Wednesday, September 25, 2002

don't you know that you can't destroy people this way?

i think you are in big trouble with the law.

you are ready to fight.

i am ready to fight.

everybody is ready tofight

somebody stop me before i am ready to growl.

bob evans, down on the farm

remember when you were down on the farm grandma? i will destroy your evil being.
before it destroys me.
everything is mussed up

look at me i'm sandra dee
never had it never will
i'm like caffeine, except without the milk.

your deodorant makes me angry.
i will finish you.
before i get the chance to demolish your good faith and free will.
i am not the man you fought for in the breaking dry spell before the elections.
those are things you must realize if you are to love, hate and enjoy my blood vessels.
injected with a poison
we don't need you anymore.

i saw jazzanova for the second time tonight. i am beyond special. enjoy my loin sauce.
and dressing. you are not the herbivores you said you would be.
in fact, you are much different than my ancestors would have liked.
you are in big trouble with little china
fuck shamen

timmmmmy loves poon farmers

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