Thursday, December 26, 2002

new years eve is played out.

i survived christmas in San Francisco, for the first time. barely.

this holiday thing has become so disingenuous. some may say i'm jaded. i say nay.
i am realistic.
i am woman.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

wow, this is crazy.

Stereolab singer killed in bicycle accident

Stereolab vocalist Mary Hansen died Monday (December 9) in London when she was hit by a car while riding her bicycle. She was 36. An official statement said: "The suddenness of her death has shocked the band. Mary was a special person. Our thoughts are with her family and friends who will miss her greatly."

Stereolab formed in 1990 and Australian native Hansen joined the London-based band in 1992. The group has recorded eight studio albums the most recent of which was 2001's Sound-Dust.

Hansen was born January 11, 1966 in Maryborough, Brisbane. The band says her funeral will take place next week in her hometown.

London police are investigating the accident.
current listening station for chud:

heavenly music corporation - lunar phases - 94 ambient album on former SF label Silent Records. HMC is basically Kim Cascone. i always liked this veeeerrrrry relaxing. where's my isolation tank when i need it?

metro area - really good NYC garage/techno/house, on the minimal yet funky disco tip. sparse arrangements. sounds old yet, not. still getting into it. but a nice change of pace.

boards of canada - twoism - reissue of old rare ep from 95. it's good but not can see they were laying the groundwork for their "music is the right of children" album. more interesting than anything else.

royksopp - "melody a.m." - cool norwegian chill shit with vocals. still getting into. very atmospheric and pleasant. not groundbreaking.

about to play right now:
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" - because it's a damn classic, dammit.
and dental dams for all.


Thursday, December 05, 2002

I ain't gonna play Sun City

Mickey Finn - Drum n bass mix
solid bangers if you're in the mood. and i am.
you have to be a bit surly to listen to drum 'n bass, i've decided. because it's kind of complicated, a bit angry and confrontational at times for sure (whereas house music seems to appeal a much wider broadbase because it is relatively happy, upbeat and easy to relate to).

standout track thus far: Focus "The Crow" i've never heard a producer use a sample of a crow before but it totally works. More caws for the cause!

also, SKC's "Lobotomy" is a nice techstep track. spacey and dark.

the problem, of course, is that drum 'n bass gets old pretty quickly.
i mean, there are some high points here and there, but lots of medicore shit inbetween.

wile e coyote, musical genius
today's latest catchphrase

Smile, You're Not Dead Yet

thanks for playing.

enjoy skin
to whit, two wit and Joyce Dewitt

non stop
techno pop

so what have i been listening to the last few days?
lemme tell ya:

Arkestra One - chill shit from ESL, thievery corp.'s label. atmospheric, cinematic, you know the drill. i'm so down with the song "a man from the audience" which is a weird, trippy kind of track that features cut-up vocal samples of a preacher disparaging the use of marijuana and other drugs..fave line "i wanna get stoned on jesus." indeed. the question isn't "what would jesus do?" but "what wouldn't jesus toke?"

False - Detroit's matthew dear kicking out the minimal techno shit. tis ok but definitely dancefloor mixing type stuff for uptight anal techno djs. i dig matt, but it doesn't stick out too much.

peter gabriel - "up" new album, much much darker and strange. not bad, but it seems a bit slight.

I Am Spoonbender - "shown actual size" SF's high-concept sorta electro/rock outfit. this 3-song ep is percursor to their upcoming album. good but makes you want more..which is good i guess.

Vikter Duplaix - "international affairs" - pretty good album from philly boy, best known for his vocal work on jazzanova tracks.

The Streets - "original pirate material" - probably my favorite album right now. of course, it took me a few months to get this but now i love it. the music is great, fucked up garage beats, the weirdest vocals you've ever heard and more...not really hip-hop like you think of it...but still hip-hop. bits of reggae, dub, breaks. the lyrics are so fucking unique. they're like conversational stories but with a certain sense of rhythm. "geezers need excitement" has a fucked up beat. plus i'm totally down with his points about the absurdity of drug laws yet alcoholism rages on with the consent of all.

Tipsy - "remix party!" tis just ok. SF kitschy sample heavy band remixed, some good, some not.

Gilles Peterson "Trust the dj mix" - just ok. only listened to once but a bit disappointing. his newest mix.

Red Snapper "it's all good" the last album from this jazzy techno uk trio is basically a cd of some of their favorite tracks. not bad, but doesn't stick with me.

Nicola Conte "jet sounds revisited" - i've had this album for a couple months but just realized these are remixes by thievery, nuspirit helsinki, koop, kyoto jazz massive and more. on ESL, it has that same sorta lounge-kitsch-middle eastern-ethnic trip-hoppy dub/reggae sound. get all that? except nicola is from italian. so there.

Mellowdrone - droning quirky indie sorta rock yet...the lyrics are a bit odd. interesting production...with electronic elements included. touring with johnny marr.

"45 seconds of" - various artists...this is a fucked up concept that, surprisingly, is a fairly rewarding listen. 99 different artists contribute exactly 45 seconds of music each. many of the contributions are abstract and forgettable yet there are enough standouts that have enough substance to make you go "hey, what the fuck is that all about?"
first one that comes to mind is track 60 by Simeon/silver apples (i only recognized about 10-15 names) called "shopping cart concerto" and contains random vocal samples from a Kmart store. a novel idea, if nothing else.

and finally...
currently listening to:
Groove distribution, CD Sampler 1.02 - as the cd says, "12 more tracks of jazzy trip-hop, breaks, drum and bass and house." yeah, that's pretty much it..though it's a bit heavy on the jazzy trip-hop type stuff, which is cool. This is actually fairly old (for electronic stuff, that is), i think given out as a promo in 2000. seems like i got this from xlr8r or something. artists on here include xploding plastix (who i dig), feature cast (nice track, this), sonar lodge, hertz, landslide, danny byrd, klute and bronx dogs.

make me happy and slip me a mickey.
mouse that is.
swimming in pills and groovy shards.

love your makeup.

basketboy timmmmmmmmmmmiiii

Monday, December 02, 2002

Theme Bath

Doesn't everybody need a theme bath?
i think so.
let everybody decide the answer.
no more questions. only questions.
and quests.
a quest for fire.
as long as rae dawn chong isn't a part of it.
does this mean that she was the daughter of legendary stoner Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame?
huh#3$"*:+;~^}]{[``?/where is the goddamn (at) sign?
it's all screwy.
damn the icebergs.

now listening to:
Lali Puna - "Scary World Theory"
Very good, very good.
very mellow.
saw them at bottom of the hill recently.
a fine musical thing.
minimal type shit.
on Morr Music, which is all the rage with the kids.

ok. onto more important things.
like elephants.

this the kitty sure is a kitty.

jeffrey came up saturday evening for some drunken fun at casanova and zeigeist.
friday night was dj at odeon...which was pretty cool..a little frustrating but then again, what can you do but bite the bullet and hope for death.
or not.
buck went with tina to go see the coup at slim's.
don't you love my new language?
better than elvis camp.

thursday was a sleepy evening here in the east bay. love the one you're with.
wednesday i think i just crashed.
saturday saturday saturday
sunday, hung out here, took jeff to breakfast in oaktown, then did little until we went over to nannette's and watched the sopranos last night.
and all is well with amerika.

sooth saying is for people.
not ants.


Saturday, November 30, 2002

testing for puto.
everybody is looking for puto.
don:t you know puto?
i do know puto.
everybody loves puto.
grandma chicken.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Current CD:

Dj Spinna

"Here To There" - this is good...funky, rhythmic, soulful, new sounding, african subject matter, mellow, warm, love that organ sounds....good listen. there's some tracks on here, which makes me all the madder (beeped just as i typed that sentence).


must woik.

mammans are in such trouble.

mammans are bullshit.

mammans always ruin a good time.

rage against the bleeps, mamman.

pogo bogo nogo flojo skeelow

sniff more

the words i'm hearing right now via my censored music (please, can i just complain about this incessantly?): "makes me come alive, wanna touch the sky, free my soul and, uh,.. jmmerbrsss----
this has got to be shaun escoffery
free my soul

please, come home for the holidays.
are you washing your ass?
keeping yourself clean?


the simple things.







nothing more than feeeeeelings.

sing along.

No more Christmas songs about Parrots
if i get another promo cd with an annoying audio stamp on it, i'm going to fucking apeshit.
the latest culprit? The Majesticons - "Beauty Party" on ninja tune.
i just couldnt' get past the incessant anti-pirating stamp. drove me fucking bonkers.
there was a similar one on the def jux albums as well as the global underground promos.
but the gU ones aren't nearly as bad or as often.
the new king britt is full of beeps that are even worse.
i won't go back to that.
punch me.

now entering cd player: dj spinna - "here to there"
let's see if this one makes it.

today's listening pleasures:

Cloud Nine Music - "Notice Co Lounge" (sodless music - ann arbor) - decent mix of jazz, hip-hop and vocal pop. good but gets a bit derivative at times.
The Detroit Experiment - feat. Carl Craig (ropeadope records) - still trying to sink into this jazzy excursion, though it's a bit too free jazz for my personal taste. i recognize the talent behind the album.
Puretone - "Stuck In A Groove" (V2 Records) - waay more jazzy and song-oriented than i would have guessed. actually decent.

and that's the news for the hour.
please evacuate all lazy susans.

thank you for being rude.

metal shavings save lives

you know what i'm talking about.
whipped cream is an important facet of this daily breakfast.
remember to fast during ramadan.
ramada inns are nice comfortable hotels when you need to take some time and rest.
Rest assured, no man will rest until the culprit is apprehended.
Get your hands off my shirt, general, or i'll pull rank.
RAnk is the name of a Smiths album.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

hey look me hover, lend me a hooker.
take me down to paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

yeah yeah
push it
push it.
get up on this.
only the sexy people.
get up there and dance.
dance i say.

