Sunday, May 09, 2004

flatline is the right line

Tortoise's new one, It's All Around You, is very calming. in fact, tortoise is very calming, in its own high concept jazz noodling, wonky perfectionist ways. older guys from chicago with boatloads of talent and musicianship. actually, nerdy dudes, extra smart, indie and cool like that. i dig. weird, not for everyone. definitely more of a not-quite math rock vibe (and i will not label them the fabled 'post-rock' that all other critics in the world call them, hi). fuzzy. how can you not like the xylophone? it's both a good word and a good instrument.
troika just sat on my pipe and lighters.

what could be a better followup to Tortoise than Kaskade?

Kaskade's In The Moment (Om)
I don't know, maybe i'm just missing something but i really can't get into this. It's just so boring, sitting there, all blah. light and feathery, but unfortunately, ultimately forgettable. female vocal-based midtempo glossy house music. maybe i need a different environment other than sitting here at home on a Saturday (or technically Sunday, but i say it's still the previous day till you go to bed, Gregorian calendar standards be damned) night staring at my computer in a haze generated by Northern California's greatest cash crop. Hmmm. I ain't in a bad mood, so.
Whatever. God Bless China.

and now...

Quantic Mishaps Happening (Ubiquity, released June 8)
Kindy breakbeaty jazzy perky percussion-based Afrobeat shit for the kind-willed.
i dig the opening title track. nice horns, good groove, different yet familiar. i'm giving this one a go. fuck china.
still grooving.

check out these pics me kitties, our trip to Coachella last weekend, people in America, Sun shit, and other cunning displays seen through the eyes of the latest visitor to Oaktownbootyville, Mikey from Cinci. He's a fine gentleman and all, but he sure does need more twine to sell.
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San Francisco Trip set #1

San Francisco Trip set #2

Here's a good straightforward story about the growth of online music sales:
Online music sales a mixed blessing

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