Thursday, September 26, 2002

currently listening to victor Davies Remixes on JCR (jazzanova compost records)

saw jazzanova two nights in a fucking row.
rock the mother fucking hizzouse.
grab your partner round and round, wave their sorry asses up in the air,
wave their sorry asses like they just don't care.

burn mother fucker burn
somebody hold them hostage before they blow up the place.
chickens never deserved to be served cold pancakes. they just didn't.

there was that one cool thing the other day. remember that?

the beta lounge jazzanova bbq was tha shit though. lots of cool peeps, lots of crazy peeps (that critical mass biker dude was a total trip...of COURSE i met him smoking down. of course you are not my father).

yeah. shit.
plus going there with the "man" was cool. interesting. all very interesting. in fact the preceding three hours was all very very interesting. yes sir.

but enough of about gumbo.
then that random apt. party with surber to end the evening. free cocktails, good conversation, new people and or people that i recently met via garage mahal. party people in the place to be. for me. you see.
she it.

also before i was referring to Bob, the crazy dude that sang good songs to us at day camp. songs like "there's a hole in the bottom of the sea." i loved that guy. i think because he was such a trip.
i mean, shit, we sang the old traditional kid faves like "on top of spaghetti" some jesus songs i'm sure, which were all pretty catchy since i still remember them (it's all about repetition, it's all about the repetition).
bob supposedly lived in like a houseboat on the thornapple river out in the cascade/caledonia area of metro Grand Rapids, back in the way day.
and then some.
coool and smooth, this victor davies is.
i knew he'd be better on the remix tip, especially in the capable hands of jazzanova (so i'm overrun with jazzanova fever right now. i'm allowed).

i didn't like his solo album.

ok, baal is calling.
back to the grindstone

trip on you,

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