Wednesday, July 10, 2002

i've gotten a lot of cds lately but only some that are all that good or noteworthy.
here's a quick rundown:

the new underworld (coming out sept/oct) is kinda lame, sorry to say.
got the new squarepusher but haven't listened to it.

new thievery corporation is just ok.

this group Les Hommes is really good loungey stuff

new john digweed is BORING

miguel migs "colorful you" (production debut) is what you'd expect from him, which isn't bad...very nakedmusic sounding

2 by orbital, "back to mine" and "work" (best of) are decent, though i have everything on Work, so kind of pointless.

joe claussell is decent, not great - could have been consolidated to one cd

king britt presents philadelphia experiment - pretty good, jazzy stuff, but not amazing

technova - "dirty secrets" --- really good electro and tech pop

new nightmares on wax "mind elevation" (out in oct) - really good, i like

new boy george mix - surprisingly pretty good upbeat mix, better than expected

"4am sound of tech house" - mediocre mix by no-name dj

minus 8 - "minuit" ---- really cool nu-jazz broken beat

playgroup dj kicks ---- eh,,,ok electro and old school synth pop

starecase - "first floor" --- decent trippy vocal-oriented pop prog house, though the second half really falls off. similar to Hybrid

Satoshi Tomiee - Nubreed ---- pretty good GU mix, though as usual, 2 CDs not really necessary

OM 100 --- comes out early August ----- Solid mixture of material, though some is REALLY good and some is REALLY lame, standard for OM stuff

Miguel Graca "Monkey Mass" --- decent tribal house

Scion "arrange and process basic channel tracks" ---- impressive minimal and abstract techno, excellent mix

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