Wednesday, May 19, 2004


no lies.
really, the truth.

lord have mercy.
glory be.

here we go...

PaperSpray Gets Its Shit Somewhat Together


  • You can now post comments on recent posts on PaperSpray for the whole damn world to see. Check it out ya'll. neat. really doe. Just scroll down to the end of a particular post you'd like to take issue with and click on the hot linked comments and go to it. Some assembly required.
  • You can now receive new PaperSpray posts via XML feeds.
    You never have to leave the privacy of your own homepage again. Let the vile filth come to you. Oozing seems like a good word to use at this point. People that don't know about XML, well, that's unfortunate. Good luck.
  • note, the archives on your left (unless you're in Antarctica, then it'd be your right) are now slimmed down and streamlined thanks to their super smooth low-carb diet. Thanks Dr. Atkins (R.I.P.)
  • i think you can also receive actual living, breathing emails sent to your inbox whenever the next post on PaperSpray comes to fruition. It's a delicate process, to be sure, but dammit, we make it work. We are me. Thanks.
  • Good, great and really sticky hot backwards insane sex, now available on PaperSpray. See stores for details and potentially less additional information, for seniors.
  • Nothing more, just thought I'd add this extra bullet. It really makes the page come to life, this last bullet. Really. Excellent. Nothing better than a good looking page. Better than ice water on a lukewarm day. Delicious animal taster.

Whew, thank Jehovah The Giant that's over. Or my name isn't Uncle Samp.
Open your fries, good.

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