Tuesday, June 18, 2002

oh and i LOVE the BART system.
people wonder why some avoid public transportation.
here's an idea - get the trains there on time!
fuckin a. this morning, the 8:20 train simply didn't show up.
so instead what should have been two trainloads of people is packed into one train....lovely.
i love smelling armpits of other nasty peeps. yeah.
(i know, i know..i could be in tokyo...but i'm not, so screw you).
hello...to get people out of their precious cars, you have to make the public trans more reliable and workable.
i got there extra early today so i could get into work early and instead i get there later than normal because of the delays.
i blame the people who originally built this system because they obviously didn't plan ahead to think about, oh, i dunno, population increases??
my god.
nobody thinks.
people people people.

life, our precious commodity.
only $19.99 before tax, surcharges and tips.

and you have a wonderful day on Earth!
while you still can.

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