Wednesday, June 26, 2002

my party on friday night was seriously out of fucking control. first at kell's. then a cab over to andrew's place on 16th and castro for some definite debauchery. rockin, rollin, wheelin, dealin, healin, sealant, freedom rock man, so turn it up.
lots of pics too.
saturday was sleep till 2 p.m., be lazy, get music together, go to big ass party for garage mahal. enjoy self. play music for nobody there. still have fun. do things :) work the water/red bull tip. be amazed at the crazy cash cow that it is.
holy fuck, and hail mary.
sunday, sleep till 3 p.m., watch be amused, and then actually exit room at 5 p.m.
happy happy.
monday, sleep in a bit, actually finish demf story for xlr8r super super super late. cry and pull hair.
shoot a musket.
live long and prosper.
hook up with mr rolls at the dotcom shopping mall.
go to zeitgeist and get bbq stuff that makes you shit/stink later. badly.
start work first day on tuesday.
be blown away.
best way to sum up first day is to listen to shaun escofferey's "days like this" on marques wyatt's new mix cd. i'll find out the exact name but it's on OM and it came out in may.
rock steady.
go see jeff karp at his new home that he just bought and marvel that he still lives in the fucking garage. literally. he doesn't even have a bathroom but he does have a lot of ants.
he has no bathroom. but he does have his dsl installed.
he has no bathroom. he pees in the backyard of a place that he owns yet rents the house out and sleeps in the garage.
did i mention on monday we saw a fellow near like 7th or 8th in SF walking in the crosswalk with a suitcase on his head.
yes, a suitcase on his head.
it was odd. yes.
this morning, here in the lovely city of san jose, i saw a whaler walking down the street in stretch pants wearing a very large sombrero. i was quite afraid.
this morning i went to espresso garden.
it is now 10:44 a.m.
happy happy happy.
joy joy joy

keep it on

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