working up a sweat.
yeah, bushwackey tobaccoy
coy roy just set yourself free.

sigur ros was this evening. fine fine. yes.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

i've decided to do a day-to-day top tim pratt song, since i seem to change by the day.

top song of the last few days
Funky Lowlives - "Stay"

top Song of Today
Ladytron - "Seventeen"

thanks for playing


Monday, November 11, 2002

up from the dead, he arose

and so we were there, looking over the sun, thinking we were alive, when in fact, we were dead.
fucking dead.
and then what are we going to do if we're dead.
we can't really go anywhere or do anything.
which sucks.
we can't actually look at things, only think we can look at things while still alive, while thinking we're dead.
isn't it fucked up that we really don't know what the fuck is going to happen to us when we're dead.
oh, there are plenty of christians that would differ, as well as pretty much every religion in this world.
but nobody really knows.
we all think we have the answers. just like we thought bloodletting was a way to heal people.
or that burning people at the stake when a few accused them of being witches, well, that was god's work.

see, what if it's a big joke.
a big fucking cruel joke, while we sit here and wonder "gee, why am i really here?" or "what does it all mean?"
and then meanwhile, we die and then, op, nothing.
just dead.
or maybe the animals are the true spirits and we're the soulless fools.

ah, it's something more than just our bodies, the "human" thing.
our pliable, soft bodies we live in...i was going to say our "shells" which seems to fit better.

god, so much shit has gone on in the past month.
where to begin.
no point really.
how can i.

started a new job. that's something, no?
working for the MAN.
yes, THE man.

yep, it's not bad...still figuring out my place...still getting my head wrapped round it, yo.

what can ya do.

still trying to understand and get into a system.
the dj thing has been going really well. my energies seem to be there of late.
interestingly. though it should be obvious since i have contributed to this here thing for a few weeks.

we lived through quite the interesting rain storm last thursday, when we tried going to cirque du soliel. ended up going to a corresponding party instead, after they cancelled the show due to high winds.
i really want to see the damn thing still. that's the thing.

that IS the thing.

dougie's bday party a week and a half prior was i felt great. still in a bit of a frenzy from the crazed lunacy at the halloween party the night before in the castro.

yes, yes.
that was much much fun.

so it was,,,,hapless the clown living large in the castro. ah what a time it was.
smiles for all.

and i must work.
i must work.
i must do this.

and so i will return at a later time to infuse meself onto this here page.

oh i went to montreal too. that was fucking fucking.
yeah yeah.
birds bees knees trees healing thieves and me.

what ya bee.


fadge loc bee.
fadge muther fucking lock bee.

hee hee.

cocoa crispies are so chocolately.



drummer boy.

good day madam and remember your stix.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

last weekend was cool. tina and i were supposed to go to fortuna in willits but tina decided she didn't want to at the last minute.
and so we just drove up the coast..all the way to eureka.
first night we stayed in point arena..which was cool. better than the goddamn koa.
which was like the walmart of campgrounds.
got to see the cool lightpost which was nifty.
and then the next day we went all the way to the redwood national forest in humboldt county, which was truly amazing. seriously. so majestic and unreal....mystical seriously.
even the light coming through the forest was way cool.
definitely yah.

currently listening to: sun ra - "space is the place"
not sure if i like it but i'm giving it a go.
what can i say...i try.
i really try.

so yeah tina and i stayed in fort myers or actually, ummm, the natl park campground. yep.
very nifty yes'm. cool too because we kept on going for three days straight. lot of fun. forget how much i missed traveling. nice.

last week was crazed. spent all of thursday at seano's doing edits for my sets. got a lot accomplished, which was awesome.
friday was my birthday,,,ate at saigon saigon...after first trying to meet up with ad peeps at the bamboo hut. but it was closed for a private party. so then we opted for fuse, which is right next door on broadway.
yeah, not as good but what the hell. good people.
so then we went down to the mission to saigon saigon...waiting for us was mr. rolls and ted. everybody was late.
but eventually, peeps that made it included seano, brolin, tina, jerome, andrew, mosi.
then we went over to rolls' house for extracurricular activities. damn, i left my video over there from brolin.

Friday, October 18, 2002

today is my birthday

celebrate youth.
bloody nipple.
that is your friend of friends.

frank is running around today like a crazed lunatic.
of course, we all know it's because of the color of his fur.

ok, i am right now experiencing a weird crossover thing vibe whatever.
i am cranking A Guy Called Gerald's "Voodoo Ray"...super old techno.
just listened to 808 State's "Pacific State," then "boogie oogie oogie" (a sad story in itself because it's one of those embarassing songs that i once owned on 45 and i sold it in a garage sale or some stupid shit...thinking i didn't like it.....ugh.....why?...see this is why i am a packrat. because the stuff i do eventually sell is the shit i still want. i have not a good decision maker in that regard.

pussy animal.

it's my birthday i rule the galaxy

bon journo




ok...more shit for me.

love, clockenstein and bush babies...

tubby D

this kinda shit happens every day..

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

crack baby chocolate style

the real bastards eat cake, part 7

behind leonard part 6

music at the precise moment:

Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place"

damn this is such a heart-wrenching song,,,if i do say use the horrible cliche i just used.

but sometimes it's easier that way isn't it.

for so long i've been using this as a reminder, almost as a memory jogger. for me and few others, if anyone.
god knows if anyone reads this.
though i plan to change that so i can in fact get that information in the near future.

but right now i need good positive vibes.
and i need the forces to be with me on this one.
this wednesday.
i need to be ready for the world.
singing "oh sheila" and shit.
they be calling flint, mich. home, yizzou
which is nice since it was just rated like 3rd or 4th least healthy city in the country.
memphis, tennessee, being number one.
who gave us elvis presley.

and unwittingly, fucking extreme elvis.
god help me when i see him.
somehow, i know that day will come.

oh woe, ohhhh death.
ohhhhhh death.
won't you find me the something something

boards of canada was made for the desert.

i apologize for that digression.

but i also have to admit that i do in fact, like,
oh brother where art thou soundtrack.
i like the grew on me, i have to admit.

oh i didn't join in the masses, kick up my corns, and buy me a couple copies down at the local walmart.
no sir.
got me them songs online. somebody may be coming after me so that's all i gots to say at this point.


and shit.

so things gotta start happening sometime.
don't they?
i mean, don't they?

now back to the happy, mournful sound of nick drake.
is yet another trend that i've hopped onto.
uh oh and it got famous via a commercial playing "pink moon."
but dammit, fuck it,..and fuck the purists.

so what that i discovered an artist via an advertisement. this is our culture. i cannot escape it. i can only hope to contain it.

damn yo.
i'm hungry hungry hungry hippos right about now.

ok, this track "bryter lyter" is a bit too renaissance faire in waukesha, wisconsin (actually, i could be wrong on that city)

maggie was a good bitch wasn't she.
it's better to come up with non sequiters isn't it?
then you understand nothing i say.
yet there is a pattern there.
isn't that the scoundrel's chatter?
i dare say.


cooey whispers of mr. dead drake.
rather see the "rivvveeerr maaannnn" with his sorta high-pitched mega-whisper with the slight lisp of a sensitive guy rocker dude. he was cooler than james taylor back in his glory sensitive guy early years.

plus ol' nick died. somehow. i can't seem to remember how at the moment.

it came from beneath the sea.
that could be a sexual statement, could it not?
only if you think sexually.
which nobody ever does.

david sedaris is going to be on david letterman tuesday evening.
i must watch.
plastic surgery is for babies.

nick drake is back on. "three hours" is soooo good.
i also admit it might get a few fans from the hippie fanbase.
but that's ok.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

"i lose my lease after 24 years. lose my lease."
"24 years."

the only thing i can mutter back is "i'm sorry" with a genuine look of sympathy..

though the look must have been on my face.
a look of astonishment.
ok, maybe that's overstating things just a bit.
but i was definitely taken aback at the bareness of the shelves in the corner store at Divisadero and ummm, not Haight...Oak?
i think.
the man, obviously upset about this, seemed visibly embarassed about it.
i felt bad for the man.
i wasn't a regular shopper. i wasn't a regular. i didn't know this man.
but his words tore at me. they stopped me for a split second.
i was looking around the store, quickly, just looking for a quick snack to hold me over till i got to bruce's (where i promptly ate two hot dogs on the grill...i was hungry. don't blame me...i don't want to eat. damn physical body bullshit).
i wanted a snickers. because, as you know, they really satisfy.
your hunger pangs.
and that's what i was going for

that and thinking bout whut ah wuz doin tha next dey, 'aving a rail on tha tits of a fine yung thin, aye.
but whut cahn ya do?

the new amon tobin is really fucking good.
i am not kidding around on this kiddo.
me no kid.
me kid
me don' want no kid of a goat.

twas very nice to see miss audrey back in SF. my god, it was so awful what happened to her.
i was very much in admiration of her and her immense bravery.
yeah, those sound like cliched phrases but i really mean it.
this is a woman who was riding as a passenger in a car when the driver had a seizure and drove head-on into a telephone pole.
the driver, out of the hospital in a few days.
miss audrey. brain injury. she had swelling on the brain. fucking crazy.
she still has all of her creative skills but she said she had to relearn everything. how to use the bathroom (no shit...and no pun intended...eeks), how to tie your shoe, how to brush her hair, how to brush her teeth..the list goes on and on. she recognized me immediately, yet she said that a month ago, she wouldn't have been able to .
she had incredibly good spirits.
jesus, amazing.
she's only visiting right now...already djing...
which is totally awesome.


