Monday, May 17, 2004

happy happy

this made me laugh out loud. and normally i think jimmy fallon is a twit. still do, actually.

"Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Baghdad this week where he told reporters, 'If anyone thinks I'm here to throw water on a fire, they're wrong.' So, more bad news for Iraqi prisoners who are on fire." Jimmy Fallon

also, today is TIM PRATT BETTERMENT DAY, in case you didn't realize.
yeah, it's true.
quite a day.
why, you ask?
well, here you go.

1. my new ipod arrived today - i have yet to actually see the damn thing, since i had it delivered to tina's work. rock! 40gb of love. can't wait.

2. new 250gb external hard drive purchased - yep. finally, i can back up my 62.03gb of music currently on my super squished 120gb hard drive i'm on right now.
plus it'll be cool to be able to like, back up all my damn data. shit yeah.

3. dave chappelle first season DVD purchased - thank you Fry's for that impulse purchase! dammit. oh well. it'll be funny as hell. chappelle is god. i've finally realized the truth. plus it's uncensored. how can you deny uncensored crap?

4. playing a dj gig tonight at the Attic - tonight, feels right. Starbuck. Now there was a great band. and this is my fifth gig in four days! rocka rolla wheela deala.

5. i'm hungry - i need to eat. don't you think? thanks for the memories/mammaries.

love america, hate charlie bucket.

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