Thursday, December 05, 2002

I ain't gonna play Sun City

Mickey Finn - Drum n bass mix
solid bangers if you're in the mood. and i am.
you have to be a bit surly to listen to drum 'n bass, i've decided. because it's kind of complicated, a bit angry and confrontational at times for sure (whereas house music seems to appeal a much wider broadbase because it is relatively happy, upbeat and easy to relate to).

standout track thus far: Focus "The Crow" i've never heard a producer use a sample of a crow before but it totally works. More caws for the cause!

also, SKC's "Lobotomy" is a nice techstep track. spacey and dark.

the problem, of course, is that drum 'n bass gets old pretty quickly.
i mean, there are some high points here and there, but lots of medicore shit inbetween.

wile e coyote, musical genius

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