Wednesday, March 31, 2004

This is weird

i'm sure you may have heard of the girl in madison, wisconsin who was allegedly kidnapped by a man who had an 'implied' knife and abducted her.
Read this first to update yourself

now, don't you think this is just a bit weird?
they have video of her leaving her dorm in which she left with no coat (it's still chilly in wisconsin this time of year) and no purse in her possession but of her own free will.

just weird.
and someone spotted her in a swamp nearby campus days later, and she says she was abducted, yet they find no trace of the supposed assailant.
that's because it's doubtful there was an assailant.
come on, we're not stupid.
she was supposedly abducted several months ago but wasn't robbed or hurt in any way, which again is odd, especially in madison, a city with a very low rate of violent crimes.
i think she's just a bit fucked up in the head and that's pretty much it.
she's likely having some mental issues of some sort, i would guess.
you watch, america, you fucking watch.
i'll show you what it really means.

oh, before i forget... fuck george w. bush. pussy. he's a damn pussy.

oh. my. god.
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