Friday, September 13, 2002

the man or woman (but probably man) who invented the divider between urinals deserve a friendly toot of the horn from passersby.
good work, maestro.

tina and i are still trying to figure out why people say that the opening scene in "interview with a vampire" as shot or based around a place on divisadero. the opening shot seems to me to look a lot like market street and that one triangle building similar to the one in NYC's times square.

today tina and i saw a double feature: spider-man and men in black II.
i found spider-man to be the superior of the two.
i liked it. sure a bit over the top and cheesy at times...but it was soooo true to the comic book aspects of the character. i loved it.
i forgot how much of a fan i was of spider-man from the 1960s, when it was first started by stan lee and steve ditko. his artwork...was very ...blocky..but in that cool kinda comic booky early 60s square kinda vibe...reminds me of what i like about superman comics from the 60s and some of the 70s, more early.....the end of the 70s, superman was a big hulky mass of a flag-waving fool.
or something.

the double feature was a good idea. you finally feel like you get your money's worth (in this case, a measly $6.50 at our fave metreon i.e. megaplex of everything.

i'm listening to "hypnotic state," this strange electronic compilation from 1995 on C&S Records (??).
funny thing is, it has my good friend seofon's track on there.
funny because i bought this randomly in 1995 and then met the guy years later, sat next to him at

grandma didn't raise no dummy.
lordy lordy.


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