Monday, November 11, 2002

up from the dead, he arose

and so we were there, looking over the sun, thinking we were alive, when in fact, we were dead.
fucking dead.
and then what are we going to do if we're dead.
we can't really go anywhere or do anything.
which sucks.
we can't actually look at things, only think we can look at things while still alive, while thinking we're dead.
isn't it fucked up that we really don't know what the fuck is going to happen to us when we're dead.
oh, there are plenty of christians that would differ, as well as pretty much every religion in this world.
but nobody really knows.
we all think we have the answers. just like we thought bloodletting was a way to heal people.
or that burning people at the stake when a few accused them of being witches, well, that was god's work.

see, what if it's a big joke.
a big fucking cruel joke, while we sit here and wonder "gee, why am i really here?" or "what does it all mean?"
and then meanwhile, we die and then, op, nothing.
just dead.
or maybe the animals are the true spirits and we're the soulless fools.

ah, it's something more than just our bodies, the "human" thing.
our pliable, soft bodies we live in...i was going to say our "shells" which seems to fit better.

god, so much shit has gone on in the past month.
where to begin.
no point really.
how can i.

started a new job. that's something, no?
working for the MAN.
yes, THE man.

yep, it's not bad...still figuring out my place...still getting my head wrapped round it, yo.

what can ya do.

still trying to understand and get into a system.
the dj thing has been going really well. my energies seem to be there of late.
interestingly. though it should be obvious since i have contributed to this here thing for a few weeks.

we lived through quite the interesting rain storm last thursday, when we tried going to cirque du soliel. ended up going to a corresponding party instead, after they cancelled the show due to high winds.
i really want to see the damn thing still. that's the thing.

that IS the thing.

dougie's bday party a week and a half prior was i felt great. still in a bit of a frenzy from the crazed lunacy at the halloween party the night before in the castro.

yes, yes.
that was much much fun.

so it was,,,,hapless the clown living large in the castro. ah what a time it was.
smiles for all.

and i must work.
i must work.
i must do this.

and so i will return at a later time to infuse meself onto this here page.

oh i went to montreal too. that was fucking fucking.
yeah yeah.
birds bees knees trees healing thieves and me.

what ya bee.


fadge loc bee.
fadge muther fucking lock bee.

hee hee.

cocoa crispies are so chocolately.



drummer boy.

good day madam and remember your stix.

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