Wednesday, April 21, 2004

weirder than christmas
ok, wow, this is big.
here we go.

i actually like my job.
i do.
i won't divulge the actual name of said employer. but it is a well-known company loved by millions around the world.
regardless, i don't remember the last time i was this happy to travel great distance.
it's very strange.
but it's true.
my coworkers are cool.
the work is mentally challenging but not too straining. i don't feel overworked. i have a nice computer.
i'm sort of left alone.
it's good.
weird, huh?

i know.
fuzzy uppy.

before i go on, here's a thought:
your grandma had sex.
a lot.

chew on that, big ass.

here's something interesting. it seems as if poets die young. writers of all sorts die young. dammit.
all these years i've wasted. real trouble.

don't feel five alive today or tomorrow.
it's better that way.
lambs are cool animals.
sheep are even cooler.
wool can be frustrating though.
it's all part of don ho's plan.
don't you think?
i think.
i feel.
i know.
i love.
i am.

short words can be cool sometimes.
i've been bushwhacked.
ass ass.
good night and pooh bless.

ok forget what i just said.
i decided an addendum was needed.
first, i'm listening to the new Detroit Grand Pubahs out of pure obligation. i feel i have an obligation, dammit, to tell the world my thoughts about this record.
and my initial impression?
uh...well, since they were a one trick pony to begin with, i'll give them a bit of cred for making another record. that said, it's as juvenile as ever.
the album is called galactic ass creatures from uranus. yes, that's the album title.

sad, i know.
but what can you do.
it's pretty bad.
gnarly even.
if i may adopt the californiaspeak.
i dunno.

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