because his 'God told him to', decides to invade a country on completely false pretenses and, in the process, gets 600 Americans killed?

What's the difference here? sure, bush didn't take a rock to the 600 dead's heads and bonk them until they were dead, but so what. they wouldn't have died the way they did if bush wouldn't have decided to go to war against a country that never ever declared war on us.

ooh georgie, maybe it's because you're a weak inept human that has cheated your way throughout your entire life.

he's a pissant, a pussy, a slimeball and a self-absorbed megalomaniac.
Should we add murderer to that list?

  • Get your fairytales out of my government, which i pay for with my taxes.
  • Read the fucking constitution, instead of trying to amend it for your hateful discriminatory ways.

i look forward to seeing this piece of shit defeated in november.
Fuck Bush, asshole of the millennium.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

More cover-up by the Bush Administration - i'm so shocked

Wow, this is pretty crazy shit. Bush peeps were warned for months about imminent attack (there's that damn word, imminent, which has launched a thousand rebuttals regarding what that word actually means...much like Clinton and his definition of 'is').
Click here for the facts

Friday, April 02, 2004

see, i was right.....

......about that chick in wisconsin, who was 'kidnapped.' such media hype this was.

just like the bullshit of all the 'new jobs' the bush administration is touting. oh sure, there have been jobs created. you can feel it in the air. things are changing, finally.
trust me, i've been at the brunt of all this outsourcing and post-boom bullshit. i'm over struggling continuously.


tonight there is some dude on the bay bridge, sitting out there threatening to jump since 10 a.m. this morning. he's still there and it's currently 9:35 p.m. as i write this.
they were saying on the radio that this is the worst backup on the bay bridge in like 10 years.
oooh, i'm so glad i didn't get stuck in that.
for once, jetting to san jose every day is a plus.
though this week i've scored my best times to work yet (it's 34 miles door to door). 35 minutes.
how nuts is that?
but it's true, i think yesterday?
today was no more than 40.

but i suspect that could partially due to spring break type stuff, maybe some kids are out of school, and are traveling with parents, thereby taking off just enough people off the road to make things smoother.
i sense an uptick in longer commute times is coming back to me.
damn you all.

fuck, i had more things to say, i dare say.
i want to write this weekend, i dare say.

today was a frustrating one at work. damn.
i'm still learning. i am more knowledgable but i'm still in learning phase.
i've stuffed so much shit into my brain in the last month, man.
i mean, it's not 'shit' in the literal sense.
good, really.

so,,,,just hard attempting to put all this shit together.
but it's coming....

ok, i'm off this computer for now.

longer letter later!!!

puto buttcake supremo