Monday, September 23, 2002

if you don't at first succeed, try tunnelling to france again.
it'll be much better if you go in the springtime.

far from me to say but you are a nincompoop.

that fashion show on thursday was really funny.

i do know this. you are not welcome in my home

we had another full weekend of intrigue.
friday - had kids. ate them. they were pretty good. a little gamy. actually, we went to the Cinema Electronica show at ResFest at the Palace of Fine Arts. the electronic videos we saw were right on, man.
then we went to go see Recloose (from Detroit) at Galaxy Club. it was cool. good music. ran into mr. nachmann, and we discussed the future of bricks in the UK, as well as picking up sticks and their relationship with meager men from minnesota.
then we arrived home for love, attention, guidance and push-offness. most splendid. do tell.
saturday, we slept very long, then made kitchen noises with pranksters.
it was good.
we did some stuff, then finally got around to getting ready to meet up with the kids at hobson's choice back up on haight street. we got there an hour late, at around 9.
then! what did we do? i'll tell you. we hung there for awhile, then moved on down the street to The Top for some wacky fun times.
it was ok. not bad, not bad. not bad.
did i say that already?

mazel tov.

we hung there, then trekked all the way over to north beach to hit The Great Water.
did i mention i was just at the GW on thursday night, waiting for Mosi (and guffmann) to pick me up for the fashion extravaganza.
free food and drinks thanks to my little blurb in the wave.
yay. some good came of it.
nat, the owner, is happy happy happy.
goodie goodie mob.

i went to the ad agency on thursday so i could see helen pon off and stuff. erno. that was before great water.
see how everything runs backwards now that the planets are aligned and you're looking for me.
i love america.

yesterday, domino mother fucker.
another pretty day for the ages.
sunday is the day that we pray, pray for today.
2 legit 2 quit.
hey hey.

sunday, we rolled out back to resfest to make it for the 3 pm showing of the Chris Cunningham retrospective, which was most fucked up. the best thing we saw (so much good stuff) was the new "Flex", more fucked up than nick nolte in malibu (amazing mug shot of him fucking funny, i nearly lost my saltines and butter sticks).
we saw my good former friend in the front row.
more challenging than bacon.
that was fine.
ran into the lau, kellster, jaso, and pals as we walked out.
they were heading in to the spike jonze thing "what's up fatlip" which iwanted to see, but didn't.
i am curious to know more if the price is right.
instead, we hit the bbq that was a real treat up in north beach. up on that rise at montgomery and vallejo where there's a little garden. rocked and stuff. great view and everythign else.
had a lot of fun, saw a lot of photos of burning man from various folk.
good time had by most.
thank you swiss master.
then back over to resfest for more fun and intrigue. now i need presents.
saw the guy from koop there but didnt' know what to say, hey.
see 'em tonight, right.



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