Saturday, May 15, 2004

shit that's rocking my world of late a.k.a. alternate long overdue FFF

1. Film School always never especially "ms. connection."
they remind me of flying saucer attack, but better. lots of emotion and ethereal prettiness. yet, tension. love the overdubbed guitars. bring back shoegazer music dammit!

2. Pixies at Coachella -
they rocked and rocked some more. yay! they played a rock solid set of rockiness rocky top. yeah. no really, they were quite good. i enjoyed seeing them, though the glee on most of the crowd's faces made it all the better. there was a lot of joy in the air when they played, while the sun was setting behind the desert mountains. memorable concert moment for sure.

3. Kraftwerk at The Warfield & Coachella -
ahhhhh! Man Machine Machine Maschine Maschine Maschiiiiiine, Maaaaasssschiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Kraftwerk made my heart and head happy. sounded soooo good. the video so well in sync with the chirpy music, definitely beefed up from the original recordings as far back as 30 damn years ago! so delightfully simple, yet not. perfect.

4. Air at The Paramount Theatre, Oakland - Though I caught part of their act at Coachella, I wasn't as interested in that show simply because i knew i was seeing them Monday night back in Oakland. And it was worth the wait. their gorgeous new album talkie walkie (currently in my 2004 top 10 o tha year) was the focus of most of their show, which made me very happy. their new record seems more in line with moon safari, their angelically innocent debut. anyway, the band was tight, they played predominantly live synthesizers and effects. AND then we ended up getting backstage passes at the last minute, so we were herded off into this little lounge area backstage (this theatre is damn gorgeous btw, super ornate 30s era hardcore art deco vibe --- plush as fuck) for a meet & greet, but nobody was saying shit to the guys when they came in, so i just waltzed up to the shorter dude (my height) and told him i dug the show, it was better suited to a theatre rather than coachella because of all the quite, meditative moments (he agreed) and that i was bummed they didn't play 'universal traveller." (he seemed sorry it wasn't in there too). the whole time, i have this camera crew filming every word. it was funny. maybe i'll be on some documentary, giving critiques to the guy in Air.

5. Celebrity spotting at Coachella - It was fun once we got hooked up with the VIP passes. we saw tommy lee (looks exactly how you'd picture him), andy dick (who got busted later that night for pot), jared leto, one of the donnas (i think the drummer), ummm, who else, jack black was supposedly there though i didn't see him, and more. much fun,yo.

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