Monday, December 02, 2002

Theme Bath

Doesn't everybody need a theme bath?
i think so.
let everybody decide the answer.
no more questions. only questions.
and quests.
a quest for fire.
as long as rae dawn chong isn't a part of it.
does this mean that she was the daughter of legendary stoner Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame?
huh#3$"*:+;~^}]{[``?/where is the goddamn (at) sign?
it's all screwy.
damn the icebergs.

now listening to:
Lali Puna - "Scary World Theory"
Very good, very good.
very mellow.
saw them at bottom of the hill recently.
a fine musical thing.
minimal type shit.
on Morr Music, which is all the rage with the kids.

ok. onto more important things.
like elephants.

this the kitty sure is a kitty.

jeffrey came up saturday evening for some drunken fun at casanova and zeigeist.
friday night was dj at odeon...which was pretty cool..a little frustrating but then again, what can you do but bite the bullet and hope for death.
or not.
buck went with tina to go see the coup at slim's.
don't you love my new language?
better than elvis camp.

thursday was a sleepy evening here in the east bay. love the one you're with.
wednesday i think i just crashed.
saturday saturday saturday
sunday, hung out here, took jeff to breakfast in oaktown, then did little until we went over to nannette's and watched the sopranos last night.
and all is well with amerika.

sooth saying is for people.
not ants.


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