Thursday, September 26, 2002

fuckstain charlie went to prison

then he was in big trouble in little china.

yesterday was a day
that today wasn't
because of yesterday

please, be seated.
you enjoy the company of others.

i know i certainly do.

what to make of all this?

dammit, where is baal the golden calf whenyou need him?
he could /could not be my new new one true god.

i guess i'll have to tell the christian scientists to haul their asses outta my spiritual being and let me take back my soul that they took on collatoral...that's probably not spelled correctly.

it's late..
and i'm breathing

yes, it's now time to sing.

i just remember that old guy who used to lead strange camp songs to us curious kiddies at maranatha day camp (yes it was a jesus related thing. what choice did i have? i was a kid growing up in the suburbs in super white super conservative michigan. yeah. that's right.
i'm cool. don't you hate it when people go on too damn long inside the parentheses, knowing they have another thought you have to go back to and you're like "fuck yo, let's end this sidenote thought of your stupid ass and get back to the point? huh? why don't you? man, it's tough. i tell you).

it's also important to have the period OUTSIDE the parenthetical device. i HATE it when it's inside the parentheses.
i'm, btw, practiticing the art of what i do best: procrastination. something has to come of all this, right?
damn. i have to do this to myself.
but i think i figured out the solution.

it's the night, thing.
it's the night thing.
it's the, night, thing.

carefully placed commas make ALL the difference in my world.
and that's the only world you've REALLY got. and really, how much control do you actually have even over your own fucked up mucked up crazy ass shit world?
i thought so.
if you are in complete control, you're not reading this sentence right now anyway.


that's something i'd never say out loud.
funny how the print voice is different, eh?

let's be philosophical.

plug your nose and learn to speak on saturday.
that was a loud noise. i could be dead.
fire that man.

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