Wednesday, May 26, 2004


so now there are all-new terrorist threats, huh?
gee, kind of interesting considering all the named suspects have been known for months as being potential collaboraters with Al Queda.

here's the story

the bottom line is a terrorist attack could happen anytime, anywhere.
it's a little odd that the U.S. isn't raising its so-called "Terror Alert" to the Orange level because they can't confirm where it might be. which makes absolutely no sense. how does that change anything?

i'm heading out to Detroit Friday afternoon for a long weekend in Detroit to check out the annual electronic fest there, now known as the Movement Festival, formerly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF).

i'm so damn exhausted trying to finish writing all the artist descriptions.
and wonderful, organizers added nearly 20 more artists to the bill on TUESDAY, just days before it kicks off (which is Saturday at noon).
I know i'll have fun, so whatever.
screw now. enjoy later!

back to work...

Friday, May 21, 2004

All Hail The Brown Bunny

Remember when Vincent Gallo's film was met with total derision and contempt by most audiences at the Cannes Film Festival last year?
Well, a radically altered version is finally being unleashed, though it remains a question mark if the infamous full-on fellatio scene between Chloe Sevigny and Gallo is still in the thing.

Click here

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Families Lash Out at Giuliani at Hearing
Click Here

It's about time Rudolph Giuliani got some well deserved heckling for 9/11. While not necessarily his fault, he's ultimately responsible for the execution of fire and emergency personnel to a disaster scene such as the Trade Centers.
Everyone i've ever known that lived in NYC while Giuliani was mayor hated him with extreme passion.

So Fuck Rudolph Giuliani.
Unless you enjoy living in a Police State, just like ol' asshole 'President' Bush approves of, Giuliani is NOT your man.

also, check out this story about how iTunes Shuffle is changing how people listen to music.
very interesting.
click here numbskulls


no lies.
really, the truth.

lord have mercy.
glory be.

here we go...

PaperSpray Gets Its Shit Somewhat Together


  • You can now post comments on recent posts on PaperSpray for the whole damn world to see. Check it out ya'll. neat. really doe. Just scroll down to the end of a particular post you'd like to take issue with and click on the hot linked comments and go to it. Some assembly required.
  • You can now receive new PaperSpray posts via XML feeds.
    You never have to leave the privacy of your own homepage again. Let the vile filth come to you. Oozing seems like a good word to use at this point. People that don't know about XML, well, that's unfortunate. Good luck.
  • note, the archives on your left (unless you're in Antarctica, then it'd be your right) are now slimmed down and streamlined thanks to their super smooth low-carb diet. Thanks Dr. Atkins (R.I.P.)
  • i think you can also receive actual living, breathing emails sent to your inbox whenever the next post on PaperSpray comes to fruition. It's a delicate process, to be sure, but dammit, we make it work. We are me. Thanks.
  • Good, great and really sticky hot backwards insane sex, now available on PaperSpray. See stores for details and potentially less additional information, for seniors.
  • Nothing more, just thought I'd add this extra bullet. It really makes the page come to life, this last bullet. Really. Excellent. Nothing better than a good looking page. Better than ice water on a lukewarm day. Delicious animal taster.

Whew, thank Jehovah The Giant that's over. Or my name isn't Uncle Samp.
Open your fries, good.

Mmmm, Just What you Want to See

Would I lie to you, your brother?

A Great Way to Live

Five Good Words

  • Muzzle
  • Puzzle
  • Shovel
  • Herker
  • Emaciate

Fasten your diaper.

Beautiful Lifto.

Go Away, Little Girl.

Donny aren't you dead.

Come dance with Michael.

Look at the feather on the ceiling.

Go fuck around with your rubber doormat.

Living in America is better than living in Antarctica.

Some people say that i look like the popular singer, Elton John.

Nobody ever told you about Grandma Chicken's leg of lamb fiasco, did they?

Paperweights are exciting things to bring home when fasting and staring at the wall.

Do you remember Rock N' Roll Radio, by the Ramones, back in the late 1970s or early 1980s?

Chatham is another good name, or moniker, if you will, though i can't imagine i'd want to be Chatham.

You're a lame duck, Mr. Bond.

Fast with dignity.

Pass too.

Much like Jesus, I wept.

Monday, May 17, 2004

happy happy

this made me laugh out loud. and normally i think jimmy fallon is a twit. still do, actually.

"Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Baghdad this week where he told reporters, 'If anyone thinks I'm here to throw water on a fire, they're wrong.' So, more bad news for Iraqi prisoners who are on fire." Jimmy Fallon

also, today is TIM PRATT BETTERMENT DAY, in case you didn't realize.
yeah, it's true.
quite a day.
why, you ask?
well, here you go.

1. my new ipod arrived today - i have yet to actually see the damn thing, since i had it delivered to tina's work. rock! 40gb of love. can't wait.

