Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Eating is highly overrated and a waste of time

i'm going to write a blazing essay on what i think is killing the human race - eating.
this isn't about people who are overweight and should eat less, but eating in general.

if i could stop eating forever, i would. it's a complete waste of time, it's a bitch to work off, you're always having to worry about what you eat, people obsess about food constantly, women like/need it apparently even more than men do, it fucks up your teeth, it costs too much money, it's destroying our health care system because it's too bogged down trying to stop all the negative shit of eating - nothing good comes from eating. we're constantly trying to combat the consequences of what we eat. fuck that struggle. it's bullshit.

people might say "oh, it's the natural order of things." how so? everything we eat today is processed and loaded up with all sorts of chemicals. how is that natural?
people might say "oh, but it gives us energy." yeah, so do a lot of vitamins.
people might say "oh, it might really hurt the restaurant industry. And the toilet industry too." Too bad. Survival of the fittest.
people might say "oh, but eating makes me fit." really? then why are you still popping loads of vitamins and various supplements each day?

give me a pill with all my nutrients, give me an IV, mix it into my water ...something.
i can accept limited quantities of some fruits and the occasional snack of various items, but not much else.

eating sucks.
The negative aspects clearly outweigh the positives.
you heard it here first.

prepare for the onslaught.

have a WONDERFUL day.



"mad about new things, so you don't have to be"

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