went to sasha at 1015 last night...mainly for observing type reasons.
twas interesting all right.
but i already have ideas...which is good.


could be an interesting opportunity if played correctly.
ok, well, yeah.

listening to right now:

FC Kahuna " Machine Says Yes"
i have it on vinyl, though i haven't listened to it in a while.
just now being released in the States.

i must get to writing yah.

more stuff 2 talk tha xlr8r thing, the bruce thing, the good timing thing,
the breadbasket thing,
the restaurant thing
the aooooooo thing
the kitties
the money thing
the email thing
the dj thing
all these come together as one.
the robb roy thing too

so many things

listen to my shepherd.

love and fruitcake,

Wxeeno Zeevmeb

Thursday, September 26, 2002

everybody thinks i'm crazy
or at least,
the lucky ones.

don't you know that they're all the same.

every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

warbly meadows persevere as long as they take their toll.
careful dear, you might get some on your toothbrush.

different direction, same vibe.
crazily, this has been good. staying up.
more free thoughts.
more free everything.
more free.

alone. no distractions.
sort of.
in an indirect way. yet it did succeed. i did do a lot of things i've been wanting to do.
so strange.
like strange brew.
something new.

careful, anne frank is watching.

constant flux is now playing.
and you enjoy it.

not really. when listening with a critical ear. which seems to have returned with a vengeance tonight.

well, back to the matter at hand.
and then some.

so because of that you are that which is not before.

pencil in hand, ready set go

currently listening to victor Davies Remixes on JCR (jazzanova compost records)

saw jazzanova two nights in a fucking row.
rock the mother fucking hizzouse.
grab your partner round and round, wave their sorry asses up in the air,
wave their sorry asses like they just don't care.

burn mother fucker burn
somebody hold them hostage before they blow up the place.
chickens never deserved to be served cold pancakes. they just didn't.

there was that one cool thing the other day. remember that?

the beta lounge jazzanova bbq was tha shit though. lots of cool peeps, lots of crazy peeps (that critical mass biker dude was a total trip...of COURSE i met him smoking down. of course you are not my father).

yeah. shit.
plus going there with the "man" was cool. interesting. all very interesting. in fact the preceding three hours was all very very interesting. yes sir.

but enough of about gumbo.
then that random apt. party with surber to end the evening. free cocktails, good conversation, new people and or people that i recently met via garage mahal. party people in the place to be. for me. you see.
she it.

also before i was referring to Bob, the crazy dude that sang good songs to us at day camp. songs like "there's a hole in the bottom of the sea." i loved that guy. i think because he was such a trip.
i mean, shit, we sang the old traditional kid faves like "on top of spaghetti" some jesus songs i'm sure, which were all pretty catchy since i still remember them (it's all about repetition, it's all about the repetition).
bob supposedly lived in like a houseboat on the thornapple river out in the cascade/caledonia area of metro Grand Rapids, back in the way day.
and then some.
coool and smooth, this victor davies is.
i knew he'd be better on the remix tip, especially in the capable hands of jazzanova (so i'm overrun with jazzanova fever right now. i'm allowed).

i didn't like his solo album.

ok, baal is calling.
back to the grindstone

trip on you,
fuckstain charlie went to prison

then he was in big trouble in little china.

yesterday was a day
that today wasn't
because of yesterday

please, be seated.
you enjoy the company of others.

i know i certainly do.

what to make of all this?

dammit, where is baal the golden calf whenyou need him?
he could /could not be my new new one true god.

i guess i'll have to tell the christian scientists to haul their asses outta my spiritual being and let me take back my soul that they took on collatoral...that's probably not spelled correctly.

it's late..
and i'm breathing

yes, it's now time to sing.

i just remember that old guy who used to lead strange camp songs to us curious kiddies at maranatha day camp (yes it was a jesus related thing. what choice did i have? i was a kid growing up in the suburbs in super white super conservative michigan. yeah. that's right.
i'm cool. don't you hate it when people go on too damn long inside the parentheses, knowing they have another thought you have to go back to and you're like "fuck yo, let's end this sidenote thought of your stupid ass and get back to the point? huh? why don't you? man, it's tough. i tell you).

it's also important to have the period OUTSIDE the parenthetical device. i HATE it when it's inside the parentheses.
i'm, btw, practiticing the art of what i do best: procrastination. something has to come of all this, right?
damn. i have to do this to myself.
but i think i figured out the solution.

it's the night, thing.
it's the night thing.
it's the, night, thing.

carefully placed commas make ALL the difference in my world.
and that's the only world you've REALLY got. and really, how much control do you actually have even over your own fucked up mucked up crazy ass shit world?
i thought so.
if you are in complete control, you're not reading this sentence right now anyway.


that's something i'd never say out loud.
funny how the print voice is different, eh?

let's be philosophical.

plug your nose and learn to speak on saturday.
that was a loud noise. i could be dead.
fire that man.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

don't you know that you can't destroy people this way?

i think you are in big trouble with the law.

you are ready to fight.

i am ready to fight.

everybody is ready tofight

somebody stop me before i am ready to growl.

bob evans, down on the farm

remember when you were down on the farm grandma? i will destroy your evil being.
before it destroys me.
everything is mussed up

look at me i'm sandra dee
never had it never will
i'm like caffeine, except without the milk.

your deodorant makes me angry.
i will finish you.
before i get the chance to demolish your good faith and free will.
i am not the man you fought for in the breaking dry spell before the elections.
those are things you must realize if you are to love, hate and enjoy my blood vessels.
injected with a poison
we don't need you anymore.

i saw jazzanova for the second time tonight. i am beyond special. enjoy my loin sauce.
and dressing. you are not the herbivores you said you would be.
in fact, you are much different than my ancestors would have liked.
you are in big trouble with little china
fuck shamen

timmmmmy loves poon farmers

Monday, September 23, 2002

if you don't at first succeed, try tunnelling to france again.
it'll be much better if you go in the springtime.

far from me to say but you are a nincompoop.

that fashion show on thursday was really funny.

i do know this. you are not welcome in my home

we had another full weekend of intrigue.
friday - had kids. ate them. they were pretty good. a little gamy. actually, we went to the Cinema Electronica show at ResFest at the Palace of Fine Arts. the electronic videos we saw were right on, man.
then we went to go see Recloose (from Detroit) at Galaxy Club. it was cool. good music. ran into mr. nachmann, and we discussed the future of bricks in the UK, as well as picking up sticks and their relationship with meager men from minnesota.
then we arrived home for love, attention, guidance and push-offness. most splendid. do tell.
saturday, we slept very long, then made kitchen noises with pranksters.
it was good.
we did some stuff, then finally got around to getting ready to meet up with the kids at hobson's choice back up on haight street. we got there an hour late, at around 9.
then! what did we do? i'll tell you. we hung there for awhile, then moved on down the street to The Top for some wacky fun times.
it was ok. not bad, not bad. not bad.
did i say that already?

mazel tov.

we hung there, then trekked all the way over to north beach to hit The Great Water.
did i mention i was just at the GW on thursday night, waiting for Mosi (and guffmann) to pick me up for the fashion extravaganza.
free food and drinks thanks to my little blurb in the wave.
yay. some good came of it.
nat, the owner, is happy happy happy.
goodie goodie mob.

i went to the ad agency on thursday so i could see helen pon off and stuff. erno. that was before great water.
see how everything runs backwards now that the planets are aligned and you're looking for me.
i love america.

yesterday, domino mother fucker.
another pretty day for the ages.
sunday is the day that we pray, pray for today.
2 legit 2 quit.
hey hey.

sunday, we rolled out back to resfest to make it for the 3 pm showing of the Chris Cunningham retrospective, which was most fucked up. the best thing we saw (so much good stuff) was the new "Flex", more fucked up than nick nolte in malibu (amazing mug shot of him fucking funny, i nearly lost my saltines and butter sticks).
we saw my good former friend in the front row.
more challenging than bacon.
that was fine.
ran into the lau, kellster, jaso, and pals as we walked out.
they were heading in to the spike jonze thing "what's up fatlip" which iwanted to see, but didn't.
i am curious to know more if the price is right.
instead, we hit the bbq that was a real treat up in north beach. up on that rise at montgomery and vallejo where there's a little garden. rocked and stuff. great view and everythign else.
had a lot of fun, saw a lot of photos of burning man from various folk.
good time had by most.
thank you swiss master.
then back over to resfest for more fun and intrigue. now i need presents.
saw the guy from koop there but didnt' know what to say, hey.
see 'em tonight, right.


why can i no longer feel my bones? i must be plugged up.

Friday, September 20, 2002

good lord
i am indeed a slackass of very large proportions.

i vowed i would be back at this every day,

i have not.

so sayeth the shepherd.


i was GOING to say

the hour of 4-5am is the critical point, when night turns into day.
not, in the literal "when the sun actually rises" sense.
fuck that shit.
i'm talking about 4-5am is when last night turns into "this morning"

you know?

like right now, it's 4:05 am
so shit

like when i got up at 5 the other morning, that was fine.
that was morning.

