Tuesday, June 18, 2002

people sure are smart
ok, lessee, scooby doo is the number one film.
a lone woman started the colorado wildfires because of being pissed about a letter from her ex-husband and decided to burn it in drought conditions.
we have yet another suicide bombing in israel, this one killing 20 people, because we refuse to attempt to try and solve this problem...in fact, we exacerbate the problem.
idiot talking heads worry more about who the voice is behind the pets.com sock puppet than they do telling the public important news.
"ha ha ha, oh that sock puppet, i can't wait till he comes back...oh and by the way, a plane crashed yesterday somewhere in northern california. we don't know where or why but here's this gory footage of the plane exploding....ha ha ha ha ha oh that rascally sock puppet."

meanwhile, uptown, the dj appears...

hi. human beings can be really fucking pathetic.
especially we self-serving americans.
"fuck global warming! i just want to fill up my SUV so i can go trample on precious wildlife preserves and show my lovely children that God wants us to use all of our natural resources first before all the evil non-americans of the world. so what if i leave a little trash behind? that's for the working class pathetic individual forced to be in a shitty job such as this. it's their fault they're poor. now let's go get a decaf latte, shall we?"

yeah, we're real caring.
fuck W, our fake president (i refuse to ever address this idiot individual as our "president" because he isn't).

and you have a wonderful day, cake boy.

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