2. new 250gb external hard drive purchased - yep. finally, i can back up my 62.03gb of music currently on my super squished 120gb hard drive i'm on right now.
plus it'll be cool to be able to like, back up all my damn data. shit yeah.

3. dave chappelle first season DVD purchased - thank you Fry's for that impulse purchase! dammit. oh well. it'll be funny as hell. chappelle is god. i've finally realized the truth. plus it's uncensored. how can you deny uncensored crap?

4. playing a dj gig tonight at the Attic - tonight, feels right. Starbuck. Now there was a great band. and this is my fifth gig in four days! rocka rolla wheela deala.

5. i'm hungry - i need to eat. don't you think? thanks for the memories/mammaries.

love america, hate charlie bucket.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

shit that's rocking my world of late a.k.a. alternate long overdue FFF

1. Film School always never especially "ms. connection."
they remind me of flying saucer attack, but better. lots of emotion and ethereal prettiness. yet, tension. love the overdubbed guitars. bring back shoegazer music dammit!

2. Pixies at Coachella -
they rocked and rocked some more. yay! they played a rock solid set of rockiness rocky top. yeah. no really, they were quite good. i enjoyed seeing them, though the glee on most of the crowd's faces made it all the better. there was a lot of joy in the air when they played, while the sun was setting behind the desert mountains. memorable concert moment for sure.

3. Kraftwerk at The Warfield & Coachella -
ahhhhh! Man Machine Machine Maschine Maschine Maschiiiiiine, Maaaaasssschiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Kraftwerk made my heart and head happy. sounded soooo good. the video so well in sync with the chirpy music, definitely beefed up from the original recordings as far back as 30 damn years ago! so delightfully simple, yet not. perfect.

4. Air at The Paramount Theatre, Oakland - Though I caught part of their act at Coachella, I wasn't as interested in that show simply because i knew i was seeing them Monday night back in Oakland. And it was worth the wait. their gorgeous new album talkie walkie (currently in my 2004 top 10 o tha year) was the focus of most of their show, which made me very happy. their new record seems more in line with moon safari, their angelically innocent debut. anyway, the band was tight, they played predominantly live synthesizers and effects. AND then we ended up getting backstage passes at the last minute, so we were herded off into this little lounge area backstage (this theatre is damn gorgeous btw, super ornate 30s era hardcore art deco vibe --- plush as fuck) for a meet & greet, but nobody was saying shit to the guys when they came in, so i just waltzed up to the shorter dude (my height) and told him i dug the show, it was better suited to a theatre rather than coachella because of all the quite, meditative moments (he agreed) and that i was bummed they didn't play 'universal traveller." (he seemed sorry it wasn't in there too). the whole time, i have this camera crew filming every word. it was funny. maybe i'll be on some documentary, giving critiques to the guy in Air.

5. Celebrity spotting at Coachella - It was fun once we got hooked up with the VIP passes. we saw tommy lee (looks exactly how you'd picture him), andy dick (who got busted later that night for pot), jared leto, one of the donnas (i think the drummer), ummm, who else, jack black was supposedly there though i didn't see him, and more. much fun,yo.

This is Damn Fine Good News

Bush Approval Rating Hits New Low - 42 Percent!

shit yeah, oh boy, chunk-o-matic custard filling with poondoggle on top.

pantaloon Pampy

britney gets beheaded

so i decided that this is a good time to talk about some important news developments.

first, this very important thing.

Sexy singer Britney Spears has been caught smoking pot with boyfriend Kevin Federline in Amsterdam, Holland.

The pop superstar told regulars at The Bulldog coffee shop in Amsterdam, where marijuana use is legal, that she enjoyed pot smoking, according to American magazine In Touch.

One customer, Marc Van Der Vlies, told reporters, "Britney was smoking a joint, for sure. She was in a very good mood. She said to Kevin, 'I love the smell of it, it's really awesome.'"

now that's one to grow on.
Dear Alex & Annie would love you.

and now, also, this thing about a guy getting beheaded.
you've heard the uproar, now see it for yourself.
not for the squeamish. and i'm not making light of it.
it's just amazing to me that the above news story is such an important news item. that's why people don't necessarily get completely freaked out when a guy gets beheaded for bush's 'war.'

Click Here to Find Links to Horrifying Death

Monday, May 10, 2004


fab five FFF is coming bitches!






make love
i'm feeling the love.
no really.
i shit you not, motherfuckers.

i am FEELING the music thing, brethren of some.

fuck yes.
and i say that, without an exclamation point.

i am feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it.

see what i'm saying to you?

can you tell i'm considerably not sane?
of course, i am lying.

or am i.

ok, coming clean..

i've been making this mix of late, and it's starting to consume me.
therefore, i, present day observer part tim pratt, am starting to realize that "hey, kick fucking ass! someone's getting inspired!" or something like that. heart of stone, so not and yet, so yes.

i am i.
as he is he.
as you are we.
and we are all together.

i steal everything.
or then again, no.