4 am is still night.

my god, what the fuck.


crazy shit afoot i tell you.

rumblings in the distance

something is coming for me

but what is it?

and where doth it come from?

only quaker oats guy knows for sure.

see, this isn't hard to babble on about nothing, now is it?

i'm sure the 1-2 readers that are now currently checking this shit out are going "yeah"

and more yeahs
not to be confused with the "yeah yeah yeahs"
no no (i haven't actually heard the cd but as underground pretty well read of current shit hipster, i can tell they're already getting the hype. is it for real?)

i didn't dig the dude at the phonebooth earlier this evening (see, i still said this evening. i'm still thinking this is thursday) butting into our conversation about bush and shit.
come on.
the first, time, fine.

second's all good but...

third time...dude

what's UP?

go away.



but you know whatever.

i'm on the laid back trip..

yeah i just said that. deal.


now my "logical" part of my brain is telling me "yo, it's 4:09 am. bed down."

shit, i know.

especially since i have lockjaw.

and a licking The Kitty on my left arm.

yet, i like it.

fucked. i am.

the fashion show this evening ...the macy's 20th anniversary thingie.....strange.

the "circus act" at the end was quite something...especially the spinning four peeps...two women, two men...all barely dressed in skimpy flesh colored sorta outfits.

they all had on heavy theatrical like glitter on faces, chests (girls were topless but both had the glitter....)

hanging from this giant circle ball thing.
it was cool.
confusing and fairly sexual at times...
of course..

fashion show...what a trip that was.
i didn't know a thing about it.
a whole other world.
so fake.
yet so fascinating.

logical tim is winning out.

brush teeth and retire, fall asleep watching bad movies on movie channels.


love and anklets

bunny D

Friday, September 13, 2002

new drink just established:

orange juice, no pulp
secrets of the valley grape mix juice from south africa (i ain't gonna play sun city!)

i firmly believe in creative impulses.

so sayeth the shepherd.


chafing is just not acceptable in my world.
embrace spaghetti.

chunnvver, of mapfumo
the man or woman (but probably man) who invented the divider between urinals deserve a friendly toot of the horn from passersby.
good work, maestro.

tina and i are still trying to figure out why people say that the opening scene in "interview with a vampire" as shot or based around a place on divisadero. the opening shot seems to me to look a lot like market street and that one triangle building similar to the one in NYC's times square.

today tina and i saw a double feature: spider-man and men in black II.
i found spider-man to be the superior of the two.
i liked it. sure a bit over the top and cheesy at times...but it was soooo true to the comic book aspects of the character. i loved it.
i forgot how much of a fan i was of spider-man from the 1960s, when it was first started by stan lee and steve ditko. his artwork...was very ...blocky..but in that cool kinda comic booky early 60s square kinda vibe...reminds me of what i like about superman comics from the 60s and some of the 70s, more early.....the end of the 70s, superman was a big hulky mass of a flag-waving fool.
or something.

the double feature was a good idea. you finally feel like you get your money's worth (in this case, a measly $6.50 at our fave metreon i.e. megaplex of everything.

i'm listening to "hypnotic state," this strange electronic compilation from 1995 on C&S Records (??).
funny thing is, it has my good friend seofon's track on there.
funny because i bought this randomly in 1995 and then met the guy years later, sat next to him at

grandma didn't raise no dummy.
lordy lordy.


Thursday, September 12, 2002

below is a story that came out today (yesterday in france and antarctica) and i think it's very funny. i especially like the quote, which i've conveniently highlighted with my magical internet pen of boldness.
enjoy that boldness.

Pigs and Chickens Are Smarter Than You Think
Sep 11 2002 10:45AM
LEICESTER, England (Reuters) - Pigs and chickens are more intelligent than most people believe, scientists said Wednesday.

Chickens can learn from each other and are encouraged by example, and pigs use subtle social behavior and signal their competitive strength to rivals, researchers from the University of Bristol said.

Despite their reputation as the bird-brains of the avian world, chickens can be taught what food to eat or avoid, are able to adapt their behavior and can learn to navigate.

"There are hidden depths to chickens,"
said Professor Christine Nichol who has studied their behavior.

Pigs have also demonstrated cunning behavior and shown they can exploit the knowledge of their colleagues to obtain food.

They may also be able to discriminate between different levels of aggressiveness to sort out their social order.

"Our results suggest that pigs can develop quite sophisticated social competitive behavior, similar to that seen in some primate species," Dr. Mike Mendl said.

the cowbell is NEVER a good option, people

the careful art of picking out an appropriate listening experience for a particular time is a tricky and arduous task, my friend.

choose correctly, and expect boatloads of rewards, wild boar, and definite and/or defiant gifts of many shapes and dimensions.

choose incorrectly and watch your family disintegrate one by one over a period of 8-10 months by large piles of molten lava from the very banks of the viscious (and viscous) sea of damascus, home of paul, writer of acts, the one book in the bible.

see how it all comes together like the pillar of salt that you are (and fuck the morton fisherman and his bullshit salt - fuck him).

see how it all comes together like cheese, brie and david copperfield?

it is really one love, mon, just like ragga mon says, yona.



i was talking about my pamprin addiction.

before that though, i was looking at my amazingly wonderful and frankly, goshdarn dynamite cd selecting skills.

the appropriate mood of this evening is "background writing music that's not too obtrusive, stimulates the mind a bit and gives me the educational musical experience i still crave as a backup"

mission accomplished, solider of lesser known fortunes of mass destruction.

fuck billy mcguire.

herein, now, beforethewit about tit.
lies my magic.:

1. dabrye - instrmntl - this was on earlier in a mix of five cds and my head missed it. how, i do not know. this is the next lp from tadd mullinexx, from ann arbor, mich. home of the wolverines and brave vessels. something. i just read a review of this somewhere too, so it reminded me to relisten. it's mediocre. doesn't thrill me. not as good as "one/three," which, was better. sometimes, dead is better. that's what fred gwynne said.
and thank the creator for that.
this is mellow...lowkey. yeah.
ease into this shit.

2. monolake - cinemascope - eeerie, extra eeeerie. yeah. sounds like what you should listen to while in your rocket ship drifting through space, the cosmos, or some other similar universe related reference with cool floaty astronauts wandering around, drinking tea from a tube.
or maybe not.
concrete architecture...nah, you know what..this seems more like spacetravel music to me.
for when you're in the between stage of about to be suspended animated for months time...or when you're coming out of the suspended animation scene.
each way, a good heady ride. smooth. yeah. shit.

3.underworld a hundred days off - i'm interviewing them tomorrow lik e i said in the last election and so i need to prepare my head for this trip man. it's alright. i don't really know what to make of it.
but fuck linda ronstadt and her "how do i make you."
that bitch don't know shit about elvis costello.
it's not that good of an album. it's kind of boring. i wish it were better. i'm trying really hard to like it more.
they must not like spaghetti anymore.

4. Wood Choice Cuts - compilation - damn straight i've had this for awhile, recommended it to some people yet never wrote a goddamn review of the damn fucker. what the fuck is fucking wrong with fucking me. fuck.
anal. nevertheless, once i get this fucking mother assfucking swearing and gratuitous goddamn cuntbag profanity and cum-ridden vulgarity cunt juice out of the way, i'll be able to tell you about the rest of the pussy lips laden album.
dick man.

yeah. that felt almost as good as climbing a brick wall in the summer sun. coincidentally, not my maid of honor this year. wood choice cuts is a fine selection of jazzy, wobbly breakbeats, perfect for people who are really high and enjoy a good head trip while writing freeform fucked up shit.....preferably for pot, but also good for E comedowns, K-holes and H-bomb shitstorms. don't forget to wear your Depends, smack heads.

nobody wants a repeat layne staley performance now do we?
damn the rooster indeed.

5. spring heel jack - amassed - i usually have to throw in one cd that may or may not be tortuous. plus i just wanted to spell that word "tortuous" you know. anam.
super out there freeeeeeeeee form ultra odd jazz for people like that obsessive mother fucker at the mp3 focus group in berkeley, in which he obsessed about reachable buttons on his goddamn player that would fit comfortably on his beltloop thing.
please fuck off.

and remember, no more talking to heather at the san jose starbucks.
she earned her stripes in heaven.

i do feel bad about dissing that chick at the bagel store. but she was just an indirect anger spurt standing in the way of freedom from the terrorists.

this underworld is just so-so.

love my way, psychedelic furs.

why do i suddenly recall the time i was in Grand Marais, Mich., in the Upper Peninsula, in like 1992 or 93. one of those years. wow. damn. long time. damn. i remember being in that cabin in the middle of nowhere. jess' friend maggie's place. i believe. no electricity. just before cell phones became big. damn.

i must work for awhile or die with my boots on.
paul d'ianno would be proud if he knew you were reading this and not dead.

fuck that america, i'm going punk.

long live randy rhoads
bill bixby
bert convy
layne staley
bob crane

clean my shaft

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

you had me at hello.
so screw you monkey!
i have you now.
everyone knows butter is better than margarine.
don't you know?
fucking bullshit, that's what it is.
fucking bullshit.
man, if i ever find the guy who did that, i'm gonna fucking destroy that shit.
forget my evil mother.
for you will know my name is the lord as i lay down beside thee.
shoot shoot shoot that cigarette.
hey now, hey now, boys say go.
locqauer says stop.
and i say whoo boy, just love me love me love me
undercover angel.
midnight fantasy.
i never dreamed a bigger part of me.
would be
undercover angel
midnight fantasy
just wanna be your woman
please baby please

let's all sing along and follow the dancing ball.
don't you mess around with me
i'm a

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

currently in my 5-disc cd rotation, right here, right now, in america, the land of the free and the fee and the bovine

LTJ Bukem featuring MC Conrad - "Progression Sessions: Japan, Live 2002" - yeah, this is what you really need. no. read rant below.

Pieter K - new one whose name escapes my noggin - pretty good, intricate and ambitious breakbeat, drum 'n' bass and house. solid

Cinematic Orchestra - "Every Day" - this record continues to get better and better with each listen. definitely in my current top 5 of the year right now.

Thievery Corporation - "The Richest Man In Babylon" - this is ok...actually it's been growing on me. we'll see.

