Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pickles Have Ridges

It's merkley???

You Always Hated Chickens

you always hated chickens.

your gravy smells like rancid meat.

Panning for gold is a legitimate business.

Texas tea.

No, not Michelle Tea.

Michelle is kind of weird name, I think.

I mean, what the funk kind of name is Michelle? I'm not dissing all the Michelle's of the world.

Far from it, Michelles!

Jesus Christ, back the fuck UP, Michelles!

Chill the fuck out, Michelles!

DO i have to electrocute a Michelle to end this shit?

I guess so.

Scaring people with death by electrocution usually works in your benefit.

People don't like to be electrocuted.

Yet, they'll be total dicks for other much more mundane everyday reasons and get a bullet in the face.

That's the way the bullet crumbles, doesn't it?

At least we have the right to bear arms, above all else. Even genitalia.

You can shoot that shit right off, you know.

I've got a gun.

Deliver me from EVIL.

Bitch ass bitch.

Deliver me.


i smell it.