Thursday, December 05, 2002

to whit, two wit and Joyce Dewitt

non stop
techno pop

so what have i been listening to the last few days?
lemme tell ya:

Arkestra One - chill shit from ESL, thievery corp.'s label. atmospheric, cinematic, you know the drill. i'm so down with the song "a man from the audience" which is a weird, trippy kind of track that features cut-up vocal samples of a preacher disparaging the use of marijuana and other drugs..fave line "i wanna get stoned on jesus." indeed. the question isn't "what would jesus do?" but "what wouldn't jesus toke?"

False - Detroit's matthew dear kicking out the minimal techno shit. tis ok but definitely dancefloor mixing type stuff for uptight anal techno djs. i dig matt, but it doesn't stick out too much.

peter gabriel - "up" new album, much much darker and strange. not bad, but it seems a bit slight.

I Am Spoonbender - "shown actual size" SF's high-concept sorta electro/rock outfit. this 3-song ep is percursor to their upcoming album. good but makes you want more..which is good i guess.

Vikter Duplaix - "international affairs" - pretty good album from philly boy, best known for his vocal work on jazzanova tracks.

The Streets - "original pirate material" - probably my favorite album right now. of course, it took me a few months to get this but now i love it. the music is great, fucked up garage beats, the weirdest vocals you've ever heard and more...not really hip-hop like you think of it...but still hip-hop. bits of reggae, dub, breaks. the lyrics are so fucking unique. they're like conversational stories but with a certain sense of rhythm. "geezers need excitement" has a fucked up beat. plus i'm totally down with his points about the absurdity of drug laws yet alcoholism rages on with the consent of all.

Tipsy - "remix party!" tis just ok. SF kitschy sample heavy band remixed, some good, some not.

Gilles Peterson "Trust the dj mix" - just ok. only listened to once but a bit disappointing. his newest mix.

Red Snapper "it's all good" the last album from this jazzy techno uk trio is basically a cd of some of their favorite tracks. not bad, but doesn't stick with me.

Nicola Conte "jet sounds revisited" - i've had this album for a couple months but just realized these are remixes by thievery, nuspirit helsinki, koop, kyoto jazz massive and more. on ESL, it has that same sorta lounge-kitsch-middle eastern-ethnic trip-hoppy dub/reggae sound. get all that? except nicola is from italian. so there.

Mellowdrone - droning quirky indie sorta rock yet...the lyrics are a bit odd. interesting production...with electronic elements included. touring with johnny marr.

"45 seconds of" - various artists...this is a fucked up concept that, surprisingly, is a fairly rewarding listen. 99 different artists contribute exactly 45 seconds of music each. many of the contributions are abstract and forgettable yet there are enough standouts that have enough substance to make you go "hey, what the fuck is that all about?"
first one that comes to mind is track 60 by Simeon/silver apples (i only recognized about 10-15 names) called "shopping cart concerto" and contains random vocal samples from a Kmart store. a novel idea, if nothing else.

and finally...
currently listening to:
Groove distribution, CD Sampler 1.02 - as the cd says, "12 more tracks of jazzy trip-hop, breaks, drum and bass and house." yeah, that's pretty much it..though it's a bit heavy on the jazzy trip-hop type stuff, which is cool. This is actually fairly old (for electronic stuff, that is), i think given out as a promo in 2000. seems like i got this from xlr8r or something. artists on here include xploding plastix (who i dig), feature cast (nice track, this), sonar lodge, hertz, landslide, danny byrd, klute and bronx dogs.

make me happy and slip me a mickey.
mouse that is.
swimming in pills and groovy shards.

love your makeup.

basketboy timmmmmmmmmmmiiii

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