Arkestra One - "Arkestra One" - also on Thievery Corp's label, that same sorta loungey kitschy jazzy smokey get-yer-ya-ya's-out vibe. yet odd by a bit. which helps. good use of sampled vocals.

and there you have your current top five in the cd player.
my eyes are heavier than mr. heavyfoot's.
thank you poindexter.

stench mcqueen lives here
that shapely waitress looks good wearing underoos.

below are some, off the top of my head and a little help via magic, of my fave albums of the year, thus far.
we've still got three and a half months to go, so anything can happen.
tomorrow i may start to really dig on the latest n sync album or the latest slap a shit from boz scaggs, but for now, right here, right now, this is this!
"back in rack"

Best Albums 2002 thus far (in no particular order, other than the wayward skin of walnut juice. but who knows what that is?)

Cinematic Orchestra - Every Day
Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi
Mark Rae - Rae Road
Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Layo & Bushwacka - Night Works
Touch Tones - Various artists
Ishq - Orchid
Meat Beat Manifesto - RUOK?
Technova - Dirty Secrets
Tech Pop compilation - Ministry of sound
The Vines - Highly Evolved
Scion - arrange and process basic channel tracks
Caural - Stars On My Ceiling
Metamatics - from death to passwords�
DJ Shadow - The Private Press
Wood Choice Cuts compilation
Andrew Pekler - Station To Station
Jazzanova - In Between
Languis - Untied
Minus 8 - Minuit
Recloose - Cardiology
DJ Spooky - Optometry

Sean Escoffrey - "Days Like This"
Osunlade - "Change"
Green Velvet - "La La Land"
x-press2 - "lazy"
Johnny Fiasco - "take 5"
king kooba - "salvation"
Layo & Bushwacka! - "Love Story"
Minus 8 - "Snowblind" (amalgamation soundz mix)
Verious Artists - "Susy May"
Forward Selection - "Supermellow"
Swayzak - "In The Car Crash"
Plankton Man vs. Terrestre - "Gran Chaparral"
DJ Shadow - "Six Days"
Nightmares On Wax - "Bleu My Mind"
Zero dB - "Come Party"
Arkestra One - "Man From The Audience"
Technova - "Move Me"
Technova - "Mind Games"
Miguel Migs - "Brand New Day"
Dirty Vegas - "Days Go By"
Dr. Demento - "Kinko, the Kid-loving Klown"
Eminem - "without me"
Ass basket - "dicey shit going down in the city"
Plunging Member - "basic craftiness in the house"
Place to be - "make my chimney special assweed."

can you guess which ones are fake?
hint, they aren't the ones above the immediate three you see right now with your peepers.
pugs are for chickens.
i am not a chicken.

basically, you have the most annoying breath, i've decided to stomp it out with garlic toast butter supreme, a kissin' cousin of smutbutter.
if you're keeping subliminal score at home.
your choice is not longer relevant in this part of the sea.

nobody ever calls the ocean the "sea" unless you live in manchester or some other town in england, where the birds have more feathers than antelope play in the beer-infest gardens of moorer, where i met a girl so fair.

she gave me a piece of gelatin and i squashed her chance with my steely knives, because you just can't kill the beast.
last thing i remember, as i was running to the door, gotta get back to the passageway of where i was before,
you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.
that means you're going to hell. that's what the bible peeps taught us back in the 80s.
that rock was of the devil.

which for some reason, this reminds me of my crazy uncle ed, me daddy's brotha.
he's a little, ah, shaky, you see, and damn, but a bit wacky.
so i remember he had a book that talked about all the rock and roll that was of the devil and you just had to figure out how to read the subliminal messages from satan.
now, that whole idea seems quaint and slight.
how could we really have gotten that upset over rock and roll?
i mean, shit, people aren't even afraid of marilyn manson anymore.
we need more extremism.
yeah, well, why do i remember the time i asked ol nervous (and i believe lifelong virgin) Ed if he ever said the word "dang" (instead of, say, damn, fuck or darn) and he said "no."
he used to love playing handheld coleco football games when we'd go up on the farm and hang with eddie and grandma pratt.
ed always liked to do crossword puzzles too.
the ironic thing of all this is when i was a kid, my uncle ed's room is where i largely spent my time while at my grandma pratt's, on the farm (i loved it on the farm and it truly is in the country, in rural michigan).
see i used to go in there, put on headphones and listen to old records from the 60s, mostly rock and pop stuff. this is where and when i discovered the beatles. weird, but it was totally on my own. nobody forced them on me.
my family certainly wasn't very music knowledgable...yet, i guess i did learn a lot about stuff that was popular in the 60s and 70s because, i was a kid in the 70s and my parents were still more attached to their youth and the musical pop culture they soaked up.
i used to spend hours in uncle ed's room, listening to the beatles (all the american releases, a way american record companies made more on the beatles, by making shorter albums and splitting them up with other singles attached....more albums released in america).
so much fun.
that's pretty much where the dj thing began.

something is happening. i tell you what.
something is brewing.
it's there.
it's there.

and now you see where all this shit went to.
back inside the masoleum

the kitty is licking my left hand, this minute, this now

1:19:33 am tuesday, sept. 10, 2002...
damn straight now

post playa is a drag...yet sooooo damn good too.
shove me in a basket.

love and ass cake.

A plea to LTJ Bukem

Dear mr. LTJ,

I have a message to give to you from your fans here in the U.S.
We love you and your cool, smokey jazzed out drum �n bass, full of crisp keyboards, tight breaks, and foolhardy melodies. We love your cool wraparound glasses.
We may not be into drum �n� bass as much as we used to, but we�re still down for some nice breezy LTJ grooves from time to time.

Yet, for a long, long time now, a wall has been building between myself and the true, ideally rapturous LTJ Bukem experience. And I think I�ve figured out the problem.

Get rid of MC Conrad.

Ok, I said it. It�s out there.

I�m not necessarily dissing Conrad. He has his thing going on. And I�m sure there are many a bwoy out there who�s so down with Conrad�s Up-UP!!-UPLIFTING vibe!!!

But I�m over it.
No, I don�t wanna flip the goddamn script anymore.
I�m not really wanting to take it up any higher.
I�m fine where I�m at.
You don�t need to get me up on a spiritual plane.
And yeah, I can feel the heat. I know I�m shining on.
I hear you Conrad, I do.

But dude, let�s be honest. We LTJ fans just don�t want him around any more.

Christ, he�s been the �host� for the last several thousand LTJ live mixes (which seem to roll out every few months from the Good Looking, along with the countless re-releases, yo) and frankly, it�s over for Conrad. LTJ, you did a great job with your full-length. There are some solid tracks on there. Sure, there�s a bit o filler, but hey, I�m down with quantity. It can�t all be liked by everyone.
And I�m just one annoyed guy, ready to sucker punch Conrad if he keeps on barking barking barking barking incessantly over the goddamn breezy mother fucking lite drum n� bass beats.

We�re all over Conrad.
We just want LTJ.

Or shit, bring along a couple other vocalists. What about some female vocals? Make it fair. I can dig on some hip-hop, sure, but when I listen to your music Mr. Bukem, I don�t really hear hip-hop. So much of it seems forced.

I also realize that the human element can really add a big spiritual uplift in a live event and Conrad is definitely an uplifter.
Sure, I mean, come on.
We all get it, like I said.
But give us something new. Try something different.
Some different vocalists, a live bassist or drummer�something.
We�re all getting mighty bored.
And we like you. We really do.
We still dutifully come out to support you when you roll through town. We still listen to your tracks.
See, we DO care.

And this is why we needed this intervention with you.
To be straight and let you know what�s up.

So LTJ, at least think about it.
A tour without Conrad and maybe a live mix and a studio album isn�t too much to ask, is it? We understand how busy you must be.
But we really like you.

We do.
And we hope you�ll hear our pleas.

He has a solo career now. Let him in on that vibe for the time being.
But do your thang.

Please, if, for nothing else, for the goddamn children.
It�s all for the children.

Bukem Danno.


LTJ Bukem fan who�s fed up and isn�t gonna take it anymore.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

i'm so bummed about the whales dying the other day. so bummed. it's just really horrible.
why is it people like myself get so upset about animals, maybe even more than humans dying?
it's all horrible, don't misinterpret, but it just hits you different. i'm sure i'm desensitized about humans dying.
i dunno. we're destroying this planet because there are too many of us. and we keep multiplying. stamping out all these species. there was just a story on npr yesterday about a bird on the island of san clemente and how the military, which does massive operations there, has to tailor its testing around this endangered bird.
i'm sure they're not happy.
god our government is such a bunch of fucking fools.
i just read that AG ashcroft maintains that gun background checks aren't necessary in their "war on terrorism" because he doesn't believe they will solve anything like finding potential "terrorists." talk about being a fucking ASSHOLE. fucking piece of shit.
you lost to a dead guy fuckstain in your home state of missouri. people didn't want you elected.
piss on me, lotsa me.

yeah, we know it and we sound out the phrases.
back it up, back it up, back it up, back it up.
turn me on dead man.
turn me on dead man.
lay me down to sleep, i pray the lord my poop to take.

shovel my ashes into the ground, pray that i on the casket don't pound
take my arms and lay them to rest, flail them around upon her breast
the kitties are bad, this much is true
i'm gonna pull my stomach out and give it to you.
and you and you and you and you.

the stench is rising, much like mojo, but without the paint.
how am i going to find a van at this point?
looks like i'll have to rent an suv or some shit.
looks like.
i have so much to do and so little time.
better pay the ferryman before he goes for broke.
skunks suck.
leave me the spokes.

shaftherd forever.

tunnel man

Monday, July 29, 2002

shaving in the morning reminds me of many things.

