Tuesday, October 08, 2002

crack baby chocolate style

the real bastards eat cake, part 7

behind leonard part 6

music at the precise moment:

Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place"

damn this is such a heart-wrenching song,,,if i do say use the horrible cliche i just used.

but sometimes it's easier that way isn't it.

for so long i've been using this as a reminder, almost as a memory jogger. for me and few others, if anyone.
god knows if anyone reads this.
though i plan to change that so i can in fact get that information in the near future.

but right now i need good positive vibes.
and i need the forces to be with me on this one.
this wednesday.
i need to be ready for the world.
singing "oh sheila" and shit.
they be calling flint, mich. home, yizzou
which is nice since it was just rated like 3rd or 4th least healthy city in the country.
memphis, tennessee, being number one.
who gave us elvis presley.

and unwittingly, fucking extreme elvis.
god help me when i see him.
somehow, i know that day will come.

oh woe, ohhhh death.
ohhhhhh death.
won't you find me the something something

boards of canada was made for the desert.

i apologize for that digression.

but i also have to admit that i do in fact, like,
oh brother where art thou soundtrack.
i like the film...it grew on me, i have to admit.

oh i didn't join in the masses, kick up my corns, and buy me a couple copies down at the local walmart.
no sir.
got me them songs online. somebody may be coming after me so that's all i gots to say at this point.


and shit.

so things gotta start happening sometime.
don't they?
i mean, don't they?

now back to the happy, mournful sound of nick drake.
is yet another trend that i've hopped onto.
uh oh and it got famous via a commercial playing "pink moon."
but dammit, fuck it,..and fuck the purists.

so what that i discovered an artist via an advertisement. this is our culture. i cannot escape it. i can only hope to contain it.

damn yo.
i'm hungry hungry hungry hippos right about now.

ok, this track "bryter lyter" is a bit too renaissance faire in waukesha, wisconsin (actually, i could be wrong on that city)

maggie was a good bitch wasn't she.
it's better to come up with non sequiters isn't it?
then you understand nothing i say.
yet there is a pattern there.
isn't that the scoundrel's chatter?
i dare say.


cooey whispers of mr. dead drake.
rather see the "rivvveeerr maaannnn" with his sorta high-pitched mega-whisper with the slight lisp of a sensitive guy rocker dude. he was cooler than james taylor back in his glory sensitive guy early years.

plus ol' nick died. somehow. i can't seem to remember how at the moment.

it came from beneath the sea.
that could be a sexual statement, could it not?
only if you think sexually.
which nobody ever does.

david sedaris is going to be on david letterman tuesday evening.
i must watch.
plastic surgery is for babies.

nick drake is back on. "three hours" is soooo good.
i also admit it might get a few fans from the hippie fanbase.
but that's ok.

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