Saturday, September 28, 2002

"i lose my lease after 24 years. lose my lease."
"24 years."

the only thing i can mutter back is "i'm sorry" with a genuine look of sympathy..

though the look must have been on my face.
a look of astonishment.
ok, maybe that's overstating things just a bit.
but i was definitely taken aback at the bareness of the shelves in the corner store at Divisadero and ummm, not Haight...Oak?
i think.
the man, obviously upset about this, seemed visibly embarassed about it.
i felt bad for the man.
i wasn't a regular shopper. i wasn't a regular. i didn't know this man.
but his words tore at me. they stopped me for a split second.
i was looking around the store, quickly, just looking for a quick snack to hold me over till i got to bruce's (where i promptly ate two hot dogs on the grill...i was hungry. don't blame me...i don't want to eat. damn physical body bullshit).
i wanted a snickers. because, as you know, they really satisfy.
your hunger pangs.
and that's what i was going for

that and thinking bout whut ah wuz doin tha next dey, 'aving a rail on tha tits of a fine yung thin, aye.
but whut cahn ya do?

the new amon tobin is really fucking good.
i am not kidding around on this kiddo.
me no kid.
me kid
me don' want no kid of a goat.

twas very nice to see miss audrey back in SF. my god, it was so awful what happened to her.
i was very much in admiration of her and her immense bravery.
yeah, those sound like cliched phrases but i really mean it.
this is a woman who was riding as a passenger in a car when the driver had a seizure and drove head-on into a telephone pole.
the driver, out of the hospital in a few days.
miss audrey. brain injury. she had swelling on the brain. fucking crazy.
she still has all of her creative skills but she said she had to relearn everything. how to use the bathroom (no shit...and no pun intended...eeks), how to tie your shoe, how to brush her hair, how to brush her teeth..the list goes on and on. she recognized me immediately, yet she said that a month ago, she wouldn't have been able to .
she had incredibly good spirits.
jesus, amazing.
she's only visiting right now...already djing...
which is totally awesome.


went to sasha at 1015 last night...mainly for observing type reasons.
twas interesting all right.
but i already have ideas...which is good.


could be an interesting opportunity if played correctly.
ok, well, yeah.

listening to right now:

FC Kahuna " Machine Says Yes"
i have it on vinyl, though i haven't listened to it in a while.
just now being released in the States.

i must get to writing yah.

more stuff 2 talk tha xlr8r thing, the bruce thing, the good timing thing,
the breadbasket thing,
the restaurant thing
the aooooooo thing
the kitties
the money thing
the email thing
the dj thing
all these come together as one.
the robb roy thing too

so many things

listen to my shepherd.

love and fruitcake,

Wxeeno Zeevmeb

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