the smell reminds me of college for some reason. i guess that is a smell i associated with our dorm room shared bathroom suite, all those years ago.
it also reminds me of my dad, especially the stinky piss part.
interesting note that the parties i recently attended are based around what is being called a cult of some sorts.
my dj gig was sensational. i'm clearly having fun these days. loving loving loving. gonna work on the recording shit starting tonight. hungry hungry hippos.
i can also go through those ouchy recordings and make track marks.
and put those to cd.
my glock is funny.

more weirdness as it develops.
at least the miners are safe. now i can rest easy.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

christ almighty, crazy night, crazy week, crazy shit period yo.
it's 12:07 in the p.m. on a nice sunny sunday and i'm tired as fuck.
of course, when you stay up extra late being bonkers out of your skull at the jane's addiction concert at the warfield, it's to be expected.
perry rolls out there with a huge felt hat with giant feather sticking out of the top.
what was the first song they sang? i forget.
but they played all the hits...summertime rolls, pigs in zen, jane says (first encore ....awwww, isn't that suite?), Stop, Been Caught Stealing (did they play that?), Three Days was like the second or third song, they played a couple tracks i didn't know, though there was one from their first album.
god, what else?
it was fun. they were good.
one of the few times i pay for a concert.
ah well.
people were dying to get in. tons of people were out attempting to purchase tickets beforehand.
concert said it started at 9 p.m. but goddamn, jane's made sure everyone was good and fucked up and didn't go on till about midnight.
the pussycat dolls opened up.

earlier this week, last sunday i went to the warped tour at pier 30 and 32, though not till late in the day. last weekend was alone time tim. saturday i spent mostly by myself, though we did something that night that i'm not recalling at the present time.
sunday , warped at like 4 to 6 (ha) and then went up to mill valley to pick up tina from the art car thing.
that took fucking forever due to everyone deciding to head that way at the same time. of course, the baseball game may have had something to do with it too.
sucked though.

wednesday, i went to the ghostly international show at amnesia. before that i went to Le Colonial for Nicholas Macias' 21st birthday with the ad agency gang. those freaks. ol doc penman was there to serve up the goods, many free drinks and many thanks go out to ODP.
that was fun, seeing the old peeps (which reminds me i have to get my check from nannette. i fucking need that shit).
i also neeed to buy shaving cream for the last week as well as a no parking sign.
ghostly international was a blast. cool cool cool. seeing all the ghostly folks, mosi, dillard, and some of the xlr8r crew like jane, melanie and emily. all good people.
the weekend prior..oh yeah...friday night, july 12, i went to dadafest in SF. ouchy and the clown posse were there, kicking it live. i was a bit disappointed overall with the shenanigans. don't know what i expected but it wasn't that. kinda lame actually.
however, first time i've ever seen two crazy fucking things and it had to do with the faux rats. dammit. first, one got a big metal sheath stuck down his urethra, i.e where the urine and semen seep out. oh god, every guy in the audience wanted to cry. second, was the rat girl during the break getting fucked by a dildo that was moving up and down thanks to a dude on a connecting bike that made the dildo go up and down. so this girl's completely naked in front of a fairly large crowd (50) with a dick riding up her with a rat nose on her face.
nice. only in san francisco.
ouchy and the gang were heroined out clowns.
much of the show was gross and unfunny though.
thumbs down
thumbs up for shock value.

saturday was funny july 13 because we went to bruce's friends up in berkeley hills (very nice people, amazing view) for a cocktail, then over to bruce's mom's for some birthday dinner (bruce's 40th...which is nuts). bruce's mom is awesome. we cooked up big thick juicy steaks, lobster (well, i watched them eat lobster), shrimp, and much more for you. a very offbeat evening but quite enjoyable. good conversation.
i learned a lot more about bruce after seeing his mom.
they don't really look that much alike though.
then, after leaving there, we picked up monique and went to go see "polyester" in SF. that was a blast. mink stole, one of the women in many john waters films, was there.
of course, i was a bit appalled by what we've come to determine was the SPNG (self pleasuring naked guy), Stroking Naked Guy (SNG) and others. the guy next to me was totally naked except for socks and shoes and kept stroking himself the whole night.
i'm like "what the fuck" dude. luckily i had some bottled up gas that was ready to vacate so i bombed him a few times and made sure to point my stinky ass toward him.
he probably got up five times during the movie (and none were immediately after i farted, so you can't blame me for the hasty exits, ass fucker). one of his gayboy pals came by to offer some stroking help to SNG but that was about it. fucking rude dude. be nude, fine, but don't jack off next to me.
the movie was fun too, with the whole odorama scheme. it sort of worked.
more a novelty thing i believe.
my week at work was filled with fun-filled adventures. new job is going well...still learning the ropes and figuring out where i stand and shit though.
need to prioritize my time a bit better, which, frankly is the story of my life.
anyway, i spent too much time on these fucking horoscopes the other day and mosi on friday (in a very good long conversation) set me straight a bit by giving me some advice on it...which was cool. letting some things go and stop feeling the need to do everything. i don't have to do that.
friday was i was supposed to hit tim love lee and then galaxy but didn't. as it turned out, i heard not many people were there. people are staying in a bit more...and/or they're spreading themselves thin a bit by having so much going on.
last night Dego from 4 Hero was at The Top, which would have been cool if not for janes.
friday night ended up being instant message mania, first with AD, then with mikey. keerazy fun time.
now i remember why i stopped using IM all the time.
too addictive.
was up till past 3 as it was.
then yesterday got up to go to jonah sharp's house, located in the southern end of SF, in a nice quiet residential area (for SF). he had a cool backyard.
spent the whole day (well, till 5 p.m.) at jonah's which was cool. he played me some cuts from his new album, which sounds really cool. and we just talked about all kinds of stuff. he showed me that new software too, which i cant' recall the name right now, but it was made by the guy behind monolake.
it was really easy to use.
i need to get it. apparently, it's only $200.,

i had to take tina the airport on thursday night after her grandmother died that day. sad.
apparently something happened last night where they were handcuffed by fort wayne police but i don't know the story yet. this was via a message on my cell.

last night was wacky because this dude, jason black and his beligerent girlfriend Kelly came with, along with another girl whose name i forget.
friends of andrew's (chairman lau).
kelly was a much like a guy, it was scary. she's a lot of fun.
i want to hang with her again for sure.
the other dude used to be managing editor at Imagine Media, at Revolution Magazine, and worked with johnny newlin, by EIC at the wave.
they did the story on the naked chef in the current issue of The Wave.
the wave is taking off yo. kick ass and we rule too.
god, kelly was so fun.
kara was there too.
andrew, kara and i all shared pills. whooo, we were fucked.

the burlesque show featured carmen elektra, who apparently goes out with dave navarro.
then we stayed super late because they kept the warfield open till 4 a.m. for a dance party. it was fun and we rocked it for awhile. you could tell some of the guys there were a little lost on the whole techno dance thing.
but hey, what can youdo.
it was cool.
saw miranda there too, she's looking good.
also, saw supergigi, which was neato. she was playing some character taking pictures.
me, wearing my stylish red pants, yellow/red shirt, red/yellow shoes and yellow jacket, caught her attention quite quickly, thank you.

listening to this mixmaster morris, jonah sharp collaboration from 98 they did in japan with the dude from the yellow magic orchestra. jonah burned it for me. it's out of print. he also gave me two other older cds. which was nice of him as well. punjab.

oh man, i need to get my work done.
as usual, right?
but i'm there. i'm getting there.
rock on.

just got up to interview ll cool j. it was ok. nothing special.
i didn't come.
ok, i'm doin it and doin it and doin it well.
pee on your back son.

love and poon.


p.s. princess leia is a bitch.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

being slightly frightened of rugburns the clown
realizing people were afraid/loved helgabunny
helgabunny won
naked girl being shackled onto ouchy's cross and seeing her super red bare butt get spanked

poop is the new brown
crack is the new black
nurse rules the world. period.
dougedoug wearing kids pants on his head

Safety Third!!
(no first rule, fun is second)

A mime tastes like a bad salad

everybody wang chung tonight
one of many fave moments in the desert last weekend

hearing Boards of Canada's "1969" Sunday morning not long after sunrise.
we MUST crank this at BM.
it's sooooooooooooooo suited for the desert, it's scary.

i'm listening to it right now.

driving across the playa at 110 mph was pretty fun too. scary but fun.
the playa was harder and less cracked than BRC. hardly any dust like last year at BM.
no need for masks ever.
i feel so much more prepared after going to this.

