Wednesday, October 23, 2002

last weekend was cool. tina and i were supposed to go to fortuna in willits but tina decided she didn't want to at the last minute.
and so we just drove up the coast..all the way to eureka.
first night we stayed in point arena..which was cool. better than the goddamn koa.
which was like the walmart of campgrounds.
got to see the cool lightpost which was nifty.
and then the next day we went all the way to the redwood national forest in humboldt county, which was truly amazing. seriously. so majestic and unreal....mystical seriously.
even the light coming through the forest was way cool.
definitely yah.

currently listening to: sun ra - "space is the place"
not sure if i like it but i'm giving it a go.
what can i say...i try.
i really try.

so yeah tina and i stayed in fort myers or actually, ummm, the natl park campground. yep.
very nifty yes'm. cool too because we kept on going for three days straight. lot of fun. forget how much i missed traveling. nice.

last week was crazed. spent all of thursday at seano's doing edits for my sets. got a lot accomplished, which was awesome.
friday was my birthday,,,ate at saigon saigon...after first trying to meet up with ad peeps at the bamboo hut. but it was closed for a private party. so then we opted for fuse, which is right next door on broadway.
yeah, not as good but what the hell. good people.
so then we went down to the mission to saigon saigon...waiting for us was mr. rolls and ted. everybody was late.
but eventually, peeps that made it included seano, brolin, tina, jerome, andrew, mosi.
then we went over to rolls' house for extracurricular activities. damn, i left my video over there from brolin.

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