Sunday, July 21, 2002

christ almighty, crazy night, crazy week, crazy shit period yo.
it's 12:07 in the p.m. on a nice sunny sunday and i'm tired as fuck.
of course, when you stay up extra late being bonkers out of your skull at the jane's addiction concert at the warfield, it's to be expected.
perry rolls out there with a huge felt hat with giant feather sticking out of the top.
what was the first song they sang? i forget.
but they played all the hits...summertime rolls, pigs in zen, jane says (first encore ....awwww, isn't that suite?), Stop, Been Caught Stealing (did they play that?), Three Days was like the second or third song, they played a couple tracks i didn't know, though there was one from their first album.
god, what else?
it was fun. they were good.
one of the few times i pay for a concert.
ah well.
people were dying to get in. tons of people were out attempting to purchase tickets beforehand.
concert said it started at 9 p.m. but goddamn, jane's made sure everyone was good and fucked up and didn't go on till about midnight.
the pussycat dolls opened up.

earlier this week, last sunday i went to the warped tour at pier 30 and 32, though not till late in the day. last weekend was alone time tim. saturday i spent mostly by myself, though we did something that night that i'm not recalling at the present time.
sunday , warped at like 4 to 6 (ha) and then went up to mill valley to pick up tina from the art car thing.
that took fucking forever due to everyone deciding to head that way at the same time. of course, the baseball game may have had something to do with it too.
sucked though.

wednesday, i went to the ghostly international show at amnesia. before that i went to Le Colonial for Nicholas Macias' 21st birthday with the ad agency gang. those freaks. ol doc penman was there to serve up the goods, many free drinks and many thanks go out to ODP.
that was fun, seeing the old peeps (which reminds me i have to get my check from nannette. i fucking need that shit).
i also neeed to buy shaving cream for the last week as well as a no parking sign.
ghostly international was a blast. cool cool cool. seeing all the ghostly folks, mosi, dillard, and some of the xlr8r crew like jane, melanie and emily. all good people.
the weekend prior..oh yeah...friday night, july 12, i went to dadafest in SF. ouchy and the clown posse were there, kicking it live. i was a bit disappointed overall with the shenanigans. don't know what i expected but it wasn't that. kinda lame actually.
however, first time i've ever seen two crazy fucking things and it had to do with the faux rats. dammit. first, one got a big metal sheath stuck down his urethra, i.e where the urine and semen seep out. oh god, every guy in the audience wanted to cry. second, was the rat girl during the break getting fucked by a dildo that was moving up and down thanks to a dude on a connecting bike that made the dildo go up and down. so this girl's completely naked in front of a fairly large crowd (50) with a dick riding up her with a rat nose on her face.
nice. only in san francisco.
ouchy and the gang were heroined out clowns.
much of the show was gross and unfunny though.
thumbs down
thumbs up for shock value.

saturday was funny july 13 because we went to bruce's friends up in berkeley hills (very nice people, amazing view) for a cocktail, then over to bruce's mom's for some birthday dinner (bruce's 40th...which is nuts). bruce's mom is awesome. we cooked up big thick juicy steaks, lobster (well, i watched them eat lobster), shrimp, and much more for you. a very offbeat evening but quite enjoyable. good conversation.
i learned a lot more about bruce after seeing his mom.
they don't really look that much alike though.
then, after leaving there, we picked up monique and went to go see "polyester" in SF. that was a blast. mink stole, one of the women in many john waters films, was there.
of course, i was a bit appalled by what we've come to determine was the SPNG (self pleasuring naked guy), Stroking Naked Guy (SNG) and others. the guy next to me was totally naked except for socks and shoes and kept stroking himself the whole night.
i'm like "what the fuck" dude. luckily i had some bottled up gas that was ready to vacate so i bombed him a few times and made sure to point my stinky ass toward him.
he probably got up five times during the movie (and none were immediately after i farted, so you can't blame me for the hasty exits, ass fucker). one of his gayboy pals came by to offer some stroking help to SNG but that was about it. fucking rude dude. be nude, fine, but don't jack off next to me.
the movie was fun too, with the whole odorama scheme. it sort of worked.
more a novelty thing i believe.
my week at work was filled with fun-filled adventures. new job is going well...still learning the ropes and figuring out where i stand and shit though.
need to prioritize my time a bit better, which, frankly is the story of my life.
anyway, i spent too much time on these fucking horoscopes the other day and mosi on friday (in a very good long conversation) set me straight a bit by giving me some advice on it...which was cool. letting some things go and stop feeling the need to do everything. i don't have to do that.
friday was i was supposed to hit tim love lee and then galaxy but didn't. as it turned out, i heard not many people were there. people are staying in a bit more...and/or they're spreading themselves thin a bit by having so much going on.
last night Dego from 4 Hero was at The Top, which would have been cool if not for janes.
friday night ended up being instant message mania, first with AD, then with mikey. keerazy fun time.
now i remember why i stopped using IM all the time.
too addictive.
was up till past 3 as it was.
then yesterday got up to go to jonah sharp's house, located in the southern end of SF, in a nice quiet residential area (for SF). he had a cool backyard.
spent the whole day (well, till 5 p.m.) at jonah's which was cool. he played me some cuts from his new album, which sounds really cool. and we just talked about all kinds of stuff. he showed me that new software too, which i cant' recall the name right now, but it was made by the guy behind monolake.
it was really easy to use.
i need to get it. apparently, it's only $200.,

i had to take tina the airport on thursday night after her grandmother died that day. sad.
apparently something happened last night where they were handcuffed by fort wayne police but i don't know the story yet. this was via a message on my cell.

last night was wacky because this dude, jason black and his beligerent girlfriend Kelly came with, along with another girl whose name i forget.
friends of andrew's (chairman lau).
kelly was a much like a guy, it was scary. she's a lot of fun.
i want to hang with her again for sure.
the other dude used to be managing editor at Imagine Media, at Revolution Magazine, and worked with johnny newlin, by EIC at the wave.
they did the story on the naked chef in the current issue of The Wave.
the wave is taking off yo. kick ass and we rule too.
god, kelly was so fun.
kara was there too.
andrew, kara and i all shared pills. whooo, we were fucked.

the burlesque show featured carmen elektra, who apparently goes out with dave navarro.
then we stayed super late because they kept the warfield open till 4 a.m. for a dance party. it was fun and we rocked it for awhile. you could tell some of the guys there were a little lost on the whole techno dance thing.
but hey, what can youdo.
it was cool.
saw miranda there too, she's looking good.
also, saw supergigi, which was neato. she was playing some character taking pictures.
me, wearing my stylish red pants, yellow/red shirt, red/yellow shoes and yellow jacket, caught her attention quite quickly, thank you.

listening to this mixmaster morris, jonah sharp collaboration from 98 they did in japan with the dude from the yellow magic orchestra. jonah burned it for me. it's out of print. he also gave me two other older cds. which was nice of him as well. punjab.

oh man, i need to get my work done.
as usual, right?
but i'm there. i'm getting there.
rock on.

just got up to interview ll cool j. it was ok. nothing special.
i didn't come.
ok, i'm doin it and doin it and doin it well.
pee on your back son.

love and poon.


p.s. princess leia is a bitch.

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