Sunday morning seeing small cracks of light on the horizon a full two hours before the sun actually rose from behind the mountains.
moving from a hardcore wacky acid buzz to a smoooooooooooooth as silk E buzz....the ONLY way to round out an acid trip.
fuck yeh.
i've gotten a lot of cds lately but only some that are all that good or noteworthy.
here's a quick rundown:

the new underworld (coming out sept/oct) is kinda lame, sorry to say.
got the new squarepusher but haven't listened to it.

new thievery corporation is just ok.

this group Les Hommes is really good loungey stuff

new john digweed is BORING

miguel migs "colorful you" (production debut) is what you'd expect from him, which isn't bad...very nakedmusic sounding

2 by orbital, "back to mine" and "work" (best of) are decent, though i have everything on Work, so kind of pointless.

joe claussell is decent, not great - could have been consolidated to one cd

king britt presents philadelphia experiment - pretty good, jazzy stuff, but not amazing

technova - "dirty secrets" --- really good electro and tech pop

new nightmares on wax "mind elevation" (out in oct) - really good, i like

new boy george mix - surprisingly pretty good upbeat mix, better than expected

"4am sound of tech house" - mediocre mix by no-name dj

minus 8 - "minuit" ---- really cool nu-jazz broken beat

playgroup dj kicks ---- eh,,,ok electro and old school synth pop

starecase - "first floor" --- decent trippy vocal-oriented pop prog house, though the second half really falls off. similar to Hybrid

Satoshi Tomiee - Nubreed ---- pretty good GU mix, though as usual, 2 CDs not really necessary

OM 100 --- comes out early August ----- Solid mixture of material, though some is REALLY good and some is REALLY lame, standard for OM stuff

Miguel Graca "Monkey Mass" --- decent tribal house

Scion "arrange and process basic channel tracks" ---- impressive minimal and abstract techno, excellent mix

Monday, July 08, 2002

The following is an essay written by a friend of mine, Steven Ra$pa, reflecting on Independence Day, America and our freedoms.
Though it's a few days past the 4th, the ideas and thoughts provoked by this essay are strong enough that i feel like it merits being displayed here as well.
I just returned from an amazing weekend deep in the Nevada Desert on a thing called New Moonie excursion.
About 150 people got together in the desert and shared craziness, freakishness and a whole lot of other stuff both physically (!!) and mentally (!!!). It was quite a time....seeing people on their various edges, tossing sanity to the wind.
and the hot springs, ahhhh, the hot springs. amazing as well.
all in all, YES!! i feel wonderful..

ok...more on that later.
here's steven's wonderful words:

Independence, Tyranny, Pride, Walls and Cake!

I had hoped to go to the Black Rock Desert this weekend, make art and camp with friends, but decided it more prudent to stay home and spend the weekend looking for work, paying bills, doing taxes (I'm sure the government will find this very patriotic!), looking for a less expensive apartment (that does not have a construction site across the street), and making time to reflect a bit on life. Except for the last, these are not things I
Relish doing. No. So I am thinking, and today I am thinking especially about the nature of independence and pride.

No one is completely independent. No one is completely free from tyranny. And yet artists and freethinkers--oh yes, and quite often the insane�seem to come closest to living independently. Artists and freethinkers live beyond national, even personal, boundaries; they question the things they love in order to love them anew and more intensely; they open themselves to new and frightening experiences; they do things that make no sense at all and they do not confine themselves or restrict others by erecting walls in order to preserve what they love. Rather, they are in the business of removing walls. To me this makes extaordinary sense. Walls that are created with pride, walls that are created to keep others out, walls that creep up to preserve what we love most--become prisons. Walls are ultimately self-defeating. I have rallied around "radical inclusiveness" (a fundamental aspect of Burning Man, which is a natural compliment to my theory of MEW--and no, I shall not discuss that here; it's far too simple, which makes it extremely dangerous!) as an idea because inclusion is NOT about walls. Neither is independence. And both are a challenge to uphold.

Pride, my dear friend and enemy, Pride! Tyranny is often born of pride; and yet it is natural to celebrate what we share and hold dear. It is also natural to feel good about our lives and what we have created for ourselves.
Pride is a birthday cake with candles; and it is also a stick of dynamite. I often laugh with and at it, if you know what I mean. With their need to feel special--and their resulting pride -- people have created terrible blind spots and done small-minded, short-sighted and hateful things to one another.
Idiots and morons! And yet "THEY" are "US." And here I am today in America, living a charmed life, having tasted liberty in doses that defy politics, nationality, good sense and at times even imagination itself. And I am proud! Or at least grateful--even as I am concerned about reductions in civil liberties thought necessary to make this country "safer" and to preserve our freedoms. I won't get into it; you know what is going on � and for perfectly good reasons. But is that independence? Is it freedom? I am as proud as I am not -- of myself and of this country. We can always do better and must always try.

I believe the path to true independence is to humbly open oneself to the world again and again; to question and challenge our fears, even the things we hold dear; to make ourselves vulnerable and to offer greater freedoms to others than we can even offer ourselves at times. And yet freedom, too, is a burden and creates its own kind of tyranny. The price of information and experience is often the cost of understanding the impact each of us has on our communities and the world...the cost of knowing better and knowing that you do not know better. There are no absolutes, no best way to do anything,
no best place or thing to be. And yet we must do what we can and live our values. Yes,
yes independence creates its own burdens and challenges. Even the word begs the question, "Independence from what?" It's an old story and the construct itself has walls worth knocking down, even as we embrace it. As it has been said many times before, �May we never be free from freedom!�

Well, may we, as artists, free-thinkers -- and perhaps, the criminally insane -- never be independent of Independence Day; may we make it our own, wherever we spend it. May we be Americans on our own terms...and may we also be citizens of the world without the blinders of national pride. May we always live life fully and work steadily to disperse the tyranny of ages -- within and around us. And may we always keep our eyes on the
Birthday cake, even as we are delighted by the candles and thoroughly enjoying the taste of every preposterous bite!

I HOPE-WISH-PRAY-DREAM (and pledge allegiance to the United States of
Humanity etc and so forth!) that this 4th of July finds you creatively celebrating your own independence -- in the very best ways you can muster! (Or is that mustard?)

With Love, Light and a Hearty Ka-BOOM!

- $teven Ra$pa

"During a carnival men put masks over their masks." - Xavier Forneret, 1838

Friday, June 28, 2002

san jose is officially idiotville.
thank god the people i work with are cool.
longer letter later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

so then you hit his head against the curb?"
overheard by a group of san jose cops at pizza joint across the street

random rules
my party on friday night was seriously out of fucking control. first at kell's. then a cab over to andrew's place on 16th and castro for some definite debauchery. rockin, rollin, wheelin, dealin, healin, sealant, freedom rock man, so turn it up.
lots of pics too.
saturday was sleep till 2 p.m., be lazy, get music together, go to big ass party for garage mahal. enjoy self. play music for nobody there. still have fun. do things :) work the water/red bull tip. be amazed at the crazy cash cow that it is.
holy fuck, and hail mary.
sunday, sleep till 3 p.m., watch be amused, and then actually exit room at 5 p.m.
happy happy.
monday, sleep in a bit, actually finish demf story for xlr8r super super super late. cry and pull hair.
shoot a musket.
live long and prosper.
hook up with mr rolls at the dotcom shopping mall.
go to zeitgeist and get bbq stuff that makes you shit/stink later. badly.
start work first day on tuesday.
be blown away.
best way to sum up first day is to listen to shaun escofferey's "days like this" on marques wyatt's new mix cd. i'll find out the exact name but it's on OM and it came out in may.
rock steady.
go see jeff karp at his new home that he just bought and marvel that he still lives in the fucking garage. literally. he doesn't even have a bathroom but he does have a lot of ants.
he has no bathroom. but he does have his dsl installed.
he has no bathroom. he pees in the backyard of a place that he owns yet rents the house out and sleeps in the garage.
did i mention on monday we saw a fellow near like 7th or 8th in SF walking in the crosswalk with a suitcase on his head.
yes, a suitcase on his head.
it was odd. yes.
this morning, here in the lovely city of san jose, i saw a whaler walking down the street in stretch pants wearing a very large sombrero. i was quite afraid.
this morning i went to espresso garden.
it is now 10:44 a.m.
happy happy happy.
joy joy joy

keep it on

Friday, June 21, 2002

i wish i had a horn section to go with me wherever i go. they could reflect my many moods and carry me through the rough spots.
i am a mammal and a mamman and proud of it.
get off my back and intestines.
i need them.
good luck when you're alive.
your friend,
dead simon

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Eating is highly overrated and a waste of time

i'm going to write a blazing essay on what i think is killing the human race - eating.
this isn't about people who are overweight and should eat less, but eating in general.

if i could stop eating forever, i would. it's a complete waste of time, it's a bitch to work off, you're always having to worry about what you eat, people obsess about food constantly, women like/need it apparently even more than men do, it fucks up your teeth, it costs too much money, it's destroying our health care system because it's too bogged down trying to stop all the negative shit of eating - nothing good comes from eating. we're constantly trying to combat the consequences of what we eat. fuck that struggle. it's bullshit.

people might say "oh, it's the natural order of things." how so? everything we eat today is processed and loaded up with all sorts of chemicals. how is that natural?
people might say "oh, but it gives us energy." yeah, so do a lot of vitamins.
people might say "oh, it might really hurt the restaurant industry. And the toilet industry too." Too bad. Survival of the fittest.
people might say "oh, but eating makes me fit." really? then why are you still popping loads of vitamins and various supplements each day?

give me a pill with all my nutrients, give me an IV, mix it into my water ...something.
i can accept limited quantities of some fruits and the occasional snack of various items, but not much else.

eating sucks.
The negative aspects clearly outweigh the positives.
you heard it here first.

prepare for the onslaught.

have a WONDERFUL day.



"mad about new things, so you don't have to be"
where is terence trent d'arby when we need him the most?
oh and i LOVE the BART system.
people wonder why some avoid public transportation.
here's an idea - get the trains there on time!
fuckin a. this morning, the 8:20 train simply didn't show up.
so instead what should have been two trainloads of people is packed into one train....lovely.
i love smelling armpits of other nasty peeps. yeah.
(i know, i know..i could be in tokyo...but i'm not, so screw you). get people out of their precious cars, you have to make the public trans more reliable and workable.
i got there extra early today so i could get into work early and instead i get there later than normal because of the delays.
i blame the people who originally built this system because they obviously didn't plan ahead to think about, oh, i dunno, population increases??
my god.
nobody thinks.
people people people.

life, our precious commodity.
only $19.99 before tax, surcharges and tips.

and you have a wonderful day on Earth!
while you still can.
people sure are smart
ok, lessee, scooby doo is the number one film.
a lone woman started the colorado wildfires because of being pissed about a letter from her ex-husband and decided to burn it in drought conditions.
we have yet another suicide bombing in israel, this one killing 20 people, because we refuse to attempt to try and solve this fact, we exacerbate the problem.
idiot talking heads worry more about who the voice is behind the sock puppet than they do telling the public important news.
"ha ha ha, oh that sock puppet, i can't wait till he comes back...oh and by the way, a plane crashed yesterday somewhere in northern california. we don't know where or why but here's this gory footage of the plane exploding....ha ha ha ha ha oh that rascally sock puppet."

meanwhile, uptown, the dj appears...

hi. human beings can be really fucking pathetic.
especially we self-serving americans.
"fuck global warming! i just want to fill up my SUV so i can go trample on precious wildlife preserves and show my lovely children that God wants us to use all of our natural resources first before all the evil non-americans of the world. so what if i leave a little trash behind? that's for the working class pathetic individual forced to be in a shitty job such as this. it's their fault they're poor. now let's go get a decaf latte, shall we?"

yeah, we're real caring.
fuck W, our fake president (i refuse to ever address this idiot individual as our "president" because he isn't).

and you have a wonderful day, cake boy.

