Monday, June 17, 2002

people without teeth look funny.
that's what i say.

i can't believe i'm listening to The Cult's "Love" from like 1910. damman.

i'm going to miss the gratuitous butt crack shots from random strangers when i start working in san hosay. damman.

i'm very angry about sidewalk waverers. the people who, when you try to pass them, speed up and move toward you thereby making it more difficult to pass them by.
i've had to take charge and push them down several flights of stairs before.
where is the happy-go-lucky flashing nurse when you need her? i love nurse. she's awesome. also completely bonkers.
funny that her name is jessica. she seems more, nurse. and she seems like a little kid, which i can dig on.
nurse rules.
more on sidewalk waverers in our later broadcast.
back to your crying game.

i have jamba juice orange mango zoom and you don't.
so rue me.
sue me.
beat me.
seat me.

cockamammie mamman.

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