Sunday, April 04, 2004

killing people means you're insane, unless you're the U.S. government

so you may have seen that the woman in Texas who killed her three sons with a large rock because "God" told her to do so was acquitted by reason of insanity.
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ok, that was a horrible crime and let's hope she gets the help she obviously needs.
but, i have to wonder, how is this much different from a president who, through his own selfishness to avenge his father's inability to capture saddam and because his 'God told him to', decides to invade a country on completely false pretenses and, in the process, gets 600 Americans killed?

What's the difference here? sure, bush didn't take a rock to the 600 dead's heads and bonk them until they were dead, but so what. they wouldn't have died the way they did if bush wouldn't have decided to go to war against a country that never ever declared war on us.

ooh georgie, maybe it's because you're a weak inept human that has cheated your way throughout your entire life.

he's a pissant, a pussy, a slimeball and a self-absorbed megalomaniac.
Should we add murderer to that list?

  • Get your fairytales out of my government, which i pay for with my taxes.
  • Read the fucking constitution, instead of trying to amend it for your hateful discriminatory ways.

i look forward to seeing this piece of shit defeated in november.
Fuck Bush, asshole of the millennium.

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