Monday, June 17, 2002

people without teeth look funny.
that's what i say.

i can't believe i'm listening to The Cult's "Love" from like 1910. damman.

i'm going to miss the gratuitous butt crack shots from random strangers when i start working in san hosay. damman.

i'm very angry about sidewalk waverers. the people who, when you try to pass them, speed up and move toward you thereby making it more difficult to pass them by.
i've had to take charge and push them down several flights of stairs before.
where is the happy-go-lucky flashing nurse when you need her? i love nurse. she's awesome. also completely bonkers.
funny that her name is jessica. she seems more, nurse. and she seems like a little kid, which i can dig on.
nurse rules.
more on sidewalk waverers in our later broadcast.
back to your crying game.

i have jamba juice orange mango zoom and you don't.
so rue me.
sue me.
beat me.
seat me.

cockamammie mamman.

scooby doo made $56 million this weekend.

what an embarassment. i feel ashamed to be a human.
fuck steamboat willie.
i prefer steambath surge.
i went to dj shadow last tuesday. it was so fucking good, i nearly poon farmed.
seriously, amazing how well it was put together.
and so glad it was homemade, like chester mcfeester.
on sunday.
in heat.
for your love and hold you tight.
hotline hotline
did i ever talk about me talking my way into david cross on tuesday, june 4? after my interview, when i was already feeling hyped from the kick ass interview.
way cool jr.
i went to the winston smith opening last thursday night at 111 minna...smith being the fellow who makes all those awesome art collages, and we bought two prints, one as a gift for another fine couple who have made out acquaintance.
thursday also included a meeting at the space down in potrero to set up for the garage mahal party june 22, of which, i'm opening dj. yammer.
and, there was also the item of hooking up with the long lost mr. rolls at the event involving winston smith. fun fun fun in the city.
gracious me, i'm alive and dead and ready to kill small children with my deadbeat eyes.
and gravy.
speaking of,,,, 60s counterculture activist and woodstock host wavy gravy was kicking it live at the winston smith gathering. as i mentioned to all my colleagues in the USSR, he looks like a giant cabbage patch doll.
funny funny. crazy little thing called love.
and there was that other fine gentleman wearing the top hat and donning a cape...
(did i mention right now i'm listening to the inauspicious sounds of Axiom Ambient, from 1994? oldie but a goodie. i went through my cds yesterday and found i had some that were gasping for air....all i know is, these are the soul cages.)
i have one week left and i'm already steeped in bullshit due to tim pratt procrastination, so i'll have to make this short and sugary.
noam chomsky fucked elephantitus licker stickers.
the gentleman wearing the cape, we first encountered him last day of the dead in the mission, preaching to the faithful some sort of scary story. i like that guy. he's very intriguing. i'll have to run into him again somewhere. seems like it is my destiny.
it is your destiny.
still need to see spider-man and star wars and minority report is coming up soon too. i need love.
scratch, i still need to see that. i'm more behind than a whaler going up the stairs.
i'm more behind than that Ride song.
instead of making love, we play head games.
stinketh, i do.
stinketh, you should.
moaning and groaning and whining and pouting, it's a wonder you get any work done amidst all your hometown suffering.

i saw black hawk down last night.
shot really was like 'enough fucking war'
but then we watched the making of and all the soldiers were english or australian. it was odd...ewan mcgregor trying to do an american accent...simply awful....unbelievable how bad he was.
but like they were all brits....playing elite american soldiers. it was strange.
penman told me it's easier for foreigners to adopt a southern drawl because it requires the least amount of concentration.
penman is sending his parents tickets for a cruise from australia to here as a gift.
sam totally did not understand my email about chwing the same cud. i think i got it wrong but oh well. at least i'm still an american.

feckless and still smoking jackets.

oh man, on june 6..after a smooth cocktail party at mr. ted.'s house, where they always serve the finest mojitos and i met a neato former music editor to pygmies in heat, i went to lingba in potretro hill for a last minute spin and lo and behold, therein was the burbon.
i met these crazy israeli girls..they were pretty hardcore. hard and core.
the girl's name was Esti, short for Esther, which is a book of the bible and a fine fresh scent, much like irish spring.
did you know guinness beer has been brewed since 1759 in dublin.
it's amazing what you learn these days from reading the bathroom walls.
urinating and educating never felt so good.
that could be a catchphrase, if phrases still existed.
which they to don't.
so fuck you you transitive verb.

last sunday was PANDS, which, unless you're piggie and schimmie, you won't understand what that means. so screw all you nonbelievers.
but man, were those red pants sensational.
almost as sensational as those pictures i saw of young chelsea being a bit drunk in london town. where the bridges are falling down.
unlike michael douglas.

we've all got brass tacks to fill.
dennis came up this weekend.
fire in the hole.
he enjoyed america.
friday kinda sucked for the talk of the town was so not its name. shady and lame.
yucko degrasso.
saturday was fun in the city, roaming rhyming stealing and healing.
then it was on to the bbq at the toad/canned ass household saturday night.
rocking it was.
that nurse sure is a spitfire.
and she wears a slip for natural wear.
she's a fine woman.
and a lady.
nothing more than feeling.s
three times a mady.
budgetary cuts force me to interfere with you.

and you have a nice scanner!

your patron saint of jack-inthe-box

basic shame candlestick

Saturday, June 08, 2002

what does it say about me when i'm more upset about the death of former ratt guitarist robbin crosby than i am about the death of dee dee ramone.

ok, upset is a strong word. affected might be better.

last night i felt like i was in a bret easton ellis novel.

this week has been fucking crazy, crazy, crazy.

i met esti from tel aviv, israel, after spinning at lingba on thursday night..that following a healthy conversation exchange with that fellow who used to work with ted, who was a music editor.

tuesday was the interview, frenzied that it was, along with me deciding to hit david cross show after all, and talking my fucking way into the show.

wednesday, seems like i didn't rock it....hmmmm, and's been so warm all week.
there were those cool birds chilling in the sun at the park on our lunch.
there was the healthy cranky exchange with jerome at the other park after the B's hittation stop on columbus.
specs yeap. grandma chicken.

i'm so annoyed with this headline in usa today: eventually eminem must overcome self-absorption...
or here's another one....reporters must overcome celebrity-absorption....get over it...why are you so obsessed about what these artists do and how they operate? isn't that part of the joy? the mystery? the weird darkness that most of us don't dare confront?
it's a "live through you" kinda vibe with that.
so what, you've got to feed on that, and to say it so matter of factly, like "this is the way" seems once again to be a "lockstep" point of view.
and i say fuck that shit.

oh yeah, and the forgetfullness of the cat litter.
i can never remember what is the favorable brand of kitty litter to get.
maybe it's the too long of amount of time between purchases. dammit.!
shorsighted bullshit ass.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

paste your face in disgrace, leather and lace, mace, taste, case bass
yeah, you know how we do.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

SPECS adler museum bar is the bomb. you've got to go. you've got to've got to go.
go go go go go go

background music now kicking it: Billie Holiday

just what i love to hear, financial discussions early in the morning.
yes, on the bart this morning (my 8:25 was nowhere to be found, btw, so i had to wait for the late-ass train for five whole minutes...see i count on that train being on time to get me to my work on time. of course, i'm always running late, but that's another story...) and these loud women are interrupting the silent sanctity of the 20-minute ride to SF by loudly talking about some sort of financial mumbo jumbo.
yah yah yah, who really gives a fuck, dumbo?
bitches man, bitches.

then, i get off the train (second off the train by the way, which is a feat in itself seeing as how everybody powerwalks/jogs to the escalator so they dont' have to get caught up in the human traffic pileup that always occurs ----- too much goddamn cream cheese yet again, but Prague is the only place that gets my bagel toasted the way i want it----) and i hear somebody singing. a woman.

i walk a few more steps toward Montgomery from the BART steps and look to my left toward Market and that's when I see her -- this tiny Asian woman, probably late 40s, with oddly colored hair for someone like her (a cross between dyed orange and red and black), singing some sort of nursery rhyme type melody. really loudly. of course, this being San Francisco, the most people got bent out of shape about it was getting a look of slight alarm on their face, like "what the fuck is that?" but people just walked on by, letting her sing loudly and also dance around in place. quite hilarious, i must say. and i do say.
grant me a wish and tell me a story.
i don't need to be jealous about shit because i'm doing what i want and enjoying it. so fuck fuck fuck.
press the button, hit the switch, this orange juice makes my butt itch.

here? near? Peer? queer? beer? leer? fear? tear?
that's not a generalization, that's a stereotype.

type me a riddle.

basically, i'm alive with envy. and green with syrup.

i'll find a way to infiltrate. talk to penners.
more weaving later.