Friday, April 02, 2004

see, i was right.....

......about that chick in wisconsin, who was 'kidnapped.' such media hype this was.

just like the bullshit of all the 'new jobs' the bush administration is touting. oh sure, there have been jobs created. you can feel it in the air. things are changing, finally.
trust me, i've been at the brunt of all this outsourcing and post-boom bullshit. i'm over struggling continuously.


tonight there is some dude on the bay bridge, sitting out there threatening to jump since 10 a.m. this morning. he's still there and it's currently 9:35 p.m. as i write this.
they were saying on the radio that this is the worst backup on the bay bridge in like 10 years.
oooh, i'm so glad i didn't get stuck in that.
for once, jetting to san jose every day is a plus.
though this week i've scored my best times to work yet (it's 34 miles door to door). 35 minutes.
how nuts is that?
but it's true, i think yesterday?
today was no more than 40.

but i suspect that could partially due to spring break type stuff, maybe some kids are out of school, and are traveling with parents, thereby taking off just enough people off the road to make things smoother.
i sense an uptick in longer commute times is coming back to me.
damn you all.

fuck, i had more things to say, i dare say.
i want to write this weekend, i dare say.

today was a frustrating one at work. damn.
i'm still learning. i am more knowledgable but i'm still in learning phase.
i've stuffed so much shit into my brain in the last month, man.
i mean, it's not 'shit' in the literal sense.
good, really.

so,,,,just hard attempting to put all this shit together.
but it's coming....

ok, i'm off this computer for now.

longer letter later!!!

puto buttcake supremo

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