Thursday, December 12, 2002

current listening station for chud:

heavenly music corporation - lunar phases - 94 ambient album on former SF label Silent Records. HMC is basically Kim Cascone. i always liked this veeeerrrrry relaxing. where's my isolation tank when i need it?

metro area - really good NYC garage/techno/house, on the minimal yet funky disco tip. sparse arrangements. sounds old yet, not. still getting into it. but a nice change of pace.

boards of canada - twoism - reissue of old rare ep from 95. it's good but not can see they were laying the groundwork for their "music is the right of children" album. more interesting than anything else.

royksopp - "melody a.m." - cool norwegian chill shit with vocals. still getting into. very atmospheric and pleasant. not groundbreaking.

about to play right now:
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" - because it's a damn classic, dammit.
and dental dams for all.


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