Friday, September 20, 2002

good lord
i am indeed a slackass of very large proportions.

i vowed i would be back at this every day,

i have not.

so sayeth the shepherd.


i was GOING to say

the hour of 4-5am is the critical point, when night turns into day.
not, in the literal "when the sun actually rises" sense.
fuck that shit.
i'm talking about 4-5am is when last night turns into "this morning"

you know?

like right now, it's 4:05 am
so shit

like when i got up at 5 the other morning, that was fine.
that was morning.

4 am is still night.

my god, what the fuck.


crazy shit afoot i tell you.

rumblings in the distance

something is coming for me

but what is it?

and where doth it come from?

only quaker oats guy knows for sure.

see, this isn't hard to babble on about nothing, now is it?

i'm sure the 1-2 readers that are now currently checking this shit out are going "yeah"

and more yeahs
not to be confused with the "yeah yeah yeahs"
no no (i haven't actually heard the cd but as underground pretty well read of current shit hipster, i can tell they're already getting the hype. is it for real?)

i didn't dig the dude at the phonebooth earlier this evening (see, i still said this evening. i'm still thinking this is thursday) butting into our conversation about bush and shit.
come on.
the first, time, fine.

second's all good but...

third time...dude

what's UP?

go away.



but you know whatever.

i'm on the laid back trip..

yeah i just said that. deal.


now my "logical" part of my brain is telling me "yo, it's 4:09 am. bed down."

shit, i know.

especially since i have lockjaw.

and a licking The Kitty on my left arm.

yet, i like it.

fucked. i am.

the fashion show this evening ...the macy's 20th anniversary thingie.....strange.

the "circus act" at the end was quite something...especially the spinning four peeps...two women, two men...all barely dressed in skimpy flesh colored sorta outfits.

they all had on heavy theatrical like glitter on faces, chests (girls were topless but both had the glitter....)

hanging from this giant circle ball thing.
it was cool.
confusing and fairly sexual at times...
of course..

fashion show...what a trip that was.
i didn't know a thing about it.
a whole other world.
so fake.
yet so fascinating.

logical tim is winning out.

brush teeth and retire, fall asleep watching bad movies on movie channels.


love and anklets

bunny D

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