my stereo was stolen from me last night.
i am fucking certain the fucking cretin lives near me.
i can feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it.
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeels like summer.

the joy of sing-sing by sing-sing
they fucking rule.
fuck ewe.

so yeah.
back to the further matter at hand because of grandma chicken bitch ass cunt dragger of minions.
fuck you.

some mother fucker stole my mother fucking stereo from my mother fucking car mother fucking last mother fucking night and i'm really mother fucking pissed about the mother fucking thing. ok?
mother fuck you and your punk ass ghetto bird.
bitch ass shit.

punk ass mother fucker.

and seriously.

or not.
it's all a lie.

i remained surprisingly calm when i was informed this morning by ms. tina b that said stereo, said mother fucking alpine car stereo that i mother fucking just mother fucking purchased a mother fucking month ago (btw, happy mother's day to one and all, mother fucking no.).


so yeah, my stereo was mother fucking stolen, mother fucking last night. dammit.

still the hassle.

bitch ass shitta.

you tell me something nice now.

i'll wait for your approval. fucking rapper ass bitch.

see, doesn't everything, just fucking EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO US FOR NO GODFORSAKEN REASON AT ALL, just drive you crazy from time to time?

i mean, come on.

palm springs was wierd last weekend, when we went to coachella.
we stayed in rancho relaxo.
and goddamn, i don't have to tell you, that that was, shit, so damned, i tell ya, aptly titled.

remember when you saw motley crue play at joe louis arena on the 'dr. feelgood' tour with your love of your life (at the time) karen, and you realized then, in 1989 or so, that you had outgrown the whole hair metal shite, when you fucking knew that in the back of your mind, it was all really lame and you just didn't know any better?

fuck, yeah.
coachella was great.

i liked it a lot.
good bands. fun.
rancho style.
lame, that was, just now, what i said.

am i too self-observant?
or am i know going competely overboard with the self-analysis bullshite?

i love to spell 'shit' shite.
i have Uk envy.
but more on that later.

how about that fat dude, vito, on sopranos, being caught sucking some vato's dick?
i am quite shocked, and frankly so upset, because i really feel that once again, the gays are destroying the sanctity of marriage with their goddamned satanic agenda.
fucking pigfuckers.

the sea and the cake fucking rule, though i really only prefer the album one bedroom, the best.

sunshine on my shoulders.
i'm back on the music mix making that i was saying i was so obsessed about before and then i totally forgot what i was about to say.
and now i'm typing slowly-er.
bitch bitch betta have my money.

sea and cake are special.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Detroit Techno Yo

Anyone who knows me knows i've been involved in a lot of the press coverage surrounding all four DEMFs (and now, Movement Festival) for the Freep.
Well, anyone who knows anything about the near-constant drama surrounding the festival each Memorial Day weekend since 2000, understands the architect of much of that drama centered around one of the festival's key financiers and organizers, Ms. Carol Marvin.
Here's a recent interview with Marvin with Detroit's MotorMouth Magazine.
Click here, yo
flatline is the right line

Tortoise's new one, It's All Around You, is very calming. in fact, tortoise is very calming, in its own high concept jazz noodling, wonky perfectionist ways. older guys from chicago with boatloads of talent and musicianship. actually, nerdy dudes, extra smart, indie and cool like that. i dig. weird, not for everyone. definitely more of a not-quite math rock vibe (and i will not label them the fabled 'post-rock' that all other critics in the world call them, hi). fuzzy. how can you not like the xylophone? it's both a good word and a good instrument.
troika just sat on my pipe and lighters.

what could be a better followup to Tortoise than Kaskade?

Kaskade's In The Moment (Om)
I don't know, maybe i'm just missing something but i really can't get into this. It's just so boring, sitting there, all blah. light and feathery, but unfortunately, ultimately forgettable. female vocal-based midtempo glossy house music. maybe i need a different environment other than sitting here at home on a Saturday (or technically Sunday, but i say it's still the previous day till you go to bed, Gregorian calendar standards be damned) night staring at my computer in a haze generated by Northern California's greatest cash crop. Hmmm. I ain't in a bad mood, so.
Whatever. God Bless China.

and now...

Quantic Mishaps Happening (Ubiquity, released June 8)
Kindy breakbeaty jazzy perky percussion-based Afrobeat shit for the kind-willed.
i dig the opening title track. nice horns, good groove, different yet familiar. i'm giving this one a go. fuck china.
still grooving.

check out these pics me kitties, our trip to Coachella last weekend, people in America, Sun shit, and other cunning displays seen through the eyes of the latest visitor to Oaktownbootyville, Mikey from Cinci. He's a fine gentleman and all, but he sure does need more twine to sell.
make sure to click on START SLIDESHOW at the top of the screen for optimum viewing pleasure and sexual urges

San Francisco Trip set #1

San Francisco Trip set #2

Here's a good straightforward story about the growth of online music sales:
Online music sales a mixed blessing