Wednesday, May 26, 2004


so now there are all-new terrorist threats, huh?
gee, kind of interesting considering all the named suspects have been known for months as being potential collaboraters with Al Queda.

here's the story

the bottom line is a terrorist attack could happen anytime, anywhere.
it's a little odd that the U.S. isn't raising its so-called "Terror Alert" to the Orange level because they can't confirm where it might be. which makes absolutely no sense. how does that change anything?

i'm heading out to Detroit Friday afternoon for a long weekend in Detroit to check out the annual electronic fest there, now known as the Movement Festival, formerly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF).

i'm so damn exhausted trying to finish writing all the artist descriptions.
and wonderful, organizers added nearly 20 more artists to the bill on TUESDAY, just days before it kicks off (which is Saturday at noon).
I know i'll have fun, so whatever.
screw now. enjoy later!

back to work...

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Anonymous said...

can't believe anything of interest could happen in the midwest. it must be the only event the whole year that would bring you back to fly over country. can it really be of any importance if it's held in D. they must really pay to get anyone to appear. any idea what an act gets? post if you know please.