Wednesday, April 07, 2004

perfect circle of pantaloons
it's interesting to note how people react in a traffic jam, how some people freak out and go crazy with anxiety, all fidgety. and then there's the people that don't freak out, that don't worry about shit, that take a zen sort of approach.

i try to hit the zen scene but there are times when freaking out is unavoidable.
i think of this because last night i completed my circle of the most of the San Francisco Bay yesterday by leaving Sausalito and going across the Richmond Bridge back over to the east bay, foolishly thinking it was going to be the faster way to go (plus i didn't want to pay the $5 toll to go back across the golden Gate bridge, then go through the city over to the Bay Bridge).
i didn't realize that the damn bridge is under construction, so that sucked. i was bawling the whole way, especially when i went past San Quentin prison, because i felt such a empathy for those poor souls languishing in there.
not really. actually, i didn't feel anything for the people in san quentin, though i did think i'd like to take mikey by there when he's here, but that would likely only happen if we happen to go up to Marin for something, which is possible considering there are some kickass views from up there, just across the GG.

but who cares, really.

the fact of the matter is that i drove from oaktown to san jose for daily work activities.
then i drove to san francisco via 280 (the faster way to go, even if it is longer) and dropped off some pals, then drove up Van Ness to get up to Lombard and cross the GG over to Sausalito for an appointment last night.
i left San Jose at 5:30 p.m. and arrived at my destination in Sausalito for my 7 p.m. appt. at 6:56 p.m., so really i'm marveling at my own driving prowess and the fact that i really really wanted to say prowess.
it's very exciting, isn't it?

life is getting increasingly cerebral, you know?
it's crazy.
but more and more is all about living in your own skull and communicating with others within that realm of your skull that projects, like i'm doing now.
also, you would consider email part of that equation.
and i do most of my communication via email.
so, there's that.

which is exciting.

I'm a spring tulip, covered with grated cheese.
isn't it a wonderful journey?

help thee, for thou hast forsaken me.
get behind the struggle.
right now.

don't forget, Zombie Day is coming up fast!
enjoy Zombie Day with all your favorite zombies this Sunday and join in celebrating the world's most famous zombie, zombie jesus.
zombie jesus ruled, despite being a zombie and all.

live large, in charge, on a barge, with marge, and eat some margerine.

fuzz ewe
oh yeah, don't forget your pantaloons.
they're glorious.
love me for my money, not my pants.

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